Customizing the Stock S15


Formula Drift competition has taken hold, with S15s becoming quite the phenomenon, as seen here with James Deane and Piotr Wiecek both driving them to shred Falken tires with ease!

Naoki Nakamura’s 2JZ-powered S15 has proven itself a superb track car in D1GP series racing, featuring a low seating position with aftermarket seats for exceptional driving dynamics and drifting performance.

Low Seating Position

The stock s15 features a shallow seating position when fitted with aftermarket seats, making it suitable for fast driving and drifting. Furthermore, this car provides precision handling directly from the factory and can easily be upgraded up to 400 horsepower through reliable engine swapping. Again, its performance makes it an excellent daily driver choice, though rear legroom may be limited depending on how tall your children’s legs are.

There are still numerous options available to those searching for an S15. Many parts are interchangeable between S14 and S15 models, making it easy to locate parts necessary for your specific project. Furthermore, you may even find S15s for sale online; make sure that any seller you buy from has an excellent reputation before proceeding.

Mustard requested I build him a seat delete for his S15 a few years back, with an eye towards making the interior appear more refined than stock (for comparison, see GT350R and GT500 Track Pack), so the goal here was not necessarily factory authenticity but instead was meant to give an overall refined appearance in terms of interior aesthetic. A notch was created for clearance when attaching Miracle Bar side panels around it as they require space around it in order to bolt down properly; additionally, it gives a finished appearance at its front face as well as bolt down space necessary when attaching Miracle Bar side panels around it; besides, this provided an excellent dead impression at its front face as well. If you plan on building Miracle Bar side panels around your S15, then take note from this photo on how to cut out a seat delete panel before starting work on your S15 Miracle Bars!

Precise Handling

Nissan’s Silvia line includes many popular vehicles, but one of their most beloved models, the S15, is by far its most sought-after option. Built to deliver maximum performance and precise handling, as well as offering an expansive aftermarket support network enabling owners to customize their car to meet individual needs and styles, from engine and suspension modifications to body styling, there are endless opportunities available to S15 owners looking to customize and personalize their rides to make them genuinely individual vehicles.

Due to this versatility, the S15 makes an excellent platform for multiple motorsport disciplines. From running massive camber at local meets to hitting drag strips, setting time attack laps on tracks, or simply shredding tires on streets, its capabilities span the gamut.

Greddy and HKS offer extensive aftermarket support for the S15, offering components designed to increase power output, provide superior traction, improve handling responsiveness, and enhance show car builds aimed at showing off their beauty and style through custom paint jobs, wide-body kits, extravagant wheels or interior upgrades.

Option 2 is using your S15 as daily transportation. These builds often feature improved suspension to make for a smoother ride and upgraded sound systems for an enhanced driving experience. Furthermore, many S15s come equipped with lift kits to increase ground clearance and accommodate more giant wheel and tire combinations.

Racing the S15 has proven highly successful over time in Formula Drift, as evidenced by multiple championship wins by James Deane and Piotr Wiecek with their S15s; Naoki Nakamura currently holds the Tsukuba circuit lap record with his 2JZ-powered Spec-R.

SR20DETs can produce impressive amounts of power and torque; S15s with this engine often exceed 1000hp! As such, a reliable tuner must manage that power safely to avoid engine damage.

Powerful Engine

The Nissan Silvia S15 is an extraordinary vehicle. From smashing it in the dirt at local meets to running massive camber at drag strips or making nearly perfect time attack circuits at race tracks – its versatility is undeniable. Perhaps most striking of all is that unlike many of its Japanese rivals, it remains highly adaptable – quickly becoming any machine imaginable.

Stock S15 configuration features an uninspiring N/A SR20DET engine, which only produces 200 horsepower (197 BHP / 147 KW), but with modifications, it is capable of far greater power. An example is Rauh-Welt’s matte black S15 Silvia Spec R, owned by Masuda-san, who is employed at their tuning shop and wanted his car to perform well on track but remain suitable as a daily driver.

To achieve his goals, he swapped out the factory turbocharger with a smaller Garrett T28 to improve response and added Fujitsubo Giken exhaust for the expulsion of any extra power. Larger 480cc injectors were also fitted for fuelling purposes, resulting in an impressively quick and capable little car that could hold its own against even powerful rivals like 240SXs.

Swapping out the stock intercooler for one with greater capacity and adding a larger radiator is another fantastic modification that will bring additional horsepower without overheating, providing more excellent reliability at the same time.

It is possible to upgrade this S15’s powerplant even further by swapping out its factory SR20DET engine for a more reliable RB26DETT that can efficiently produce over 500 BHP. This upgrade has become common among D1GP competition cars.

High-horsepower cars may look excellent on paper, but nothing beats an S15’s ability to deliver its full potential without any hitches at Drift Jam. And that is precisely what this S15 demonstrated by its impressive performance!


Stock S15 performance cars are impressive machines. But many enthusiasts see room for improvement by customizing it further with modifications such as new turbo and suspension upgrades that transform it into an incredible machine. Mods such as replacing these parts with better ones can improve handling and acceleration capabilities for a smoother, faster ride, while personalization may enhance sound systems and reflect the owner’s personality and style.

Nissan’s S15 sports coupe is an adaptable vehicle suitable for most motorsport disciplines. From autocross and drag racing to time attack laps on the drag strip or tire-shredding on track, this rear-wheel drive coupe can take it all.

With its SR20DET engine, the S15 is capable of producing impressive power and torque, making it the ideal platform for performance upgrades such as turbocharging or camshaft replacement – increasing horsepower and torque even further, creating an unstoppable vehicle on either road or track.

The S15 is also an ideal vehicle for racing and drifting. Its lightweight chassis and suspension make it easier for owners to get up-and-running quickly. Tuning companies provide parts tailored explicitly for this model so that you can customize it according to your specific requirements.

For drifting, the S15’s lightweight chassis and suspension make it easy to customize its grip and stability settings for optimal drifting performance. A few modifications can transform your stock S15 into an excellent drifting vehicle capable of competing against much more costly cars.

The IEM S15’s ability to bring life and detail to music makes it an excellent choice for listening. The S15 features a clear and crisp soundstage that allows you to hear individual instruments in each song, while its superior bass and midrange response keeps your feet tapping with each beat. Plus, its rich and full sound brings music alive!

Listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Californication,” I was genuinely astounded at how perfectly the S15 managed to recreate each instrument’s distinct tonality and vitality – creating the illusion that the band was right there playing live with all their subtleties and energy! Additionally, its powerful, spacious soundstage made this musical piece emotional for me, connecting emotionally with its lyrics and melodies.