What is IMDb Used For?


IMDb is an online database that contains information about movies, television shows, actors, directors, and other film industry professionals, such as plot summaries, trivia, and reviews for every film made since 1994. Furthermore, message boards exist; an app allows users to create lists of movies they want to watch.

Actors, crew, producers, and other industry executives can submit their resumes to IMDb by paying an annual membership fee or a set-up fee. IMDb also features a page called In Theaters and Coming Soon that lists movies currently playing and those scheduled to be released later in the month.

It is a social networking site.

IMDb is an immense library of entertainment information. It includes plot summaries, production notes, director commentaries, publicity contact details, and more. Furthermore, it boasts extensive character resources, including biographies and memorable quotes, as well as user ratings based on votes of approval or disapproval.

IMDb also features a Watchlist feature to allow users to keep a list of movies they would like to see at theaters or on DVD. By default, this list is private but can be shared with friends; access is gained from both Movies in Theaters and Coming Soon pages.

Col Needham launched IMDb in 1990 as an initial script listing website; over time, it has since expanded into offering more comprehensive film and television show information.

It is a film database.

IMDb is an information hub dedicated to movies and TV shows, offering film entries with studio details, release dates in various countries, censor classifications, box office grosses, awards won, photos, and coming attraction trailers.

IMDb also provides ratings based on user opinions that weigh more heavily than professional critics’ ratings, with more ratings equalling higher rankings for movies or shows. More ratings mean more exposure. Furthermore, it has played an active role in creating film festivals and streaming services, such as its service Freedive (now Amazon Freebie), as well as Withoutabox, which helps filmmakers find audiences.

IMDb also features pages for actors, directors, and other industry professionals, which can be accessed by registering or paying an annual membership. These virtual resumes allow industry professionals to connect with potential employers. IMDb also offers a mobile application.

It is a website

IMDb is an extensive online database containing information about movies, TV shows, video games, and internet streams. Additionally, it includes actor information and those involved with the production, such as directors and producers, as well as plot summaries, trivia questions, movie quotes, and user reviews for all these media types.

IMDb allows users to submit information in a wiki-style manner, and the site verifies submissions for accuracy; users can also report inaccurate details.

IMDb has acquired various companies, such as Box Office Mojo and Withoutabox. Now with about 100 employees located in Bristol, Seattle, and Los Angeles – with an emphasis on data protection – and has not disclosed how much money it has made since being founded by Col Needham as a computer programmer in 1998. Their website is available in multiple languages, such as German and Spanish, and an app available for Kindle Fire devices for further use if desired; IMDb itself remains free to access, although you can purchase an IMDb subscription plan for more extensive content coverage.

It is a mobile application

IMDB offers many valuable features, such as searching movies and TV shows, viewing pictures and watching trailers, finding which movies are playing in nearby cinemas, and tracking upcoming films via its watchlist feature – it even supports iOS and Android devices!

IMDb Pro provides entertainment professionals with a paid service that allows them to optimize their bio pages and add resumes. Owned by Amazon, its revenue streams include advertisements and subscription fees.

IMDb features more than just movie information; its media-related content includes interviews with film directors and producers, photos of celebrities, reviews, and hosted videos; it even hosts thousands of videos directly onto its servers, connects filmmakers with distributors through a program, allows users to post comments through its message board system but removed this in 2017 due to increased trolling activity and behavior deemed unacceptable by IMDb management.