What is an American Express Card?


American Express cards are credit and charge cards issued by American Express and accepted by millions of U.S. merchants and many abroad, providing unique benefits like Uber credits and airfare discounts.

American Express provides several cards, each offering its advantages. For instance, their Gold card provides excellent rewards at restaurants (4x points!) and up to $25,000 annually at U.S. supermarkets!

It’s a credit card.

American Express cards provide a range of benefits, from free Uber rides and airfare discounts to luxury perks and no spending limit – the latter two of which can only be obtained with exceptional credit.

Some American Express cards provide Membership Rewards points that can be redeemed with 20 airlines and hotel partners. In contrast, other cards provide loyalty-specific points or miles that can only be redeemed through their program.

American Express also provides business credit cards from many central banks and credit unions that enable users to gain bonus points, purchase protections and travel insurance, and cash-back rewards on purchases. Citibank, Wells Fargo, USAA PenFed Navy Federal, and Synchrony Financial are among those issuing American Express cards.

It’s a charge card.

American Express credit cards provide various rewards and benefits. Some may be suitable for travel, while others can help shoppers. They often come equipped with travel insurance policies and purchase protection plans; sometimes, they even give access to airport lounges!

Selecting an American Express card can be challenging. When making this choice, consider your spending habits and desired rewards; some cards earn Membership Rewards points that can be transferred to 20 airline and hotel partners; others are tied to loyalty programs.

American Express cards with contactless technology allow users to pay for purchases by holding the card near a reader, similar to how MasterCard and Visa’s contactless systems work.

It’s a cash advance card.

American Express provides many different credit cards, from cobranded ones with Delta and Marriott to Membership Rewards cards that grant cardmembers access to airport lounges. American Express was also one of the first companies to use cause marketing; their 1983 campaign donated one penny from every purchase made using an Amex card towards renovating Statue of Liberty renovation project.

American Express cards can be issued directly by American Express or by banks and credit unions authorized to issue them under its network. While most credit cards use payment companies like Mastercard and Visa for processing transactions, American Express’ network handles its transactions and charges both the seller and cardholder fees for using its services; these services constitute a significant source of revenue for American Express.

It’s a network card.

American Express cards provide rewards, shopping protections, and travel protections. Furthermore, their cards boast $0 fraud liability and other features that make them desirable to carry in one’s wallet.

American Express Plum card offers small business owners an excellent opportunity to earn 1.5% cash back for every dollar spent. This non-charge card allows up to 60 days without incurring interest charges as long as minimum payments are met on time; this card is a brilliant addition to any small business owner’s financial tools.

Amex Gold cards offer another fantastic choice for foodies who enjoy collecting points that can be transferred to airline partners. Each dollar spent at restaurants will earn four points, while purchases up to $25,000 made annually at supermarkets (then 1 point) earn just 1.

It’s a card issued by American Express.

American Express cards provide many benefits, from rewards and perks to higher credit card interest rates and annual fees than other cards. However, American Express may have higher fees due to its rewards program and may charge higher annual fees than alternative options.

If you frequently use an American Express card, you could earn enough points to cover its annual fee. Some American Express cards provide bonus points on specific spending categories like dining and supermarket purchases, while others come without spending limits or caps.

American Express, Gold card members, can earn four points per dollar on restaurant spending up to $25,000 annually and three points for flights booked directly with airlines or American Express Travel; eligible purchases outside these categories earn one point per dollar.