Young Again Cat Food Review


Young again cat food features hydrolyzed pork as its first ingredient to promote proper digestion and reduce irritation. Furthermore, their products contain no fillers and less than 6% carbohydrates.

The brand offers ten recipes tailored to felines’ life stages and nutritional requirements. One of their biggest fans are diabetic cats, who experience relief when fed this kibble.


Again, pet foods feature high-protein recipes to replicate the diet of wild cats. Each recipe includes hydrolyzed proteins, animal components, and other vital ingredients for overall cat health improvement, such as prebiotics, probiotics, and nucleotides to support immunity and digestive wellness. No matter your cat’s age or health issue, Young Again pet foods will help your feline friend feel better and live longer!

Young Again’s food products may appear costly at first glance; however, compared to other high-quality brands that provide fewer calories per cup, Young Again’s ZERO variety is less expensive than you may expect.

This company prides itself on using only premium-grade ingredients. They utilize an in-house laboratory and independent labs to monitor food products for contaminants like salmonella. Furthermore, nutritionists and veterinarians collaborate with them to create innovative solutions.

Young Again can be purchased directly from its manufacturer’s website and ordered as a one-off shipment or through their “Bottomless Bag” program with regular freight. Free shipping is offered on orders over $30; distribution may be limited and should likely be done online or over the phone for optimal results.


Young Again offers a selection of dry cat foods, raw premises, and supplements designed to replicate whole prey nutrition similar to that found in “juvenile mice.” Their foods feature high moisture levels with abundant protein and fat contents for healthy body maintenance to help combat urinary tract infections and kidney issues and promote weight loss while simultaneously supporting urinary tract health and kidney health.

This company employs a proprietary blend of biochemicals that include nucleotides and organic compounds used as building blocks of RNA and DNA that play an integral part in immune function and are essential for proper immune system operation. Furthermore, their products also include probiotics and enzymes to help soothe symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

Young Again cat food recipes are grain-free and contain animal proteins only, featuring less than 6% starch and carbohydrates for those cats with diabetes mellitus, plus high levels of soluble fiber to reduce constipation risk. Furthermore, Young Again foods are designed to enhance overall feline health.

Young Again products can be easily found online through their website, where most can be ordered individually or as bulk purchases through their Bottomless Bag Program. Orders over $30 qualify for free shipping. While Young Again doesn’t publish formal customer reviews, users have reported positive experiences using this diet in managing feline diabetes on message boards.


Young Again offers a selection of protein-rich and low-carbohydrate recipes designed to improve your cat’s overall health. Their formulas incorporate hydrolyzed proteins and animal components that mimic wild diets; manufacturing occurs at an FDA-approved food manufacturing facility.

Young Again offers cat food in both dry and canned forms and raw premixes to facilitate homemade meals for their cats. Their ingredients come from countries such as Switzerland, Japan, India, France, and Germany, offering high-quality nutrition to your feline friend!

Young Again foods are manufactured using their twin-screw extruders to ensure complete quality control, making this small but privately owned business available directly to pet owners via its website. Customers can order one shipment or have food sent continuously through their “Bottomless Bag” program.

Young Again offers several recipes designed for both kittens and mature cats, including Mature food with its 50/22 protein/fat ratio and 645 caloric count per cup, reduced calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium levels, as well as lower levels of carbohydrates than LID Zero Mature cat food with hydrolyzed pork and chicken fat – an option recommended for diabetic and kidney diseased felines.


All Young Again cat foods feature high levels of protein and low levels of carbohydrates. Furthermore, these treats include nucleotides—organic compounds thought to support liver function and boost your cat’s immunity—making them an excellent option for felines with sensitive digestive tracts.

All our recipes are grain-free, without fillers, plant proteins, or excess starch and carbohydrates—ideal for cats with diabetes and other metabolic issues. Furthermore, they’re free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and any artificial coloring or preservatives.

Most owners of diabetic cats say their felines thrive on Young Again recipes. Some members of feline diabetes message boards have reported their cats’ blood glucose has returned to normal since switching to this diet; it has even helped manage other chronic conditions like fatty liver disease and kidney failure.

Young Again’s zero and five-percent-carb formulas are popular with diabetic cats, while their original 50/22 recipe also boasts low levels of carbs—it contains less than six percent dry matter carbohydrates compared to the other options in their product lineup.

As a diabetic cat owner, you must conduct thorough research and select foods specifically tailored to meet the health requirements of your kitty. Doing this will ensure they enjoy long and happy lives!