Home Group WA Reviews


If you’re looking for a multi-award-winning home builder, you might have heard of Home Group WA. This multi-award-winning company offers an incentive for customers to give them $1,000 cash back. If you’re worried about privacy, the company has a policy of collecting personal information on prospective customers with “IP files”. If you’re worried about the company’s COVID-19 vaccination information, you might want to look elsewhere.

Home Group WA is a multi-award-winning home builder

If you’re looking for a new home, you may be interested in choosing a multi-award-winning builder. Home Group WA has a proven track record, and we’ve won many awards, including Best Customer Service and Project Builder. Our homes are built to the highest standards and incorporate the latest in design and technology. We offer a complete all-in-one range of new homes, including up to $80,000 in bonus inclusions.

Award-winning home builders are committed to providing quality and design for their customers. The Lakewood Platinum display showcases a large, open-plan family home that is 353m2. The floor plan has plenty of space for everyone, and the architectural details of the design are superbly articulated. This model is available in a variety of sizes, and will fit most block sizes up to 450 square metres.

It offers $1,000 cash back

Home Group WA is offering its clients a chance to get a $1,000 cash back on their new home. This promotion is valid for initial enquiries made between 14 November 2016 and 16 December 2016. It is valid from Monday 15 January 2017 to Friday 24 February 2017. The promotion is not transferable and is not redeemable at the point of purchase. You must submit a completed cash back form along with your completed contract with the builder to be eligible to receive the cash back.

It provides COVID-19 vaccination information to direct employees

Keeping COVID-19 vaccination information confidential is important for employers under the ADA. This law requires employers to store medical information separately from the personnel file, to limit access to confidential information. However, in some cases, an employer may be required to store COVID-19 vaccination information in an employee’s medical file. This information includes COVID-19 vaccinations and any notes or documentation regarding the employee’s health.

The CDC’s website includes a link to the local health department, which can provide information about vaccination efforts in a specific area. Additionally, the CDC has developed a “toolkit” for employers to use in communicating COVID-19 vaccination information to their direct employees. While the kit was originally designed for essential workers, it is helpful for all employers.