Work From Home Jobs


Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a business person, work-from-home jobs can offer a wide range of opportunities. From writing and editing to customer service and accounting, you can find a variety of jobs to suit your skills and interests.


Among the thousands of work-from-home jobs available online, Amazon has a plethora of opportunities to choose from. From customer service to marketing to software development, this company offers something for everyone.

While many work from home jobs require you to travel to the office, Amazon is a virtual employer that allows corporate employees to work from home. This allows the company to hire more employees, and improve the overall working environment.

The Amazon work-from-home job site is updated regularly with new positions. You’ll find hundreds of virtual hiring events, and thousands of open full and part-time positions around the world.


Across the nation, Aetna work-from-home jobs are available in a wide variety of industries. These positions are part-time or full-time and offer flexible hours, pay, and benefits.

Aetna provides health insurance to its members. The company also offers vision coverage, dental, and HSA plans. They also provide tuition reimbursement and a student loan forgiveness program.

Aetna has a variety of work-from-home positions that require an RN with three years of clinical practice experience. These positions can be in customer service, medical claims operations, case management, and telephone triage. These positions are based in cities all over the United States.

Kelly Services

Known as the world’s largest office staffing company, Kelly Services offers employment opportunities to a staggering 440,000 workers. A large percentage of these employees work from home, while others are employed in traditional customer locations.

In addition to offering at-home call center jobs, Kelly also provides outsourcing solutions, executive search, and managed services. They offer more than 4,000 jobs in a variety of industries, including engineering, health care, education, and government.

While they are not the first to come up with a work-from-home program, they have been offering this type of service since 2010. In fact, they have been named to FlexJobs’ annual list of the top 100 companies to watch for remote jobs.

Elevance Health

Listed in the Forbes list of the top 100 best places to work, Elevance Health is a worthy contender. While the company focuses on health, it has also taken the initiative to promote the well-being of its associates through a plethora of programs and initiatives. As such, it offers employees the perks of working for a large organization while keeping it small and personal.

The company boasts an impressive portfolio of solutions spanning from clinical to behavioral to digital health to name but a few. In addition to the perks of being a part of one of the country’s largest healthcare providers, there are several opportunities to flex your burgeoning tech skills.


Several years ago, Dell began allowing employees to work remotely. The company’s goal is to have 50% of its workforce working from home by the end of the decade. They do this by offering a variety of jobs, including those for professional engineers, accounting, and design.

In fact, the company’s headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, is being redesigned into a more collaborative, colorful workspace. The second floor is now being renovated, featuring green and gray carpet, gleaming whiteboards, and colorful workstations.

Although Dell does not track the productivity of its remote workers, they say engagement scores are similar between employees who are working from home and those who are not. Unlike the company’s last annual performance ratings, which occurred three years ago, the data-based approach does not produce a statistical difference between the two groups.

Stride K12

Founded in 2000, Stride has been providing online public and private schools for over a decade. Now, Stride serves learners in over 100 countries. The company has also rolled out a suite of learning solutions for students of all ages.

The company also provides a wide variety of employee benefits, including a competitive salary, paid time off, and a slew of employee resource programs. Unlike traditional public school education, Stride lets you decide for yourself where to spend your time and money. The company even offers a homeschooling alternative for those who may not be ready to give up on a traditional classroom experience.


Using a work-from-home job is a good way to make extra money from the comfort of your own home. There are more jobs than ever that allow you to work from your home.

Lionbridge offers different types of work-from-home jobs. There are translators, interpreters, and AI positions. It also offers testing, technical writing, and content development. The pay is different for each position. Some jobs will pay you an hourly rate, while others pay you a monthly salary.

To apply for these work-from-home jobs, you must be 18 years old. You must also live in the United States. You may choose to work part-time or full-time.