Palms (Gardens) Of Lake Spivey at 8080 Summit Business Parkway


Palms (Gardens) of Lake Spivey is an assisted living community located at 8080 Summit Business Parkway and can accommodate up to 25 residents. Offering assisted living in an intimate Jonesboro, GA neighborhood with controlled access, this considerable care community ensures its residents and guests remain secure. Surrounding communities typically comprise middle-income populations with many churches and retail shops nearby.

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing care involves complex medical interventions administered under the direct supervision of licensed health professionals such as registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists. Services may be provided at home or anywhere from hospitals to rehabilitation centers to long-term care facilities – it typically applies to people requiring more support than a home health aide could provide.

Skilled nursing services can assist patients recovering from surgery or injuries and rebuild strength to return home or those living with severe chronic health conditions requiring ongoing monitoring and medication management. Care can range from short-term to long-term stays, depending on each patient’s needs. In some instances, physicians may waive the 3-day hospital stay requirement for skilled nursing.

Skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes may seem similar, but there are some key distinctions. Nursing homes typically serve as residential centers that offer more intensive healthcare services than assisted living communities; these centers are regulated by both the Department of Public Health and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to ensure they adhere to high standards.

Skilled nursing facilities provide more comprehensive medical care than hospitals, making them an excellent option for people needing additional oversight due to chronic illness or injury. Their staff of registered nurses licensed practical nurses, and certified nurse’s assistants are on call around the clock so your loved one always receives their assistance.

Skilled nursing care can be found anywhere from rehab centers, independent living communities, and at home via Medicare-approved home health agencies. When considering entering a skilled nursing facility, you must conduct adequate research on both facilities themselves as well as any issues necessary to you and your family – including security measures, meal times, and any other concerns that might be of relevance. Families must research when considering such care options for themselves or loved ones.

Bridge Care Suites of Springfield, Illinois, offers skilled nursing care to seniors who are recovering from injuries or surgeries or need strength building before returning home. We can help your loved ones regain independence and confidence with personalized plans explicitly tailored to their specific needs.