Is FlexJobs a Genuine Website?


FlexJobs has long been recognized as an authoritative source for freelance and remote work since 2007. It was founded by Sarah Sutton Fell, who, wanting to work from home but dissatisfied by scams plaguing other job boards, launched it.

Hand-screened jobs ensure you only view legitimate opportunities, while there’s also a money-back guarantee and great sorting and filtering tools to make finding what you want easier.

It is a genuine website.

FlexJobs is a legitimate website dedicated to finding flexible work-from-home jobs for people. Additionally, it offers freelancers a variety of resources for making the most of their skills and talents. FlexJobs’ user-friendly design allows members to track job searches and save jobs they are interested in while creating personal dashboards and taking over 170 skill tests that demonstrate their strengths to potential employers.

Although FlexJobs does receive some valid criticisms, the service remains a practical option for those searching for flexible work opportunities. With advanced search features that weed out lousy job listings and prevent scams from being posted, the money-back guarantee offers peace of mind should you not be satisfied with its services.

This website is managed by researchers who devote 200+ hours daily to vetting jobs to ensure they are legitimate. Their researchers look at various factors related to remote work history, job description, and website presence of potential jobs. They also check whether the employer is located within the United States.

FlexJobs is a paid service, so there are costs associated with joining. However, it’s worth it to avoid scams and find legitimate jobs that meet your requirements while looking for opportunities you might otherwise miss out on.

FlexJobs users often report out-of-date listings and issues canceling subscriptions as two major complaints; however, most reviews for FlexJobs have been positive, and many individuals have found their dream jobs through it.

Are You Seeking Flexible Jobs? FlexJobs Offers a Free Trial to See If it Is the Right Match.

It is a scam.

FlexJobs is an authentic job site founded in 2007 by Sarah Sutton, a new mother who needed flexible work to meet her family’s needs. Noticing that many job boards were filled with ads and scams, Sarah created a safe place where job-seekers could efficiently find work-from-home opportunities. FlexJobs employs a team of researchers that vet each listing before posting it onto its website to ensure all listings posted there are legitimate.

FlexJobs stands apart from traditional job boards by including salary information in all listings, making it easy for you to quickly see how much an employment opportunity pays before applying. Furthermore, FlexJobs filters out scams and too-good-to-be-true jobs, making locating jobs explicitly tailored to your skill set and lifestyle needs more straightforward.

Subscribe to personalized email alerts that match your interests, providing timely opportunities that meet them. This tool is convenient if you are a busy professional looking for work-from-home jobs that fit seamlessly into your schedule and life. Furthermore, search engines filter jobs based on keywords, location, or other relevant criteria.

Subscription fees may seem pricey, but they are well worth it, given the quality of jobs available on this site. Not having to scour job boards and company websites yourself saves a tremendous amount of time and energy; additionally, your subscription grants access to free career coaching and resume services at discounted rates as well as expert skill tests, articles, webinars with job-hunting tips, videos, and checklists – plus free career coaching from professionals as well.

FlexJobs won’t magically get you a job; you must apply for high-quality positions and do well at interviews. So if you’re serious about finding flexible work, it is worth paying the subscription fees; its benefits will reap dividends when used consistently and regularly.

It is a good website.

FlexJobs is an excellent website to search for work-from-home opportunities. It lists jobs across various industries, from engineering to education. It includes full-time, part-time, and flexible options and free skills testing – providing additional chances to be hired! Plus, you’ll also find tips and other job-hunting resources there.

FlexJobs reviews every remote job listing to ensure it’s legit and not an attempt at scamming potential employees out of time and energy. Their team understands the frustration associated with time wasted pursuing jobs that turn out to be faked, so to assist their clients, they offer a money-back guarantee if their service doesn’t meet expectations.

FlexJobs has quickly earned itself a solid reputation among digital nomads as an effective website for locating digital nomad jobs. It boasts an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and a customer satisfaction rate of 4.58. Additionally, FlexJobs boasts numerous awards and honors, including being selected to Business Insider’s list of Best Company Cultures.

FlexJobs can assist in multiple ways, from searching for jobs that match your preferences to building an online resume. Furthermore, multiple profiles and custom settings can target different positions more specifically. Furthermore, email alerts will notify you whenever new jobs match your criteria – saving time and effort in the search process!

FlexJobs simplifies job options with its vast job categories, including location, salary range, and education level searches. Furthermore, it enables you to filter jobs to display only those offering your ideal work schedule – helping save time and effort during your job hunt!

This site allows you to save searches so that you can come back later, while its job descriptions provide detailed information on each role and required skills – though the pay rate may need further investigation. Furthermore, you can save a list of companies you would like to apply to later.

It is the wrong website.

Flexjobs is a website dedicated to finding work-from-home jobs and flexible work opportunities for individuals. The site offers more than 170 skill tests and career coaching to job seekers. Furthermore, users are allowed to upload resumes. Furthermore, Flexjobs allows for various privacy settings which allow employers to view profiles only or anyone on Flexjobs who is a registered member; it also includes space to post work samples/office setup information, etc., and even provides an FAQ page that addresses most queries you might have about using the platform.

This site’s team of researchers carefully checks every job to ensure its legitimacy, which can be especially helpful to freelancers who often encounter too-good-to-be-true promises and scams. Their vetting process examines company websites, industry blogs, and other sources in search of legitimate flexible jobs – giving users access to thousands of remote or flexible job options on this platform.

FlexJobs also features additional tools and services to assist with job searching, including a learning center and resume review services. At first, I was skeptical about these additional features but have found them highly beneficial; these tools save time and money, so they are worth paying the subscription price for. In addition, FlexJobs also offers partner discounts on tools like Audible, Grammarly, and SkillCrush, which make FlexJobs worth using!

FlexJobs stands out from its competition with its superior transparency and customer service, boasting excellent ratings on TrustPilot and Sitejamber, and responsive staff that responds promptly to customer reviews. Their membership fee is also highly reasonable, with an unconditional money-back guarantee.

FlexJobs provides various membership options, from basic to premium. Their basic package costs $10 weekly or $25 per month, or $60 annually, and comes with a free trial period. However, FlexJobs only lists job listings; they do not conduct interviews or hire candidates directly.