The Stockli Laser AX


The Stockli Laser AX is an elite carving ski that excels at carving fast through groomers at Mach speed, yet also excels at tree skiing for intermediate skiers.

Although its name may have changed, the new Laser AX retains its racing genes and adaptable flex through Turtle Shell technology, leaving tight turns even in soft snow conditions and excelling in moguls.

Light Core

The Stockli Laser AX is an all-mountain ski designed for advanced riders, effortless groomer skiing, and powder/unprepared terrain skiing. Perfect for those seeking an all-mountain experience and who enjoy carving turns. Highly maneuverable yet stable – The Stockli Laser AX provides maximum fun while skiing anywhere on any terrain!

Skis like these will have you arcing turns like no other on the market. While they tend to cost more than base model carving skis from Rossignol, K2, and Head, they will outshone those with more excellent experience on them.

Stockli Laser AX Skis offer something different than other wood core skis with full-length titanium plate technology – high-speed performance carving with incredible stability thanks to constant edge contact on snow surfaces – without chatter or chatter-free carving! No discussion whatsoever when using Laser AX skis.

The Laser AX offers an optimal choice for skiing challenging snow conditions with its Turtle Shell, V, and tail rocker features. As the narrowest ski in their Laser collection, it can handle various situations. Plus, with Adaptive Contact Length Shaping, it conforms perfectly with the snow.

The Stockli Laser AX ski is built upon the same technology as its counterparts – AR and RB – making it suitable for all-mountain skiing, including powder and bumps. One of its key strengths lies in carving on groomers while also turning corners of black or red runs easily. Local ski racer Dairinn Bowers loves using the Laser AX when fast on groomers or creating trenches down imaginary slalom courses.

Turtle Grip

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Adaptive Contact Length

Even as one of the narrowest models in the Laser range, the AX still outshines more comprehensive models in terms of rugged snow versatility; however, it still can’t claim all-mountain status. Although not designed as a high-end carving ski, its users still demonstrate great agility and precision while offering plenty of stability at all speeds.

Skis designed to slash through groomers at race ski speeds are great, yet this model can also be easily picked up and skied by an intermediate or beginner without much difficulty – an attractive combination that many former racers and recreational carvers opt for to explore varied terrain. It is, therefore, an attractive choice.

The Laser AX’s wide underfoot width (78mm) helps it ski deeper into soft snow, which allows for more playful maneuverability on powdery trails that typically aren’t accessible by traditional piste skis.

On hard-packed groomers, this ski’s titanium plate gives it unmatched control throughout its turn radius. A FIS quality bender that easily outshines base model carving skis by Rossignol, K2, and Head, its precision high-speed turns will have you making them like no one else at the resort!

However, its Adaptive Contact Length feature also allows skiers to experience both rocker power and more flex when turning. This adds versatility and can be found across Stockli piste skis, making this model an excellent option for skiers who enjoy groomers all day while looking forward to venturing off-piste during fresh powder days or exploring trees in spring. It is truly a quiver killer that allows skiers to experience both prepared slopes as well as unprepared ones in ways not possible with other piste skis.