Regentology Real Estate Reviews


Regentology is a lead generation company that specializes in real estate leads. This company offers real estate agents verified leads, tools, and support. It also has a low up-front cost compared to other lead generation companies. If you’re looking for a lead generation company in a rural area, Regentology is worth looking into.

Regentology is a real estate lead source company

Regentology is a real estate lead generation service that offers geo-targeted, double-verified leads. The leads are geo-tagged, come with a budget, timeline, and location information, and are ready to work with real estate professionals. The company also offers tools for managing leads and generating new leads.

It provides real estate agents with verified leads

Regentology is a real estate referral network that helps realtors and brokers find qualified leads. The service gives agents verified leads, marketing tools, and support. What’s more, agents don’t have to pay for the leads up front. They only pay when they close a deal with a referral.