iBuyer Real Estate Reviews – Should You Buy Your Home With iBuyer?


If you are looking for the best real estate company to sell your home, you have probably heard of Sundae. This company has become a household name in the real estate industry with its cash offer and no-obligation process. It is a great option for homeowners who are unsure of how to sell their homes. Sundae’s process involves a three-step process, including an online application and a cash offer.


Many of the iBuyer sundae reviews cite the excellent customer service, which sellers appreciate. Many also laud the transparent and easy process of listing a home and selling it to a buyer. However, some reviewers cite frustration with the marketing tactics used by the company, including unsolicited home purchase requests. In addition, some sellers report receiving low offers and real estate resale values, which they claim can be up to $100,000 less than they expected. Listing a home on the open market, on the other hand, will guarantee you the highest possible offer, which is often higher than the listing price.

The iBuyer sundae website offers an alternative to traditional real estate brokers. The site enables sellers to post details about a property and receive an offer within four business days. The buyers and sellers can then schedule a closing date within ten to sixty days of signing a contract.


Unlike traditional real estate agents, Sundae lets sellers sell their properties without any commissions. They also handle the closing costs. Sellers also do not have to hire agents or stage their property. Instead, they sell directly to a network of qualified investors. This eliminates the need to deal with agents and eliminates the risk of dealing with unscrupulous buyers. As a bonus, the process is fast and free, and sellers can get up to $10,000 cash in exchange for their property. However, the service is only available in certain areas and may not be right for every homeowner.

The process begins by signing a Marketplace Agreement. Then, a local “Market Expert” will visit your home. He will take photos, video walk-throughs, and a virtual map of your property. He will then submit a preliminary estimate for the price range that you can expect to receive for your home. This is a step-by-step process that can be completed in a few days.

iBuyer’s website

If you’re considering selling your home to an investor, you’ll want to know about Sundae. This website connects homeowners with real estate investors who make offers below market value. While it’s rare for these companies to negotiate offers, they usually pay cash for a property. This means Sundae is a good choice if you need quick cash for your house, but be aware that you will have to provide some basic personal information. This process is not as thorough as other platforms.

One of Sundae’s main selling points is its home inspection service. It will send a third-party inspector to your home and take professional photos. The inspection report and photos will be included in your home’s profile on the marketplace. After that, Sundae will promote your home and pass along any offers that come in. Once an investor comes forward with the highest offer, you can accept it or reject it.

iBuyer’s cash offer

The iBuyer platform provides homeowners with a fast and hassle-free way to sell their homes. This online platform offers sellers the chance to get an offer on their home for below market value. It also provides sellers with a three-day bidding period and a full home inspection. It is currently only available in 26 metro areas, primarily in the Southeastern U.S. However, many sellers have praised the site for its professionalism and ease-of-use.

The iBuyer process begins by gathering information about your home online or through phone calls. The company will then use this information to determine the value of your home. The preliminary cash offer is typically a “take it or leave it” offer, but iBuyer representatives will schedule an onsite visit for you to view the property in person. After the visit, the iBuyer representative will evaluate the property and make a final cash offer.

iBuyer’s investment plan

The new funding will help Sundae expand its real estate services. It aims to expand throughout central and northern California, Texas, Atlanta, and Florida. It also plans to hire new employees and continue building its technology platform. The company’s goal is to differentiate itself from other real estate investing platforms. Its service focuses on distressed homes that need minimal renovation. In addition, it will offer sellers the option to sell the property “as is,” which means that they won’t have to spend money on a home inspection.

The company has a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers. Its Purchase Direct program makes it easy for property investors to buy properties directly from sellers. The platform also ensures that investors are getting the best price.