Features of a Multi Tool Knife


While backpackers might recall horrific accounts of amputations and bear attacks, most use knives for much less alarming tasks like food prep, tent peg whittling, poking mysterious objects, and repairing equipment. The Amazing fact about knife manufacturer.

The Gerber Armbar Drive looks similar to a pocket knife. Still, it packs in Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, scissors, and an awl, making it an excellent solution for backpackers seeking to reduce the number of tools they carry.


Thumb holes on multi-tool knives are indentation-shaped slots or spaces in their blade that enable users to hold it with their thumb and pull it open, saving time and effort when using tools while providing a more comfortable grip for your thumb. They are typically located near or opposite locking mechanisms on multi-tool devices.

A multi-tool is a hand tool with multiple functions in a small package designed for convenient carry. The most commonly known use for these tools is cutting open boxes, though other tasks may also require their use. They come in various sizes, from credit card-sized keychain units to large belt-mounted varieties capable of holding several tools – some even come equipped with a lanyard for attachment to belt loops. In contrast, others feature a holster for more accessible transport.

Tim Leatherman famously created the first pliers-based multi-tool in 1983; since then, many manufacturers have released different variations with different styles and sizes. Most commonly seen is a pair of pliers combined with various hand tools; either locking or nonlocking varieties may feature one or more knife blade edges that are serrated and plain for easier use.

Gerber’s Armbar Drive multi-tool is a compact yet versatile multi-tool designed to fit in your pocket and feel like a pocket knife when closed. It features a 2.5-inch folding blade with Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, scissors, an awl, bottle openers, pry tools, and a hammer surface. We put this tool through rigorous tests and found it reliable in use.

One feature that sets this Gerber multi-tool apart from others is its ergonomic, user-friendly handle – 47% narrower than an average multi-tool of this size – that enhances ergonomics and user-friendliness. Furthermore, applying twice as much pressure with each tool improves ergonomics. Likewise, its tools are well-designed; although scissors may be slightly short for everyday tasks, they still perform adequately. Furthermore, its screwdriver features a magnet – another unique touch.

Nail nick

If you’re shopping for a multi-tool knife, the options available can be overwhelming. Choose between various brands and models with multiple tools and sizes; some even come equipped with features like pliers, screwdrivers, and bottle openers! Regarding versatility and functionality, look no further than Leatherman Wave Plus for its multifunctionality!

A nail nick on a multi-tool knife blade allows you to open it using your fingernail. This feature is typically found on slip joints and manually opening knives like Swiss Army Knives; milled versions typically feature a protuberance under which your nails can quickly hook. They may also appear on assisted opening knives where pressure must be applied directly to release the blade.

Nail nicks come in various forms, from short crescent grooves to longer cuts that resemble fullering along the blade’s length. A nail nick makes opening the knife easier, though not always necessary; flipper knives provide leverage closer to the pivot point that opens it more smoothly; however, some people prefer nail nick multi-tool knives because they allow one-handed operation.

Some multi-tools feature a nail nick large enough to accommodate keys, making them particularly handy if you carry multiple sets on their keychain. When the key is inserted, it may lock the tool securely in its place and prevent accidental opening.

It can be challenging to decide between pocket knives and multi-tools as everyday carry tools, as each depends on your tasks and what’s essential to their function. A pocket knife might suffice if your needs involve simple cutting jobs, while a multi-tool may be more suitable for complex undertakings.

Some multi-tools have been created to look and operate similarly to traditional Swiss Army knives, like the Leatherman Free T4 and Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter. These multi-tools make an excellent option if you prefer something with similar looks but more compact dimensions than regular pocket knives.

Locking mechanism

Lock mechanisms on multi-tool knives are integral to their overall design, ensuring the blade stays open and available when needed. This feature is especially essential when carrying multi-tools in public as you never know when or what situations will arise; holding or waving a multi-tool in an intimidating or threatening way violates local law. Additionally, locking mechanisms also play a vital role in maintaining blade strength.

There are various locks used on multi-tool knives. One of the most frequently employed is a liner lock, which uses a springy metal bar to secure open blades until released by moving away from the base of the knife to remove the lock bar from the matching cutout on the tang. Although easy to operate, this type of lock may not provide as strong protection as frame or axis locks.

Compression locks are another kind of lock used on popular knives. This modified form of the liner lock makes for a strong lock with smooth opening action, ideal for people seeking more robust locking capabilities than standard multi-tools; however, they’re less ambidextrous and can become challenging to operate in slippery conditions.

The Axis lock is a deceptively straightforward yet effective lock mechanism featuring a short spring-loaded bar that operates back and forth through two slots machined into each liner and spans the gap between them when closed; when opened, it engages a ramped notch cut into the knife’s backbone’s tang portion with ease and is wedged securely between its recess and an ample stop pin. Two omega-style springs on both liners provide equal pressure, forcing the bar solidly against its break, where it nestles solidly against this slot before engaging a ramped notch cut into the backbone when opened, apply equal pressure by pushing the bar towards ramped apertures cut into both liners until encountering ramped notches cut into backbone’s back tang portion when the blade is opened; two omega style springs provide equal pressure, forcing bar against stop pin.

Axial lock multi-tools may cost more, but they offer more robust and more secure lockup for cutting and piercing tasks, with less likelihood of unexpected closure and having an ergonomic feel when closed. Although ideal for heavy-duty cutting tasks, they’re less resistant to dirt and corrosion resistance.

Pocket clip

Pocket clips are integral to multi-tool knives, allowing users to securely fasten the knife onto their belt or pocket without creating bulges. Some multi-tools even come equipped with a holster that holds them in place. When looking for pocket clips, be sure they are constructed of high-quality metal that can withstand wear and tear over time.

Multi-tools can be invaluable when hiking, camping, or exploring the wild. Though heavier than pocket knives, multi-tools still fit easily in backpacks or hiking pants, while their pliers allow users to cut through rope or fishing lines easily.

Multi-tools provide many valuable features, but selecting one with an excellent blade is crucial. A serrated knife will be particularly beneficial when cutting tent stakes or rope thick enough for cutting; its ease of opening and closing should make cleaning simple – as should its construction from durable materials such as stainless steel.

The James Brand Ellis is an ideal everyday carry knife, offering multiple valuable tools in one compact, attractive package. The lockable blade can easily be opened like any traditional knife for easy use in any task, and features such as wire cutters and screwdrivers make this model particularly convenient.

Leatherman Skeletool CX, an everyday carry multi-tool, is another fantastic choice. Packed full of tools into one compact and lightweight package, its versatile set can match your outfit. Its outdoor enthusiasts will also find plenty of valuable tools, such as tent pegs and hiking accessories.

Considerations should be given when purchasing a multi-tool: it may weigh more than a simple pocket knife due to its functions. While this might present challenges when backpacking, if cared for properly, your multi-tool can serve you for many years, proving useful while you travel.

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