XIFRA LifeStyle Mexico Review


XIFRA LifeStyle Mexico operates in the Health, Wellness, and Fitness industries, with 11-20 employees generating between $1M-$5M in annual revenues.

Xifra Lifestyle provides affiliates with a multi-level marketing system for earning residual and referral commissions and matching bonuses on recruits, all under an incentive compensation plan with twelve rank levels and binary team structures.

1. Membership Plan

Xifra Lifestyle is a multi-level marketing company that promotes CBD products. Their compensation plan relies heavily on recruiting new affiliates; those who succeed can earn referral commissions and rank achievement bonuses; primary affiliate level affiliates can expect 7% residual commission while top-level reach up to 12% commissions.

Furthermore, they offer an investment plan with an expected ROI of 200% and provide financial consultancy. All this makes them an excellent option for anyone seeking extra income.

Membership packages range from $300 up to $50k. Since investing can be an enormous sum, you must conduct extensive research before investing any of this money. Remember that should the company go out of business, your investments could be lost, thus making it essential to only invest in trustworthy companies.

Keep in mind that Xifra Lifestyle is an illegal scam. It uses current affiliates’ investments to pay recruits; eventually, the scheme collapses, with many investors losing their money. Xifra claims to be both a cryptocurrency trading platform and cannabis plantation – but is, in reality, a Ponzi scheme. Peru’s Superintendency of Banking, Insurance, and AFP (SBS) issued an official fraud warning regarding this organization. SBS requires organizations that collect public funds to secure authorization before collecting funds illegally, meaning Xifra operates illegally and risks being disbanded by your nation’s regulators, leaving your investment unprotected.

2. Commissions

Xifra Lifestyle is an MLM company raising concerns that it could be operating illegally in Mexico as an HYIP scheme. Primarily making money through plantation and financial market investments, but also selling CBD oil products, health supplements, and travel discount services as part of an MLM business model – although all hallmarks of pyramid schemes.

Commissions associated with Xifra Lifestyle can be high and not appear clearly on their website. Furthermore, customer support was less than helpful when dealing with any issues during sales transactions.

Residual commissions are distributed based on the subscription payments that members make each month, and these depend on how much volume an affiliate generates in their downline. Since this company utilizes a binary compensation plan with only two legs counting toward its importance (hence “right and left leg”), commissions from subscription payments to affiliates generate residual earnings – hence their name as “right and left leg.”

If an affiliate can generate enough investment volume in both legs, they will receive a matching bonus commission of equal proportion to what was developed for the company. Each affiliate’s exact percentage depends upon their rank within the firm and any residual commissions generated through binary residual contracts they generate.

Xifra Global/ Xifra Lifestyle is an unregulated broker who does not possess a valid operating license in your jurisdiction, making them a high-risk investment option. If you’ve already deposited funds with them, MyChargeBack’s simple fund recovery process may help recover any losses you’ve incurred trading with them.

3. Payment Options

Xifra Lifestyle is an unregulated trading broker which has drawn criticism from various regulators. Allegedly operating illegally and defrauding traders of their money, Xifra Lifestyle should be avoided at all costs as there may be hidden withdrawal fees and terms and conditions that increase risk significantly – it may even be shut down at any moment by regulatory bodies.

This company claims that they offer returns of up to 200%; however, we’re unaware of how this return is calculated or their business model; if their calculations depend on member investments alone for ROI calculations, then that could constitute securities fraud; also if their trading algorithm can deliver 200% returns why do they require public funding?

They operate a pyramid scheme, so their income comes from new members’ investments. Once this stream stops coming in, so will their profits; unfortunately,, this usually happens over time with such schemes.

MyChargeBack offers a reliable service to help Xifra Global/Xifra Lifestyle account holders retrieve any lost funds through an assessment and recovery process, with their team of experts assessing your situation and offering guidance and assistance. MyChargeBack will conduct extensive investigations of your case while communicating directly with you and the bank or card issuer to expedite recovery efforts; additionally, they charge a percentage fee if funds are successfully recovered; for more information, visit their website or call them directly!

4. Legality

Xifra is a multilevel marketing company offering CBD products and health wellness nutritional supplements through its affiliate membership. Their offerings include male enhancement, libido boosters, detox products, cryptocurrency trading platforms, and hemp cultivation investment plan services – but in reality, Xifra operates as a scam that violates multiple laws.

Additionally, Xifra commits securities fraud because it’s unregistered with any country’s financial regulator and offers passive returns without being licensed to do so legally. Contrary to legitimate MLMs such as Amway or Sheridan’s direct selling companies, Xifra lacks products or services it offers. Instead, it simply shuffles money among existing affiliates to generate earnings – similar to typical Ponzi schemes, which will eventually collapse as soon as investors stop contributing money.

Since Xifra Global/Xifra Lifestyle does not fall under any significant regulatory body’s purview, withdrawing your funds could prove challenging if they refuse to process your request. If you are considering joining this company, it would be beneficial to first check review sites and the terms of service for an idea of their experience and to see what other users have encountered. Employing MyChargeBack can speed up recovery processes while increasing chances of success. MyChargeBack can assist with recovering lost funds from Xifra Global/xifra Lifestyle quickly and effortlessly. Fill out the form below; it should only take a few minutes! Our team will start working on your case immediately, using any information provided to expedite recovery as quickly and successfully as possible – start now!

5. Conclusions

Xifra Lifestyle MLM has garnered considerable media coverage. The company claims to offer investors a high-yield investment program with passive returns; however, in reality, Xifra is much different: it uses new investments to pay existing affiliates – meaning, most likely, all those joining this scheme will lose their money.

The company currently operating under Xifra Business Group is registered as SAPI de CV (Sociedad Anonimas Promotoras de Inversion de Capital Variable), making it a Mexican business. According to its website, they have over $1 billion market capitalization but remain unregulated as they don’t appear to register with financial authorities.

Furthermore, Xifra claims to engage in cannabis cultivation and bitcoin mining; their website claims these activities generate external revenue for them – however, there is no evidence to back this claim up. Furthermore, no details exist about who runs Xifra; for instance, it remains unclear whether George Goodman is its CEO.

Even though this company promotes itself as a crypto trading platform, it is a scam in disguise. Furthermore, the money circulation scheme they created means investing would not be wise. They eventually collapse, with affiliates losing most of their investments as part of this money circulation scheme with no regulatory oversight in many countries; therefore, looking elsewhere when searching for investment opportunities would be wiser.