Is There a Website That Searches All Streaming Services?


As more streaming services offer movies and TV shows to stream online for free, it may be challenging to know where to look for what you want to watch. But there are multiple methods you can use to find it quickly. Check out the Best info about Fmovies.

These services feature filters to match your streaming service subscription and genre preferences and may even allow you to create customized watchlists.


JustWatch is a search tool that aggregates all available films and television shows across primary streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Play Movies, YouTube TV, Showtime, HBO Now Vudu All4, Google Play, iTunes, Mubi Voot, etc. Both web and Android and iOS apps offer access to these sites and several others – many free if an account is created, giving access to subscribed services like Mubi and Voot, etc.

Just Watch is also capable of helping you narrow down the vast libraries of content to only those services you utilize, making searching faster. Filters allow for searches by release year, genre, price, and age rating – it even tells you whether a title is HD-ready, SD-friendly, or 4K!

JustWatch is one of several streaming search tools, but it stands out from the pack as being particularly comprehensive. Reelgood and Letterboxd offer similar capabilities while remaining accessible and providing watch lists; JustWatch seems more extensive due to its vast database. Although JustWatch works well at finding what it searches for (e.g., Doctor Who on PlayStation is inaccessible), its results could use tweaking to filter out irrelevant results (for instance, it states it isn’t). They are still helpful tools.


Reelgood is an app designed to make it easy to find TV shows and movies to stream. By searching all primary streaming services simultaneously, Reelgood finds what you want quicker while keeping track of what you have watched automatically and automatically adding movies to your watchlist. Search by title, release year, genre, IMDB rating, or streaming service provider to find your perfect version.

Reelgood was developed by a group of developers looking to recreate what the TV Guide used to do – they believed their app would become famous, only for more prominent players like Apple to launch an almost identical television app that made Reelgood look obsolete. One particularly unpleasant day for Reelgood came when Apple unveiled its version.

Reelgood is a free app for Android, Amazon Fire TV Stick, LG Smart TVs, Roku Smart TVs, and iPhones that tracks 150+ services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and HBO. Users can create personal watchlists of movies they want to watch, rank movies from a 1-10 scale and leave short reviews, and create weekly top ten lists and daily deal updates for movie rentals and purchases; weekly top ten lists are offered too! JustWatch offers more features while covering a more comprehensive array of devices than Reelgood; justWatch is also one of its main competitors, with more features available across devices than Reelgood can ever hope to cover.

Google Search

Google Search is one of the world’s most-visited web-based searches, handling over 3.5 billion daily queries and accounting for 92% of the global market. Due to this dominance, it has become one of the world’s most profitable tech companies – its search page looks primarily unchanged from when it launched in 1998 – consisting of blue links on an austere white background. To know more, check out fmoviesto

Using machine learning technology, Google recently unveiled a feature that allows users to easily search all available streaming services for movies or TV shows. This new feature shows all available options for a specific title in a results list, including whether or not content can be streamed, purchased, or found in a TV library. Currently, this new feature can be found on mobile devices and desktop PCs for US-based users of Google Search.

Google’s Knowledge Panel includes a Watch tab that has long been in place, showing viewers which streaming services contain the content they seek and allowing them to start watching instantly. It currently displays movies and television series but will soon expand to cover video games. Furthermore, this feature is accessible across mobile devices and web browsers with iOS or Android applications available from Google.

Streaming Boxes

A streaming box is a set-top device that lets you access movies, TV shows, and other content through your home theater system. They typically connect via an HDMI cable; some stand-alone, while others come as stick devices like Fire Stick with tiny lines extending out. Each streaming device offers various features, including 4K playback, Dolby Audio, and HDR support.

As it currently stands, however, an ideal streaming box does not exist. Such a perfect box would need to index all available content from every service and display it user-friendly; unfortunately, most services choose instead to keep their content locked within their apps – meaning you cannot tell your streamer you want to watch MythBusters or an MLS game without downloading additional apps first – leaving the industry stuck with subpar hardware and unreliable software that only continues to worsen over time; best-selling devices are now cheap commodity items found at Walgreens alongside batteries or strangely unbranded wired headphones – leaving nothing but disappointment at best-selling devices being sold at Walgreens compared to what it used to be like before.

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