FlexJobs Review


FlexJobs was established in 2007 as an online job board catering to remote and flexible work. Specializing in listing professional-level work-from-home positions and part-time and freelance opportunities.

This site features thousands of flexible and remote positions. With its search tools, finding work to meet your schedule should not be difficult.

It’s a job board.

FlexJobs is a job board dedicated exclusively to work-from-home and remote positions. Unlike general job boards that may or may not provide relevant results for your search, FlexJobs hand-screens each listing to ensure its legitimacy. It offers discounted career coaching to help find jobs faster and a skills testing feature to identify which skills will be essential in each role.

FlexJobs stands out from other job boards by providing an impressive variety of jobs suitable for every skill set and talent type and by offering robust search, sort, and filter options that make narrowing down search much more straightforward than via traditional job boards based on location alone. Furthermore, FlexJobs features comprehensive company guides on each listed company, which detail the size, culture, and accolades related to that business.

FlexJobs can save time and effort as it’s a one-stop shop for finding work-from-home opportunities. With over 1 million jobs being listed regularly, FlexJobs makes finding work-from-home employment simpler than ever. Though please be aware that not all opportunities may apply to you as some only exist within specific locations such as the US or require a work visa to work there.

Working from home is a fantastic way to balance work and life while still earning a paycheck. By eliminating driving and traffic hassles, working from home allows more time for family matters or hobbies like writing. Furthermore, being alone at your desk increases productivity since coworkers cannot distract you with small talk.

FlexJobs features an intuitive user experience and is 100% free to use. Your personalized dashboard enables you to monitor your progress and see which jobs you have applied for; in addition, it provides access to job search checklists and resources; it even highlights newly available positions!

Ad-free platforms are increasingly rare in the freelance marketplace, making this platform stand out as offering lower competition than others and no need to outbid other writers on each project.

It’s a community.

FlexJobs is an online community for those searching for work-from-home and flexible schedule jobs, without ads, junk, and scams that often plague other job boards. Plus, it offers career coaching at discounted rates and skills tests. Plus, there are valuable job search tips from career experts and webinars with them available as additional features! Established in 2007, FlexJobs has been featured by NPR, Good Morning America, Fox Business Channel, and NPR Radio!

Paid subscriptions provide access to the site’s vetted jobs, typically posted by employers searching for full-time workers with flexible working arrangements such as telecommuting or working from home. Each job includes details regarding its responsibilities and desired skillset; when you find one you are interested in, click its title, go directly to its application page, and follow its application procedures.

FlexJobs goes beyond traditional job boards by enabling you to search for jobs based on several criteria – full-time or part-time work schedule, location, entry-level or professional position type, and even salary range! Save your searches and receive email alerts whenever new positions matching those criteria come up for consideration.

FlexJobs is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking work-from-home opportunities, whether parents looking for more time with their children, professionals searching for better work-life balance, or freelancers looking for new clients and projects. FlexJobs’ research team spends over 100 hours per day reviewing opportunities listed on the site to ensure they are legitimate and worth your consideration.

We Work Remotely offers another similar method for finding telecommuting jobs: its website allows users to search using various criteria – work schedule and location in particular – plus provides free skills testing services to bolster resumes.

It’s a resource.

FlexJobs can be an excellent resource if you’re seeking remote work that allows for working from home or remotely, with its wealth of opportunities from reputable companies that allow you to find one that fits perfectly with your skills, experience, and personality. Their advanced search feature lets you filter jobs by type, location, and salary to find positions that suit you quickly; save searches as you browse and receive notifications of newly posted opportunities; plus, they don’t take a cut of what your paycheck brings in as other freelancing platforms do! You can rest easy knowing you’ll be paid accordingly for all work that goes into providing your skills or services rendered – guaranteed.

FlexJobs was founded in 2007 after Sara Sutton Fell, a working mother herself, discovered how difficult it was to find flexible jobs that allowed her to balance family life and her career. Since then, FlexJobs has developed into a robust online community offering telecommuting and remote job opportunities.

FlexJobs carefully screens each job listing and provides extensive details about employers and work environments – perfect for parents looking to spend more time with their children, freelancers looking to increase their incomes, or those needing a flexible job that fits into their busy lives.

FlexJobs stands out from other job boards by its user-friendly interface and customizable search function, which can be tailored specifically to meet your needs. Its Advanced Search allows for searching full-time or part-time jobs; 100% telecommute or partial jobs; entry-level to professional; employee or freelance jobs; and employee or freelance opportunities. Furthermore, its company profiles provide details regarding the culture and benefits available at each organization – plus user satisfaction reports and testimonials!

FlexJobs provides more than a simple search function; it offers many additional features to simplify job hunting. You can create multiple resume profiles, including ones tailored for scenarios like the same industry/new position, different industries/the same position, and an entirely different career field. FlexJobs recommends including a profile title which employers will see when viewing your resume.

It’s a way to get hired.

Searching for work can take up much of your time, particularly if you’re trying to balance multiple commitments simultaneously. FlexJobs makes the search for flexible employment easier by offering resume profiles to showcase your skills and experience; custom email alerts provide instant notifications about potential matches in your area; this saves time searching through listings or applying to jobs that don’t match.

FlexJobs is an online community dedicated to helping individuals locate flexible and remote job opportunities. Their database features hand-screened job postings, interview tips, and other career resources sourced directly by them since 2007. Established in 2007, FlexJobs is a trusted source of legitimate work-from-home opportunities, with a team of specialists verifying each posting against stringent criteria before being listed as available for job searching by users.

Sara Sutton conceived of this site after becoming unemployed during the financial crisis. Recognizing a need for professional-grade remote and flexible work opportunities that were not readily available online, she set about creating something better than currently available on the internet to meet it.

When you find an employment opportunity that fits your qualifications, the application form on the company’s site makes applying easy. Once posted to its database, they’ll notify you if it has been posted and periodically follow up on whether they’ve hired anyone or sent out emails if there is no reply from an employer yet.

If you’re intrigued by a particular employer, click on the blue “Follow” button at the top of their employer page to add them to your “My Dashboard” page and see all their jobs on our site, plus any information like interviewing tips or resumes that you’ve saved (like interviewing tips or resumes). My Dashboard also lets you keep up with your recent activities or search for jobs!

FlexJobs primarily specializes in US employment opportunities; however, international and remote work positions are also available. FlexJobs also features various tools to help filter these opportunities by salary, industry, and location.