Top 10 Best Quick Looping Servants in Fate/Grand Order


Quick looping is one of the fastest and most efficient farming techniques in Fate/Grand Order, consisting of chaining a servant’s NP three times in succession.

Nagao Kagetora has cemented her position as one of the premier quick-looping servants in 2023. Her Quick card deck and analytical accident buffs work seamlessly with fast-oriented aggregate compositions.

1. Servant A

What sets Servant apart from other puzzle box mysteries is how it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Servant shows viewers that this dark tale still intends to entertain by including moments of absurdity and humor in its narrative.

Servant, which stars Lauren Ambrose and Toby KeKebbell, occurs primarily within Sean and Dorothy Turner’s Philadelphia home, creating an eerie sense of confinement. Additionally, its performances shine, especially Free’s subtle yet powerful work as Dorothy’s brother Rupert Grint; while no definitive answers were ever presented during its 10-episode run, this series has nonetheless proven compulsively watchable throughout its ten-episode run.

2. Servant B

Servant B is one of the more accommodating servants in 3-turn looping; she can quickly create an unavoidable high-low mixup with her 5D. However, this setup depends heavily on proper spacing, as she may be backdated or even thrown if too close.

Her NP can serve as a potent anti-zero weapon with its in-kit gimmicks of debuff clear and pierce invul, providing her with effective defenses against zero attacks. Furthermore, it can counterreversal attacks using her c.S> 2H236K214K blocking, though this could leave Jack-O vulnerable against potential counterattacks by exposing his opponent to reversals.

Though she requires extensive setup time and care, if you successfully combine this combo, she can provide a solid NP loop with a 50% starting NP gauge and decent damage output. Her main disadvantages lie with Rider Nodes or other Servant characters with high refunds of NPs.

3. Servant C

Servant C is the most diminutive servant you can acquire in V Rising, but that doesn’t stop him from becoming an effective way of quickening resource acquisition. He will return from missions after an agreed-upon time frame, carrying abundant supplies for use later.

As with you, your servants have their equipment that affects their performance. Equipping them with better gear will increase their power level and resource output when sent on missions.

Apple TV+ shows don’t come much more sly or quietly hilarious than Servant. Not only is this horror festival cleverly executed, but its performances by Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, and Nell Tiger Free are compelling enough that viewers won’t want to leave. Although the servant can sometimes take their time explaining what’s happening, those who wait it out are rewarded handsomely with insight.

4. Servant D

Servant is a nonlinear film with an inexplicably nonsensical narrative, yet its captivating compositional techniques and camera angles captivate you nonetheless. You are drawn into the depressing world of broken people sharing their trauma. It is easy to become lost in its oppressive environment.

This season, the Turner family welcomes Leanne into their fold. As an 18-year-old girl hired to care for Jericho (an inanimate doll that mimics the lifelike features of a real baby), strange events start happening unexpectedly that threaten to unravel their mental state and drive Leanne away.

This thrilling, atmospheric thriller draws inspiration from Black Mirror and American Horror Story, employing similar dark comedy tropes that poke fun at some of them. Its twists and turns also tend to keep audiences on edge, so keep your radar high to avoid surprises!

5. Servant E

Fate/Grand Order’s core gameplay concept centers around efficient gameplay, and quick looping is one effective strategy that enables players to unleash an onslaught of Noble Phantasms quickly. Establishing a reliable, fast-looping aggregation requires careful planning and the unique composition of its members to be effective.

Jack is an ideal choice for quick crit chains and three-turn NP looping due to her triple short deck and multiple hits on face cards, making her ideal for fast three-turn NP loops. Additionally, she works well with Quick Abutment servants such as Skadi to increase her NP gains and attack damage output.

Okita Souji Alter remains an effective quick looping option in 2023, thanks to her excellent NP gain and high hit count on Quick cards, which allow her to rapidly alternate her NPs, particularly when pairing with quick support servers such as Skadi and Merlin. Furthermore, her NP refund skill helps increase both her NP gain and star generation potential and thus maximizes her looping potential.

6. Servant F

Servant is one of many horror shows that appeal to parental fears, yet few can do it as effectively as the M. Night Shyamalan-produced series Servant. It is a thrilling examination of human grief and people’s coping process. A carefully constructed blend of domestic psychodrama, creepy ambiguity, and clue-gathering makes Servant one of the more captivating offerings from Apple TV+.

Dorothy and Sean Turner of Philadelphia suffer the devastating loss of their infant child and hire a nanny to care for the doll they purchased as its replacement. What ensues is an unsettling yet captivating thriller featuring Rupert Grint as Dorothy’s troublemaking brother. In season two, however, instead of answering all the many questions raised about characters suffering directly, this show delves deeper into characters’ private struggles rather than providing answers in any form, remaining an entertaining yet thought-provoking drama series.

7. Servant G

Apple TV+’s Servant knows just what will make its audience uncomfortable, from maternal anxiety and misgivings about childbirth to hollow wealth and upward mobility illusions – and it does so with efficiency and style, featuring Ambrose Kebbell and Nell Tiger Free as characters who deliver powerful performances.

This season centers around Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and Sean Turner, an affluent Philadelphia couple whose marriage is struggling after the death of their infant son, Jericho. After hiring Leanne as their nanny, whose eccentric personality mirrors that of Jericho’s predecessor, Jerome, things quickly spiral out of control, though they still keep to a PG-13 rating with plenty of salty language and undercurrents of innuendos.

8. Servant H

Apple TV+’s latest offering, Servant, is its darkest project yet and stands as an impressive testament to its innovative premise and haunted execution, maintaining that level of darkness without becoming overwhelming for viewers.

Sean and Dorothy Turner (Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell), an affluent Philadelphia couple whose marriage is unraveling after the tragic loss of their child Jericho, struggle with devout Christianity being tested by Leanne (Nell Tiger Free), their nanny with supernatural powers they cannot fully explain.

Servant premiered its three episodes (debuting November 28) to critical acclaim on November 28, utilizing dark humor and multiple horror tropes to craft an engaging mystery that provides more questions than satisfactory answers. Short-form TV proves itself to be the ideal platform for such genre-bending experimentation.

9. Servant I

Servant I is an addictively creepy TV horror show, perfect for fans of the genre. With its tight pacing and well-executed mystery that gradually layers one question upon another to its conclusion, Servant I is an example of TV horror at its finest.

Skadi is a master of quick looping, making her a keystone of any strategy that relies on this tactic. Her powerful NP can quickly deal massive damage, while her high hit counts and charge skills allow her to slowly increase its output until a great moment comes along in which it unleashes.

Nagao Kagetora excels at Quick-centric setups. Her quick deck and NP accretion buffs work seamlessly with temporary looping servants to enable her to activate her NP multiple times per battle—an invaluable trait when considering nodes with highly high-health final fights.

10. Servant J

Servant J is an unsettling yet compulsively watchable ride that pushes viewers right up against comprehension before sending them reeling backward again and again. But its winding formal structure that suggests malevolence in every room of Turner’s unnerving Philadelphia Brownstone provides an unforgettable ride that keeps audiences guessing until its conclusion.

Ambrose and Kebbell both make exceptional performances, each finding his or her way to ramp up tension. Free’s version as Leanne is particularly noteworthy; she transcends many of the nasty tropes typical of this genre while avoiding the cliched stereotypes associated with this role.

Servant J is like an epic Black Mirror episode stretched across ten half-hour episodes without its trademark humor and subversiveness; its deliciously twisty narrative will keep viewers hooked throughout each half-hour installment. While not for everyone, those willing to persevere will find an engaging, darkly funny, yet deeply disturbing saga unfolding before them.