Freedom Life Insurance Reviews – What to Look For in a Microinsurance Company


Freedom Life Insurance is a microinsurance carrier that has low customer satisfaction. The company does not offer direct issue life insurance or riders. Despite its low rating, it still offers some perks. However, it is not the best choice for everyone. Read on to learn more about the company and its products. Whether you’re looking for a life insurance plan or want to know about other options, you should know what to look for in a microinsurance company.

It doesn’t offer riders.

Freedom Life Insurance doesn’t offer riders on its policies. Although most companies offer riders that let you customize your policy, Freedom Life doesn’t. It only offers a single-term life insurance plan with a 10-year term. The company also doesn’t offer universal life insurance or guaranteed issue options for older adults. You’ll also have to fill out a quote form to apply for coverage. After receiving your quote, an agent will contact you to finalize your application.

Freedom Life Insurance’s customer service isn’t great. It has long wait times and unclear communication. There are several other companies out there that offer better customer service, but Freedom Life doesn’t.

It doesn’t offer direct issue life insurance.

There are many benefits to Freedom Life Insurance, but it’s important to remember that it isn’t a direct issue life insurance company. Instead, it is a USHealth Group subsidiary with over 15 million members. Its business model is simple: affordable monthly premiums. That’s why it’s great for those with health insurance through USHealth. However, it’s probably not the best choice if you’re looking for a different type of life insurance.

Unlike direct-issue life insurance companies, Freedom Life Insurance doesn’t offer a direct application process. Applicants must undergo an assessment, complete a detailed questionnaire, and sometimes undergo a medical exam. This information determines a person’s risk level and sets the premium accordingly. However, this policy can be integrated with other USHealth Group policies.

It has a low customer satisfaction rating.

Customers of Freedom Life Insurance have expressed concerns with the company’s service, including its inability to process online applications and poor customer support. Freedom Life’s complaint ratio is higher than the industry average, meaning that the company received more complaints than expected. Its complaint ratio in 2021 was 1.16. Customers also reported a lack of communication and long wait times.

There are many benefits to Freedom Life Insurance, including its low price and simple application process. However, the company is not right for every individual. It only offers one type of life insurance, a traditional 10-year term. It also lacks riders and guaranteed issue options for older adults. As a result, its customer satisfaction rating is quite low.

J.D. Power does not rate it

When finding a good life insurance company, it’s not always easy to determine the one with the best rating. Fortunately, several other ways to tell if a life insurance company is good. One of the most common ways is to look at its overall customer satisfaction rating. The J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Index is a standard tool to measure how satisfied customers are with a life insurance company’s service. This index compares a company’s customer satisfaction rating to the industry average. The index is based on customer feedback, financial strength ratings, and the company’s history.

The Better Business Bureau. does not accredit it

The Better Business Bureau does not accredit Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The company has received many complaints, including unclear coverage terms and poor customer service. Several negative reviews are posted on other review websites as well. Although these reviews are based on individual experiences, the sheer number of complaints suggests a pattern of poor customer service.

Freedom Life Insurance does not offer much information about the application process online. They don’t offer live chat or automatic pricing tools, so you’ll need to fill out a simple form to get a quote. Once you’ve received the quote, the company will contact you to finalize the application process.