Tesla Insurance Review – Is it Possible to Get Tesla Insurance?


If you’ve been considering purchasing a Tesla, you may be wondering if it’s possible to get insurance through Tesla. While you don’t need to get insurance for your Model S, you might consider doing so if you want to drive your Tesla on the roads. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the cost and discounts available to Model S owners.

Model S

As a Tesla Model S owner, you need to know what your insurance policy covers. You can get insurance to cover the repairs if your car gets damaged. Your Model S auto insurance coverage will cover up to $3,000 in damages. However, your coverage does not apply if you caused the damage yourself.

While Tesla offers a variety of insurance options, the best option will depend on your needs. While some companies offer lower premiums, checking the price before signing up is important. Some companies may offer lower rates depending on the model year. Other factors to consider include the price of the car and how much it costs to repair it. The Model S is a high-value vehicle. Its MSRP is $81,190. And because it is an electric vehicle, repairs are more costly.

When looking for the Model S auto insurance, consider whether you will receive any discounts for the car’s safety features. The IIHS provides data on the probability of loss for different models. The lower the percentage, the cheaper your insurance premiums will be. It is also important to take into consideration where you live. The cost of car insurance can vary widely by state.

Besides insurance rates, you should also consider your driving history. A good driving record will save you money. It is important to note that driving violations will increase your insurance rates. Generally, young drivers and teenagers are most at risk of incurring traffic violations.

Available in select states

While Tesla Insurance is only available in a few states, it’s possible to save a significant amount of money on auto insurance. Many companies offer discounts for different occupations and groups. Some will reduce your premium if you’re a student, have low mileage, or park your car in a garage for most of the day. You can also save money by signing up for paperless billing and automatic payments. These programs can save you as much as 5 percent on your insurance bill.

Tesla Insurance is currently only available for drivers in California, but the company says it plans to expand into other states shortly. Porsche has also recently announced a similar insurance program for its electric cars, although it was initially limited to Illinois and Oregon. Although Tesla Insurance is available in select states, it’s only available to Model S owners.

Tesla plans to expand its insurance coverage, starting with a pilot program in Illinois. Other states will follow, including New Jersey and Colorado. It plans to expand to 45 states by 2022. In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about Tesla’s insurance program, check out the official website to find out more information.

Tesla Insurance offers real-time driving monitoring, or telematics, to help determine premiums. It works by monitoring your driving behavior through its built-in technology. The company uses this data to set your premium based on the safety of you and your Tesla. This feature can help you lower your premium, especially if you’re a student who drives safely.

Tesla Insurance is available in eight states. It covers standard liability coverage and offers protection against theft and identity fraud. Full coverage is available for about $2,042 annually.


The cost of Tesla insurance is higher than insurance for other conventional cars, but you can get a lower rate by shopping around. Tesla insurance is calculated differently by different insurance companies, and some companies offer different discounts to customers with certain driving habits. Also, you can save money by opting for paperless billing and automatic payments.

As the company aims to sell 20 million vehicles by 2030, it can expect a meaningful profit from its insurance program. But it’s easier to estimate its top line than its bottom line. However, knowing many unknowns regarding the insurance company’s financials is important. Tesla does not disclose how much the insurance company makes.

The cost of Tesla insurance varies depending on several factors, including the model of your Tesla, the coverage type, and the insurance company. It also depends on your age and driving record. Younger drivers tend to pay less than older drivers. You should also consider your ZIP Code, as some ZIP codes have higher vehicle theft and accident rates than others. If you can, try to park your Tesla in a garage at night rather than on the street.

You should purchase Tesla insurance through an insurance provider offering a Tesla driver program. This program allows Tesla owners to obtain a lower price than other policies. You can compare rates from different providers to find the best suits your needs. Generally, Tesla insurance costs around twenty to thirty percent less than other car insurance providers. And remember that you can always switch carriers if you find a better price elsewhere.

The cost of Tesla insurance can vary considerably from state to state, but most car insurance providers will offer the Model S. The price for coverage can range from $721 to $2,963 a year. The cost of Tesla insurance depends on how much coverage you need, how much you drive, and where you live.


Tesla insurance can be costly, so it’s important to find a discount to keep your costs down. Buying a used model can reduce your premiums. A brand-new Tesla will cost much more than one that is slightly used. You’ll also need to pay higher deductibles for additional coverages. Also, if you own more than one Tesla, you can get a discount by insuring them with one company.

First, check with your insurance agency to see if they offer any discounts for Tesla vehicles. You can also find these discounts in your owner’s manual. For example, Direct Line will offer a five percent discount for drivers who use the autopilot feature in the UK. In the US, Root Insurance offers a similar promotion in nine states.

Next, compare the premiums of different companies. Try to get quotes for the same coverage limits and deductibles. Also, make sure you compare the consumer complaints for each company. If there are many, it may be a sign of poor service. Also, some companies only offer online purchasing, while others require in-person purchasing. Ultimately, you should look for the best insurance coverage for the best price.

Another important consideration is the type of car you drive. Typically, car insurance companies charge more to drivers who drive over 12,000 miles a year. However, if you drive less than that, you can get a substantial discount on your policy. Having good credit can also help. This means you’re less likely to get into an accident and make your payments on time.

Lastly, you’ll want to ensure that your insurance company has a good relationship with the underwriters. The best insurers are active in the automobile industry and may even connect with car manufacturers and clubs. As you shop for insurance for your Tesla, make sure to take the time to review the coverage and price details of the policy.

Safety features

Tesla’s insurance has several safety features. Depending on how you drive, these features can help you reduce your insurance premium. For example, you can save money by avoiding aggressive turning or keeping your hands on the wheel while using Autopilot. The insurance company uses driving behavior metrics to determine your premium, but it’s unclear if this technology is available for drivers outside California. The company claims that the average driver could save anywhere from twenty to forty percent on their premium by using these safety features.

Tesla has also recently launched a telematics program called Safety Score. This system analyzes data from the vehicle, including speed, fuel consumption, and driver behavior. It is still in its beta stage, but you can see if it’s right for you by downloading the Tesla app. The program will assess five factors related to driver behavior, including speed and fuel consumption.

Another feature that may appeal to consumers is that Tesla’s insurance costs less than the competition. This is based on the company’s faith in the safety features of Tesla vehicles. Although the Model S is known to be dangerous, overall losses have been lower than those of other vehicles. It’s important to remember that insurance companies charge a premium because they take a risk. This means they have to balance customer appeal with risk management.

The company’s safety features are not yet available in the rest of the U.S. and will take some time to impact driving behavior. But for now, drivers will benefit from the incentive to drive responsibly to lower their premiums. Tesla’s new insurance program also incorporates a safety feature called Safety Score. This program is similar to Progressive Snapshot but monitors driving habits and assigns a safety score between 0 and 100. The score is calculated daily based on a weighted average of the last 30 days.