Best Warzone 2 Loadout For the Long Range Meta


With the long-range meta currently dominating, this loadout makes an excellent choice for those who prefer fighting from a distance. With its long-range power, the Cronen Squall can hold back enemies, while the KV Broadside excels in close combat engagements.

Specter is the go-to perk package for this weapon as it includes both Double Time and Ghost in one bundle, the former speeding up your crouch speed while Ghost prevents Heartbeat sensors and UAVs from detecting you.


If you’re new to Warzone 2, navigating the current meta may be daunting. Luckily, however, the community has created a competitive arsenal across most scenarios. This loadout combines a practical assault rifle and fast-firing SMG for maximum damage output in close-range gunfights.

The TAQ-56 received an upgrade to its power and damage range during Season 3, making it one of the most reliable SMGs available. This build uses this by pairing it with Lachmann Sub, more commonly known as MP5, creating an influential duo capable of targeting enemies at short- and mid-range distances. Furthermore, using the VEL-46 as an effective support sniper weapon adds extra punch thanks to its high neck headshot multipliers; finally, flash grenade and Semtex complete this build, giving everything needed for building storming campaigns!

Though not as popular, bolt-action snipers offer advantages over SMGs and ARs in this loadout category. With low recoil and fast fire rate for aggressive play and competitive long-range DPS that even other sniper weapons cannot match, their support for powerful weapons like the VEL-46 was enhanced in Season 5. Furthermore, it boasts double-time perk packages to refresh you during quick circle rushes.

As Warzone 2 Ranked Play’s most-favored SMG, the AK-74U deserves some recognition. Although somewhat weakened in Season 4, its power allows it to outclass most ARs at long range. This build equips it with a BR209 barrel, FSS OLE-V Laser, and Markeev R7 Stock to reduce recoil and improve stability during firing.

Flash Grenade and Semtex complete this build, providing all the tools to dominate ranked matchups in Al Mazrah. Utilizing these weapons, you’ll take down enemy squads easily while speedily climbing the ladder.


While the ISO 45 may now be Warzone 2’s go-to SMG, players shouldn’t overlook the RAAL MG as an effective long-range weapon. Since Season 3 Reloaded’s updates increased power, recoil, and range buffs for this LMG, it has seen substantial popularity gains that make it an excellent option for taking enemies head-on.

This best RAAL MG loadout features the popular Bruen 0900 Grip Wrap, which significantly increases ADS speed and sprint-to-fire while simultaneously decreasing reload time to help combat its already heavy recoil. It pairs nicely with various attachments, such as the XTEN Angel-40 optic, which offers clear sights with target range indicators.

This RAAL MG build centers around the Kastov 74U, providing players with a high-speed and stable platform with substantial damage numbers and effective range. Additionally, its Vaznev attachment serves as an effective means for closing in on opponents as it reduces stuns and flashes while still allowing you to circle them and pick off targets with precision quickly.

At long and medium ranges, the Raal MG excels. However, when opponents press aggressively into close-quarter gunfights, it can struggle. That is where Weapon Specialist comes into play – giving access to Overkill so you can run another primary weapon like Fennec 45 or Lachmann Sub and still excel in midrange engagements.

Fennec 45 has become a viral SMG/LMG combo weapon since receiving upgrades to its neck, upper, and lower torso multipliers – making it an effective weapon for engaging enemies at close range. Sniper-like attachments further reduce idle sway while improving accuracy – this combination offers an exceptional choice for taking on enemies head-on in Al Mazrah.


Call of Duty veterans know the TAQ-56 as “Scar,” an assault rifle used throughout Warzone 2. Capable of scoring kills regardless of where you find yourself – whether in Vondel streets or Al Mazrah desert dunes – its use requires special attachments for maximum firepower while controlling recoil control. But to fully utilize its potential, certain accessories must be attached. For maximum effectiveness in Warzone 2, opt for this best Warzone 2 loadout, which gives plenty of firepower without increasing recoil control; for full effect, this best Warzone 2 loadout gives maximum firepower while controlling recoil control while providing plenty of firepower from its weapon as well.

The VEL 46, more commonly known as an MP7, is another powerful weapon featured in Warzone 2 Season 5. A close-range SMG, it packs an intense punch and has medium-range capabilities thanks to its clean iron sight. For maximum accuracy when firing long-range targets such as claymore mines or proximity mines paired with this weapon enables accurate shots that hit their mark every time.

If you want to make this SMG even more powerful, equate it with the Harbinger D20 muzzle. This enhances damage range and bullet velocity while sound suppressing for stealthier shots without worry that enemies might detect you. Furthermore, adding the 17.5 Tundra Pro Barrel further stabilizes and increases this weapon’s hip fire accuracy and damage range.

Warzone 2’s battlefield requires having ample rounds in your magazine to survive – especially since enemies often form teams to win battles. With the 40 40-round mags installed in the TAQ-56, reliability increases substantially while its FTAC Combat Grip and Lacerta Compensator compensate for recoil by providing horizontal stability.

The Kastov 74U (or simply Kast) is a highly versatile assault rifle designed to handle close- and medium-range encounters efficiently. This excellent Warzone 2 loadout provides a smooth shooting experience with high max damage numbers and manageable recoil, making it the perfect weapon for players who prefer playing the long game.

SMG/Lachmann Sub

Since its debut, the Lachmann Sub (or MP5 as some Call of Duty fans may know it) has quickly established itself at the top of Warzone 2’s SMG meta. Its rapid-fire rate, exceptional hip-fire accuracy, and top-tier mobility capabilities prove deadly up close and in midrange encounters.

For an optimal Lachmann Sub loadout, prioritize speed, mobility, and ADS speed without compromising recoil control too much. The XTEN Razor Comp Muzzle provides better horizontal recoil control while improving sprint-to-fire times; to further enhance recoil control while keeping quick mobility and hip fire accuracy of your weapon, add the ZLR Combat Grip for extra power while still offering great speed of fire.

Selecting an effective secondary weapon is also crucial when building this loadout, and the P890 handgun makes an excellent choice with its significant damage, fast rate of fire, and moderate recoil. Stim tactical equipment is helpful for quickly recovering after combat, while Tracker and Scavenger perks allow you to stay on top of reload times. Finally, the Drill Charge weapon attachment offers maximum damage infliction across large areas.

Ghost is the cornerstone of this loadout, providing undetectability from UAVs, Portable Radars, and Heartbeat Sensors and making it easier to sneak up on enemies when they least expect it. Frag and Stun grenades may be helpful to quickly flush out opponents hiding in cover or camping out in open positions.

For additional SMG builds, visit our Warzone 2 Loadouts Page, which lists a comprehensive selection of adequate weapons from streamers. With easy sharing options and an intuitive user interface that makes finding what weapons will suit your style simple – visit regularly as the list will always reflect any patch notes updates; for ranked matches, the right loadout can mean the difference between victory and defeat!