Stock For Ruger Charger


A 22-charger pistol makes an effective home defense carbine, yet many individuals don’t want to incur the tax stamp required for SBR firearms. Instead, consider purchasing an attractive stock to customize and customize your Charger as your home defense weapon.

The stock features a Picatinny rail for attaching an optic, as well as a pistol grip and sling stud attachment points for easy carrying.


The Ruger 22 Charger is an adaption of its predecessor, the Ruger 10/22. Perfect for hunters or shooters seeking to advance their target shooting skills, it features some features that set it apart from its other models yet remain versatile, making it a highly adaptable weapon that can be used both in hunting and target shooting. Compact yet lightweight in design, its compact profile allows easy portability during hunting or target practice sessions.

This pistol features a brown laminate stock with an A2-style pistol grip and comes equipped with both a bipod and a zippered soft case for storage. Additionally, its direct blowback action and manual cross-bolt sear lock make this an effective tool with a 10-round capacity in a flush-fit 10-round magazine; there’s even a Picatinny rail at six o’clock on its forend for mounting optics!

It can easily be upgraded with various accessories and comes in a range of color finishes. It also comes equipped with an adjustable trigger that can be set to a lighter or heavier feel for optimal control. plus can even be personalized to match your style with custom pistol grips.

This fun gun offers excellent accuracy. The barrel can accommodate a sound suppressor for effective varmint hunting or target practice, making this the smallest member of the Ruger rimfire family and perfect for people with limited storage space.

Its newly designed receiver is now compatible with any of the many rimfire accessories on the market, such as lights, sights, and bipods. Furthermore, its weight has been reduced while also featuring a new pistol grip to make it more comfortable to hold and carry around.

The pistol also comes equipped with a bipod and tan zippered soft case, equipped with sling swivel studs on its rear forend and full-length top Picatinny rail, as well as a removable pistol grip with finger grooves for finger control and an engraving of its 50th-anniversary logo on its bolt. When compared with standard velocity 40gr CCI rifle rounds in 161/8 inch barrel length rifles, average rates for Charger pistols are only 12 percent less.


Ruger recently introduced its Charger pistol-caliber carbine chambered for 9mm ammunition, similar to a short-barrelled 10/22 without its buttstock and complete with bipod. It is ideal for plinking or rodent hunting applications without breaking the bank!

The Charger pistol features a direct-blowback receiver/trigger assembly and uses the standard 10-round rotary magazine found in other 10/22-platform guns, although higher capacity aftermarket magazines may fit. As with other 10/22s, it features manual cross-bolt sear-lock safety and a bolt lock located just in front of its trigger guard for added peace of mind.

It features a strip of Picatinny rail on top, enabling optics to be attached easily. It comes equipped with a synthetic pistol grip stock featuring adjustable cant, making it comfortable for both right- and left-handed shooters alike. Furthermore, there’s an additional attachment point for an included Harris bipod, as well as a sling stud at its bottom end for carrying.

As with other Ruger products, this pistol’s construction is of superior quality. It features a cold-hammer-forged 1/2-inch barrel with 28 threads for ease of threading and a smooth-travel trigger with short travel distance – making it easier for even those with small hands to use; plus an ambidextrous charging handle located conveniently next to its bolt!

The Charger features a somewhat soft trigger upon reset, yet is generally acceptable for stock-free handguns. Multiple companies have designed trigger packs specifically for it, which should further enhance its feel and performance.

The Charger pistol is an excellent way for beginners to learn to shoot. With its light recoil and reasonable pricing, it makes a perfect option for new shooters as well as those on a budget – SIG MPX, Century Arms AP5, or H&K MP5 shooters may prefer it more. Furthermore, its light recoil makes it great for learning on-target shooting while saving money. Furthermore, its smaller footprint makes traveling much more straightforward. If you need something else like self-defense or target shooting capabilities as well, then the Charger carbine makes an ideal option that comes equipped with a soft case and bipod setup, making travel hassle-free.


Ruger Charger rifle stocks are designed to be lightweight yet sturdy for optimal shooting experience, providing an overall balanced feel when shooting prone or from an elevated stance. Each features a black finish with Picatinny rail for optics; some even include bipods for convenient flat shooting! Furthermore, their threaded barrel is compatible with muzzle accessories.

This rifle is ideal for beginners as its smooth trigger pull makes for easy handling and convenient portability in backpacks and pockets alike. Plus, its extensive ammunition options make this an affordable solution for target shooting and small-game hunting!

I conducted tests with various types of 22 Charger ammo, such as CCI standard velocity 40gr loads and Remington subsonic rounds, with outstanding results. Group sizes all fell within an inch or less, with several shots far better. Furthermore, this rifle proved very accurate even when fired in brace-less “Charger mode,” dispelling any myth that shorter barrels were less accurate.

The Charger ran flawlessly, cycling and ejecting all loads without issue, as expected from a gun built upon the reliable 10/22 action. Furthermore, it shot exceptionally well when equipped with a suppressor – making shooting it all the more enjoyable!

It features an integrated QD sling mount point at the rear of its receiver for easy sling-supported shooting and comes equipped with a 10.3-inch nitride-treated stainless steel barrel for both strength and accuracy. In addition, this rifle boasts an ergonomic bolt handle, manual safety release latch, manual safety switch, and magazine release – providing users with maximum convenience and safety when shooting slingshots.

The Ruger 22 Charger Pistol is an ideal addition to your rimfire firearm collection. Suitable for target shooting and varmint hunting, its lightweight yet compact frame makes for easy target practice and hunting trips alike. Additionally, its quick takedown mechanism can be reassembled easily, making this pistol suitable for novice shooters as well as those living in small spaces.


This dark earth-colored stock features a pistol grip storage compartment, rear-mounted quick detach sling swivel stud, and full-length top Picatinny rail; plus, its rear section features an easy push button right-side folding latch for convenient right-side use. Made in America and designed to fit Ruger 10/22 takedown rifles with standard tapered barrels but does not fit bull barrels, installation requires no gunsmithing expertise and makes an excellent upgrade option for any Charger owner!

The AA556P conversion stock for the Ruger Charger pistol provides it with the look and feel of a full-size M-4 style carbine without needing gunsmithing services. It features an easy drop-in fit that requires no gunsmithing services; lightweight yet durable, it comes equipped with an ergonomic pistol grip with finger grooves as well as a storage compartment for spare magazines; forend features a Picatinny rail at 6 o’clock position to facilitate good grip; ergonomic pistol grip has finger grooves while forend has Picatinny rail at 6 o’clock position and texturing ensure good gripping.