NRMA Car Insurance Review


NRMA Car Insurance is a company offering comprehensive car insurance. It covers theft, fire, and severe weather. It also arranges for a hire car should you be stranded. Additionally, it covers towing your car to a repairer or a safe location. In addition, you’ll never have to pay the excess if you break a window with your car.

NRMA’s Comprehensive Plus Car Insurance

NRMA’s Comprehensive Plus Car Insurance is a great way to protect your vehicle against damage caused by fire, theft, and other factors. It covers the cost of a new car replacement and provides rental car coverage. The plan is the same as Comprehensive car insurance but with additional coverage for parts and services. The coverage also includes $100 a day for a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired.

Third-party property insurance covers damage to other people’s property if you’re at fault for an accident or fire and the value of other people’s cars in case of a fire or theft. You should read the Product Disclosure Statement before you sign the policy agreement.

NRMA’s Comprehensive Car Insurance policy covers a variety of damages and includes a flexible excess. This can reduce the premium you pay. The policy also covers the other driver on your policy. It also offers a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. It will also cover a hired car for 21 days up to a value of $75 per day.

NRMA’s Learner Driver Insurance

NRMA’s Learner Driver Insurance is a great way to protect yourself and your car against the costs of unexpected accidents. It provides comprehensive coverage for your car, including third-party liability and property damage, and classic car insurance for high-value vehicles. Learner drivers are automatically covered under their parents’ NRMA insurance policy, and there’s no need to add them to the policy. You should file a claim if you have an accident to benefit the most from your policy.

NRMA’s Learner Driver Insurance offers competitive prices and exceptional service. NRMA is a member-owned mutual insurance company. It has been carbon neutral since 2012 and is one of the leading RAP organisations. In addition to its insurance portfolio, the NRMA collaborates with communities, First Nations groups, and businesses to support a sustainable future.

NRMA’s Learner Driver Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for the first 26 weeks of a new driver’s license. While this plan is designed for new drivers, the rate varies for different drivers depending on their age and experience. It also includes an excess, which is mandatory for young drivers. You can choose between three excess levels, with the basic excess starting at $650. Special excess amounts may apply if you drive an expensive car or are a high-risk driver.

NRMA’s Learner Driver Insurance also includes P-Platers, similar to learner driver insurance. However, this policy does not require you to add the P-Plater’s name as a named driver. In addition, an age excess will apply to accidents involving a P-Plater. P-platers who own a car can register a separate car insurance policy with NRMA.

NRMA’s Classic Car Insurance

If you’ve parked your classic car in your garage or shed, it’s time to find some insurance. The NRMA has classic car insurance, which is available for various vehicles, including motorbikes. The value of your classic car will be determined by assessing the market value and considering its condition. Some policies even cover restored cars!

The NRMA’s comprehensive policy covers various expenses and extras, including third-party car damage. You can also choose from an unlimited number of days of rental car cover. NRMA’s comprehensive plus policy offers extra services, which can help you save money on your premiums. If you’re travelling with a vintage or classic car, NRMA’s comprehensive insurance policy can protect you from liability issues.

If you’re unsure whether to buy insurance for your classic car, the NRMA offers a loyalty discount of up to 25%. You can pay for the policy in one lump sum or instalments. You can also claim online or over the phone. NRMA also provides towing and repairs in the event of an accident.

Some classic car insurance policies will let you choose your repairer. If you’re a classic car enthusiast, you will probably have more than one vehicle. Often, classic cars are kept in garages and don’t get used for everyday driving. You’ll find that the best repair shop will be the one that’s familiar with these vehicles. Some insurers also offer multi-vehicle discounts for the same policy.