Summer House Lifestyle – Creating a Home You’ll Never Want to Leave


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Enjoy all the fun, parties, dancing, and drama that accompany twelve New Yorkers as they share a summer vacation home through FuboTV or Sling TV streaming services.

Beach house living

Beach houses are popular vacation properties that take advantage of cooling breezes from bodies of water to provide an escape from the summer heat and provide guests with activities they’ll find entertaining – from Hamptons estates and Florida timeshares to Northwoods cabins overlooking lakes – there are sure to be one to suit everyone.

Decorating a beach house should be all about natural elements like wicker furniture and jute rugs – these will add life and texture to the room, and frames with beach scenes and seashells make great decoration pieces! Add even more sophistication by including neutral-hued vases in neutral tones for that finishing touch.

Beach houses typically feature open floor plans to create a more spacious living area, allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful views, spend more time together, and save energy costs. Furthermore, this makes the house more energy-efficient.

While beach shacks of yesteryear were cozy, they weren’t very functional, with small rooms that weren’t easily furnished. Over time, however, many have been transformed into modern, elegant vacation homes – even becoming reality TV shows on Bravo!

Beach house living comes with its share of challenges. Beach flies can be exceptionally bothersome; these insects swarm around people when they walk outside or consume any liquids or foods in the sunlight, biting when people take steps near water sources or walk by bodies of water, even causing painful and sometimes life-threatening leishmaniasis skin conditions to emerge.

Another challenge of beach life can be managing the constant crowds of people at once, mainly if you are with children. Furthermore, beaches can often be dirty and disorganized, leaving behind dirty shoes or even sand in your car if not careful enough.

Though Bravo’s Summer House’s cast can change rapidly, a few characters have stood out over time – Kyle Cooke (an aspiring entrepreneur with Tom Schwartz-level blackout drinking habits), Carl Radke (the beach house’s right-hand man), and Lindsay Hubbard (a queen bee who keeps everyone together).

Indoor-outdoor gatherings

Garden summer houses can make great places for entertaining guests in style. Double up as kitchenettes to prepare fresh meals without trekking back and forth to your main home or use as relaxing retreats, perfect for reading under a tree shade or watching movies on an intimate screen. The key to creating an excellent party space is ensuring the summer house blends harmoniously into its surrounding environment; choosing colors that echo those found within flowers or trees will help establish harmony and create balance.

Add cushions and cashmere throws for an uplifting and cozy space, along with a heater, if possible, to create the feeling of an intimate living room in your summer house. Or go the extra step: Surround it with billowing climbers for an almost hidden spot to retreat to during the day!

Choose dining tables and chairs that can easily be relocated outside to enjoy a meal with friends outdoors. Doing this will create an inviting summer house environment while taking full advantage of the warm months’ weather.

Or you could transform your summer house into a lounge with sofas and an armchair. Aim for an un-put-together look by mixing classic sofas, fabric-covered chairs, and painted wicker pieces into your decor; layer textures to add depth and interest!

Adding a mini-bar may also be worthwhile if your summer house is small. This allows you to serve drinks without leaving the summer house itself; make sure you provide ample storage for bottles and glasses and a wine cooler; additionally, consider placing low stools near your workspace so you have somewhere comfortable to sit when prepping food.

Multi-seasonal spaces

As part of designing a summer cabin, it’s essential to consider what activities will take place there in winter. One way of accomplishing this is to designate specific spaces as set pieces – such as having a dining area complete with a table and another space with a sofa deemed a living room. Doing this will give the illusion that there are multiple rooms without actually needing to create separate compartments within your cabin.

This brand supports fair trade and ethical production practices. They work directly with rural artisans to maintain traditional craft techniques and textiles; all cotton used is GOTS certified and azo-free; fabric waste is recycled through their Loom to Loop program into new fabrics; their social impact extends far beyond just products; they work with vetted local nonprofits to avoid exploitative labor practices.

Sustainable living

Sustainable living is a lifestyle designed to minimize our ecological impact on Earth. It involves adopting practices such as purchasing local produce and products, eliminating unnecessary packaging, using renewable energy sources, recycling waste, limiting gasoline-powered car usage, or taking public transit as alternative transportation modes.

Sustainable living goes beyond these changes by using natural materials in home construction, such as adobe, untreated wood, bamboo (like Tencel), and recycled metals. These raw materials offer several advantages, including durability, low maintenance needs, and eco-friendliness; synthetic materials have high levels of toxicity that do not decompose naturally over time – something sustainable living works to do by restricting their usage.

Sustainability has gained increased awareness since climate change issues became a greater focus of public attention. Global warming and rising sea levels are alarming, as humans must minimize our impact on Earth. There are multiple approaches to living more sustainably; each person may find their path based on culture or a more straightforward way without making significant cultural sacrifices.

Some people live sustainably by opting for organic, non-GMO food products and purchasing local produce, which helps support community economies while minimizing its environmental footprint. Small steps taken consistently over time can enormously impact our environment.

Others opt for alternative transportation methods like carpooling, vanpooling, or cycling to reduce fossil fuel emissions and traffic congestion. Still, others choose green energy solutions in their homes or businesses, such as installing solar panels or selecting an eco-friendly electricity provider.

Some individuals take things even further by opting to live off-grid. This means relying only on renewable energies like rainwater harvesting and composting toilets as power sources for autonomous technologies like rainwater collection. They grow their food with locally sourced ingredients while employing zero-waste waste disposal methods.