Bring a Little Ghibli Magic Into Your Home With This Collection of Ghibli Merch


Studio Ghibli films have brought generations together with their dreamlike worlds, charming characters, and majestic soundtracks by composer Joe Hisaishi. So, bring some Miyazaki magic into your own home with this collection of the top Ghibli merchandise available today.

From Kiki’s Delivery Service to Spirited Away, this t-shirt showcases images of San and Haku, Turnip-Head Catbus, and others from their supporting cast – such as Turnip-Head Catbus!
Ponyo Plush

Studio Ghibli movies are cinematic wonders that transport audiences to another world filled with endearing characters and breathtaking landscapes. Fans love revisiting these movies again and again without becoming tired of watching them. Their films showcase imaginative worlds filled with intriguing folklore creatures as well as lush soundtracks by composer Joe Hisaishi; no wonder fans want a piece of Studio Ghibli close at hand at all times! It is no surprise, then, that Studio Ghibli fans wish to have something from this studio close at hand at all times.

One way to show your love for your favorite character is with an adorable plush version. Sun Arrow has created this Ponyo plush as an officially licensed Studio Ghibli product; its super cuddly feel makes for the perfect addition to your stuffed animal collection!

Show your passion for Ghibli with an equally cool t-shirt. This one honors Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea’s iconic ham-loving fish Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea and will surely put a smile on your face! Made of soft cotton with high-quality printing capabilities. Available in multiple colors.
My Neighbour Totoro Artwork

My Neighbor Totoro is perhaps the film that best captures Studio Ghibli’s serene yet immersive magic experience. The tale follows Satsuki and Mei as they adjust to life in their new home by befriending only forest spirits that they can see. This magical realism is elevated with moments filled with humor for an enjoyable viewing experience for all audiences.

The movie provides an imaginative account of rural Japanese childhood experiences, as described by director Hayao Miyazaki during his youth in rural Japan. Mythical creatures known as kami and yokai (demon spirits), unlike Western concepts of deities, do not aim to frighten or intimidate children but instead strive to foster relationships between nature and humanity.

The film also serves as an inspiring tribute to resilience under pressure, as the girls adapt to their mother’s illness while supporting their father during his military service abroad. Its themes have stood the test of time, making it one of the world’s favorite films. It has numerous spin-off works and global popularity, resulting in its timeless charm being passed down from generation to generation. Ghibli fans will cherish owning this book, which contains plenty of pastel concept art that perfectly captures its summery aesthetic!
Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of The White Witch stands out as one of the most stunningly beautiful games ever designed, boasting Studio Ghibli’s iconic art style from Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Ponyo, which still looks stunning today. Characters and environments alike are delightful to look at, while cutscenes are beautifully animated and well-paced; cutscenes feature beautifully animated cutscenes as well as cutscenes filled with dynamic animation. The gameplay offers leveling up, item crafting, and grinding alongside small creatures called familiars.

Beginning the game on an emotional note, young Oliver sneaks out of his 1950s small-town home to drive a race car he stole from his uncle, only for it to crash and his mother to jump in after him to save him but ultimately die of heart complications herself – only for her tears to awaken Oliver’s stuffed animal doll Mr. Drippy which warns him about imminent world destruction.

From here, an endearing tale unfolds with animation storyboarded by the legendary Studio Ghibli and music composed by the legendary Joe Hisaishi. The gameplay is exceptionally engaging, and new mechanics and systems are introduced regularly. Whether playing handheld mode or docked to your television screen, graphics are stunning, while details shine brightly.
Porco Rosso Poster Print

The story follows an Italian World War I ex-fighter ace living as a freelance bounty hunter across the Adriatic Sea, hunting air pirates. His name, Porco Rosso (from his FIAT A.S.2 fighter plane’s designation in Italian), also features GHIBLI branding to tie into Japan Airlines showing this film on international flights (“so that middle-aged businessmen can watch something entertaining without risking brain rot on long trips”).

The film explores how women and men co-existed during this era. Although Porco remains undeniably sexist, his growing respect for Gina and her engineering talents could signal some possibility for change. Additionally, there is a scene depicting female workers on an airplane to contrast against his world of masculine violence.

This poster is hand painted using watercolor with colors used by Hayao Miyazaki for his palette, printed on high-quality paper stock, and will add a touch of Ghibli to your walls. Shipped flat in a 12×18 heavy board mailing envelope.
Howl’s Moving Castle Poster Print

This high-quality silk poster brings the whimsical world of Howl’s Moving Castle to life in all its vibrant colors. The captivating theme and vibrant hues make this an eye-catching decorative piece for any room in the house.

Howl’s Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki has long been considered a classic. Drawing inspiration from Diana Wynne Jones’ novel of the same name, it offers an exquisite hand-drawn animation journey between nightmarish horror and haunting beauty. Through Sophie’s blossoming relationship with Howl (played by Yoshihiro Akiyama), the film explores themes such as youth, beauty, war, and love. It is perfect for adults and children of all ages alike (though some scenes may turn away younger viewers).

Ghibli films have all the hallmarks of classic Ghibli films, from romanticizing everyday tasks, magic, and delicious food to disdain for industrial pollution and war—but this movie also makes a powerful statement about loving yourself without holding back from expressing feelings. Through the course of their adventure, our protagonists learn to love themselves even if others cannot recognize they deserve love.
Howl’s Moving Castle Art Book

Hayao Miyazaki followed his successful movie Spirited Away by embarking on Howl’s Moving Castle, an adaptation of Diana Wynne Jones’ novel featuring fantastical elements that characterized 19th-century Europe when science and magic shared equal status within society.

This lavish art book contains concept sketches, fully rendered character and background drawings, paintings, and cell images to encapsulate your favorite moments from the movie and bring some of Miyazaki’s whimsical world into your library.

The book begins by exploring the film’s action sequences, discussing how its crew managed to balance realism with fantasy elements so that each shot felt exciting and real.

This hardbound prestige format book explores the characters from Howl’s Moving Castle in-depth, beginning with Howl himself. The team examines his design history as well as his ever-evolving appearance and complex personality, the latter of which is primarily being investigated. Furthermore, Calcifer and Markl are discussed along with Howl’s magical land setting of Howl’s Moving Castle’s intricate designs that inspired its creation – making this an essential collection piece. This hardbound prestige format book should not be missed!
The Best Manga To Read

Studio Ghibli films have long been revered, from Spirited Away’s whimsical world and folklore creatures to Totoro and Ponyo’s adorable charm – so whether you are a fan or looking for that perfect present for someone in your life who adores this beloved franchise, Empire has carefully selected an assortment of top Studio Ghibli merchandise!

From an elegant art book that showcases concept sketches, paintings, and cell images from the film to a reprint of its source novel – every Ghibli fan will find something suitable here!

Takahashi Rumiko’s demon-fighting, time travel, and destiny tale will charm Ghibli fans alike. It provides fast-paced action, complex characters, imaginative fantasy elements, and even some creepiness for an unparalleled manga experience. A must-read for manga fans!