Using Technicals, Fundamentals, and Market Cap to Evaluate Ocugen, Inc.


Whether you are looking for a stock to buy for yourself, or looking for a great investment opportunity, there are a few things that you need to look at before purchasing any stock. A few of those things are Technicals, Fundamentals, and Market cap.

Market cap

Using a stock market capitalization chart to evaluate the value of Ocugen, Inc. is not only an exercise in futility. The Ocugen company’s valuation is based on various factors, many of which are unknown to outsiders. Therefore, this article will briefly introduce you to the most essential facets of the Ocugen business.

Ocwen’s product portfolio includes a novel fusion protein in preclinical development. It also boasts a novel vaccine candidate and a Modifier Gene Therapy Platform. While the products are not a panacea for blindness, they have a long list of medical applications, including improving joint function and preventing degenerative diseases.


Among biopharmaceutical companies, Ocugen is known for its focus on developing gene therapies to cure blindness diseases. The company holds rights to Covaxin in the U.S., a drug that induces comparable levels of neutralizing antibodies to human convalescent serum. Ocwen’s patented mucosal approach has already been approved in China and India. However, the United States has yet to approve its shot.

During the third quarter of 2020, Ocugen had a net loss of $10 million. In the last four quarters, the company has seen a decline in operating cash of more than $15 million. Its upcoming fourth quarter is expected to be another negative one. In addition, Ocugen has been hemorrhaging cash from its pharmaceutical operations. Ocwen has been able to raise some of its money from stock issues, but it seems to be losing steam.


Using technicals for Ocugen stock allows traders to identify trends in price and volume. The information helps time the market across multiple global exchanges. It is also a valuable tool for creating new portfolios.

As with any stock, Ocugen is susceptible to short-term profit-taking and could decline further. As a result, traders should consider selling OCGN stock or buying put options. Alternatively, OCGN may bounce back above the lower band and head toward the middle band. However, Ocugen is a highly risky stock.

Oxygen is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that focuses on developing innovative therapies to treat blindness diseases. Its portfolio includes novel gene therapies, small molecules, and biologics. It also holds rights to market Covaxin in the U.S. and Mexico. In addition, In addition, Ocwen has entered into an exclusive license agreement with Washington University in St. Louis to manufacture a proprietary COVID-19 vaccine.

Put/call O.I. Ratio for all options contracts

Using the Put/Call O.I. Ratio for all options contracts for Ocugen stock is one way of gauging investor sentiment. The put/call O.I. ratio is a metric that shows the number of open put options compared to call options for a specific expiration date. Typically, a higher put/call ratio indicates a bearish market. On the other hand, a lower put/call ratio indicates a bullish market.

The put/Call O.I. Ratio is calculated by dividing the total open put interest for an expiration date by the actual open call interest. In this chart, the number of calls is higher than genuine interest. This is considered a strong bearish signal.

A short-term technical score of 78

Currently, the OCGN is trading in a range of 1.32 to 1.83, which is well below its 52-week range of 2.8 to 4.2. For comparison, the OCGN has average weekly price growth of -2.66%, which is less than the average for all stocks in the @Biotechnology industry.

The EDIT is the cheapest, albeit not by much, and has the best price-to-earnings ratio in the industry. The EDIT also has a higher Relative Strength Index, P/E Growth Rating, and Price Growth Ratio. The Relative Strength Index is the best indicator of the market’s overall health.

The Relative Strength Index measures how the market is doing compared to a specific indicator. It is also one of the most frequently cited OB/OS indicators. The EDIT’s Price Growth Rating is a close second to that of the OCGN. The EDIT is also the only stock in the industry above to boast a Price / Earnings Ratio of more than 10x, which is a good thing.

The long-term technical rank of 15

Listed on NASDAQ, Ocugen Inc (U.S.:OCGN) is the poster boy of the Biotechnology industry. Not only is it one of the most significant biotech stocks in the country, but it’s also got the second-largest market cap at $8.6 billion. Moreover, its long-term outlook is bright. Its top five products include Cyclopamine (CYP-100), a treatment for Parkinson’s disease; Hepatitis C (HCV-HCV), a treatment for liver cirrhosis; and Anti-Infective Drugs (AID-A), a treatment for bacterial infections. In addition, it’s also got a small but growing medical devices business. Its latest product, Cyclopamine (CYP-100), is a drug that treats both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

As of last quarter, the company had 87,271,939 outstanding shares. Its biggest shareholder is JPMorgan Chase & Co., while other bigwigs include BlackRock Inc and Geode Capital Management, Llc. In addition, the company boasts a plethora of awards and accolades, including the most valuable stock award at the CIBSE and the highest-ranked Biotechnology company in the FTSE100.