Illuminate Home Connection – How to Log in to Your Illuminate Student Portal Account


Illuminate home connection is an online portal that allows parents and guardians to monitor their children’s attendance, assignments, assessments, and grades. This article will explain how to log in to your Illuminate student portal account.

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Student Information System

Illuminate Home Connection is a Student Information System (SIS) that allows parents to view their child’s grades online. It also provides access to the school district’s curriculum, assessments, and reporting. This SIS also supports the use of mobile devices for learning. It is available as a powerful, modern standalone SIS solution compatible with dozens of other technology systems or as part of the fully integrated Illuminate Education Intelligence platform.

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The EUPSchools portal is a cooperative project by schools in the Eastern Upper Peninsula to reduce data system operating costs and devote more funds to our student achievement. This portal is accessible by clicking the link provided below.

To log in to illuminate hc, you will need an Access Code provided by your teacher. Then, follow the instructions to log in and view your grades. Once logged in, you can see your progress and get your needed help.

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This is a great way to check on your kids’ grades at home. It’s simple, safe, and accessible. You can access your child’s grades, attendance, and assignments with a few clicks of the mouse! Then, you can communicate with their teachers and crew leader to learn more about their progress in school. You can even request a tutor to assist them with complex subjects. Just remember to stay involved and be optimistic about your child’s education.

Parent Portal

If you are a parent of a student in Berkeley public schools, you can now log into the illuminate home connection portal to view your child’s grades and attendance. You will need a username and password to access the portal, usually your email address. Contact the school to request one if you haven’t received an email. In addition to the illuminate home connection portal, students can access their grade books through Clever, ST Math, Lexia, and Chromebooks. To learn how to use the student portal, read this guide.

Illuminate home connection has been known to have issues with the student login page.


The Illuminate Assessment System is a student data system that allows teachers and students to access state-level and local assessment information. A plan is a tool that helps educators accurately assess student learning, identify gaps, and align student support services to accelerate growth for all students equitably. The system provides teachers with pre-built reports that can be sorted and filtered by relevant groups, as well as the ability to create custom reports.

The system also allows for online assessment participation and provides parents access to assessment results for their elementary report cards. Parents can use their ACCESS CODE supplied by their teacher to log in to the portal and view their child’s progress in school. This is a great way to stay in touch with your child’s academic performance and progress.

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The Illuminate Student Portal login page gives easy access to your student’s grades, assignments, and attendance records. It also lets you view prior standardized testing results and other student data. To log in, you must have an ACCESS code, which your teacher or the school office will provide. You can find more information about the Illuminate Student Portal by visiting its official website. The site includes a FAQ section, so you can quickly find answers to your questions. Alternatively, you can contact the customer service department for assistance.

Report Cards

Our teachers use Illuminate to access and grade assessment results for their scholars, which they then share with parents through the student portal. This allows families to view academic progress twice per term for Progress Reports and the end-of-year report card. To view these files, log in to the student portal and click one of the blue buttons. The files will then download to your computer. These files will only update once the teacher enters scores, so you may have to wait a bit to see the updates after clicking the button.

Please note that you must use the same Google login to sign into Q (the student information system). If you change your Google password, you cannot see your child’s portal or assessment reports.