The Best Sushi in NYC


This sushi restaurant is a beloved local favorite. Consistently awarded five stars, its extensive menu offers something to please every diner; trendy are its unique fusion offerings.

Rosella stands out as an American-influenced sushi joint while still providing some of the finest sushi available in NYC. Their use of ingredients from across America distinguishes them from their competitors.


Noz’s is one of the premier sushi establishments in NYC, known for offering an exceptional omakase experience that will leave you feeling like royalty. Their buttery fish from Japan and mouthwatering toro and uni are out-of-this-world delicious; don’t miss their exquisite chawanmushi made with light dashi broth and delicious mushrooms either!

Chef Shion Uino is revered in the sushi world, and his 69 Leonard Street restaurant is an exceptional destination for high-end omakase in New York City. After training at some of Tokyo’s prestigious establishments, he brought his expertise back home by opening this omakase spot – using traditional Edomae techniques to preserve fish while drawing out umami flavors.

Noz 17 stands out among NYC’s expensive sushi parlors by providing exquisite omakase service for only seven diners at any time, using the creative interplay of simplicity and complexity to craft each dish served here.

This Upper East Side sushi powerhouse serves omakase sushi that will transport you back in time to the centuries-old Kyoto temple. Their menu offers traditional selections and inventive ones combining Asian and American flavors, using locally sourced ingredients such as rice vinegar and miso for their dishes. Although the restaurant boasts a casual environment, its cuisine makes an impressionful statement.

Sushi Sasabune

Sushi Sasabune is ideal for beginners looking to experience sushi for the first time. Conveniently situated near Regal Union Square 4DX & ScreenX movie theater, this restaurant features an assortment of menu items to please almost every taste imaginable and is known for its friendly service and fantastic wine and beer selection. Their staff has been thoroughly trained and knows exactly how to ensure an enjoyable dining experience!

For seafood enthusiasts, this restaurant should not be missed. Their chefs specialize in an impressive array of fish and seafood – such as bluefin toro, stuffed squid, and sea urchin – at reasonable prices that won’t break the bank! Come here with friends to enjoy a sushi lunch complete with wine!

This elegant yet intimate restaurant’s sophisticated wooden counters and traditional Japanese decor create an exceptional dining experience. Furthermore, you can order various types of sake to complement your meal – and their service is truly impeccable, while their sushi dishes are delicious!

Sushi of Gari is another NYC sushi restaurant that puts a modern spin on tradition, serving an omakase that has quickly become a classic New York dish: sauteed tomato atop perfectly chilled salmon – such a delightful and simple combination that you’ll be surprised someone else didn’t think of it yourself! Located throughout Manhattan, this small and minimalist spot makes an impressionable first impression!

Sushi On Jones

Sushi is an iconic component of NYC food culture. There are plenty of high-end sushi spots and hidden gems where you can get delicious meals without breaking the bank. Traditional sushi bars sit side-by-side with more modern eateries offering creative takes on classic dishes; many even boast private backspaces to accommodate large-group omakase dining experiences!

Sushi on Jones offers an intimate sushi dining experience in King’s Cross’ new Goods Way venue. The dining area feels close yet exciting, with a central counter where chefs craft each dish to order; though their menu may be small, everything tastes fresh and delectable!

Masa offers another luxurious dining option in NYC for sushi enthusiasts: one of only three Michelin-rated sushi restaurants nationwide and an unforgettable high-end dining experience. While its high price tag may put off many people, make a reservation early, as it will pay off!

New Yorkers have seen an increasing trend toward lower-priced but quality omakases in NYC. Los Angeles import Sugarfish offers its signature omakase for just $39, while Sushi Katsuei has introduced one in West Village at $60. In addition, many of NYC’s finest sushi chefs are opening budget-friendly sushi bars.

Sushi Yasuda

Sushi Yasuda has been serving traditional NYC sushi since 1999. Situated within its elegant honeyed bamboo setting, you’ll experience master sushi chefs’ traditional and flavor-infused omakase offerings to satisfy and leave you wanting more truly! Their crescendo of texture, flavor, and taste will leave you satisfied and wanting more.

Sushi chefs at this popular Chelsea restaurant are knowledgeable and friendly, creating an ideal environment for enjoying an enjoyable meal with friends. Offering an abundance of fish and Japanese dishes – including their popular unagi – and offering a comprehensive selection of sake and beer to complement it, it has quickly become one of the city’s premier dining spots with multiple locations throughout Chelsea.

Rosella is another must-try NYC sushi spot. They serve a range of fish species and strive to expand their knowledge of how sushi is made, using local ingredients like rice vinegar and miso from New Jersey in their dishes and handrolls. Rosella has earned its place among New York City’s premier dining experiences!

Gouie is an intimate gem in The Market Line on the Lower East Side (LES), serving a delectable yet reasonably-priced seven-course omakase for $35. They’re also one of the only restaurants to use kosher salt in their dishes, adding another dimension of flavor. Gouie also offers Chawanmushi, an egg custard dish served with light dashi broth and topped with mushrooms.

Sushi On Haru

Sushi first debuted in Japan, yet New York has become one of the best places outside Tokyo to enjoy this delicate delicacy. New York boasts world-class sushi restaurants that serve fresh, high-quality fish and unique menu items.

Sushi Noz on the Upper East Side offers an unforgettable dining experience. Renowned for their innovative balance between simplicity and intricacy, some signature dishes include Madara with Bottarga or Nodoguro Fish Fillet Fillets that are Filleted and Grilled – make this restaurant an experience you won’t soon forget.

Sushi of Gari is another exceptional Upper East Side sushi spot. Owned and run by Masatoshi “Gari” Sugio, master chef Masatoshi “Gari” Sugio has trained other sushi chefs around the city; his omakase menu features some exotic fish you won’t find elsewhere. The Infatuation recommended the lightly deep-fried shrimp and vegetable tempura here as an experience not to be missed.

Gouie in the Lower East Side offers casual sushi at affordable prices, with fresh salmon roe topping off an impressive omakase menu that will impress any foodie.

Book your table at RA online. They make an excellent choice for celebrating an anniversary, date night, or any special event – make reservations early as the restaurant gets quite busy!


Gouie Sushi restaurant boasts an excellent selection of fresh seafood. Their sashimi and sushi rolls, especially their mango Hawaii roll, are superb. Gouie also serves some delectable appetizers, like their blue crab dumplings filled with flavorful crab meat topped off by crunch tempura crunchies!

Price and quality are more than adequate here; local fishermen deliver fresh fish daily. Service is excellent, and servers are welcoming, making this a perfect place for dates or groups of friends alike!

Sushi Gari is an upscale Japanese restaurant known for their innovative and flavor-focused sushi, sashimi, and other cuisine. Each dish on their menu highlights different flavor profiles, while casual diners and more discerning palates, will find something suitable here. Located across New York – including Upper East Side and NoMad – they also have multiple locations nationwide to serve them better!

New York City’s sushi scene has flourished tremendously over time, and Manhattan now offers some of the highest-quality seafood outside of Japan. Manhattan offers some incredible sushi counters that rival Tokyo’s best offerings; however, prices have skyrocketed over time despite still offering bargains in local markets.

Gouie recently opened at Essex Market in downtown Manhattan, offering sushi and other Japanese cuisine at reasonable prices and traditional sake selections.