Pet Assure Reviews


There are a few different ways that you can benefit from pet insurance. For one thing, you can get discounts on routine and preventive care services. You can also get coverage for pre-existing conditions. This is great news for those afraid their pet may have to go without vet care. However, you need to be aware of the risks that come with pet insurance.

Pet Assure is not pet insurance.

Pet Assure is not a traditional pet insurance policy. Instead, a discount card gives immediate coverage when your pet needs veterinary care. There’s no waiting period, and you can choose to have a digital or physical card. The card gives you a 25% discount on veterinary bills; you can show it to your veterinarian when you check-in. It also comes with a special ID tag for your dog’s collar unique to your pet. It’s called ThePetTag by Pet Assure.

One of the biggest differences between Pet Assure and traditional pet insurance policies is that Pet Assure doesn’t impose an annual deductible. Pet Assure also doesn’t have medical exclusions, so your dog can receive care for any ailment. Many traditional pet insurance policies have medical exclusions and annual deductibles, which means you’ll have to pay hundreds of dollars before you get any coverage. Plus, if your pet needs an emergency medical procedure, likely, you won’t get any coverage unless the policy covers the cost.

Another major difference between Pet Assure and traditional pet insurance is their network of participating veterinarians. Pet Assure doesn’t explicitly claim to serve the entire country, but they seem to cover most metropolitan areas. Pet Assure is best suited for older or less healthy pets but is not suitable for all types of pets. Because of its high cost and a limited network of participating vets, Pet Assure isn’t the best choice for everyone.

While Pet Assure has many advantages, it’s important to remember that it’s not pet insurance. Instead of using a traditional reimbursement system, Pet Assure offers a discount card that you can use at any participating veterinary clinic. Your card automatically saves you 25 percent on your pet’s bill. Moreover, you don’t need to file claims.

Pet Assure offers four veterinary discount plans. Each discount plan provides 25% off all in-house medical procedures, and members can get discounts on sick and wellness visits. These plans also cover surgery and dental care. There are no waiting periods or deductibles. And you can choose between fixed monthly or yearly subscriptions. And the discount programs are flexible, which means they can cover many types of pets.

While Pet Assure is not pet insurance, it is a great way to save money on vet expenses without sacrificing quality. You can save thousands of dollars by choosing this plan instead of a traditional pet insurance plan. In addition to discounts, Pet Assure also offers in-house procedures at participating veterinary clinics.

Pet Assure offers discounts on routine and preventive care services.

The Pet Assure program offers discount routine and preventive care services to participating veterinarians. These services include dental care, wellness visits, parasite screenings, ultrasounds, and more. These discounts apply at the time of payment. No annual limit, waiting periods, or deductibles apply. Eligible pets qualify for a flat 25% discount on all participating veterinary procedures.

Most pet insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions, but Pet Assure does. It covers services performed in the veterinarian’s office and does not impose breed or age exclusions. The company also does not evaluate pet owners’ credit ratings. This makes Pet Assure a great option for senior pets. While it’s not a replacement for pet insurance, it can help you avoid the cost of unexpected, high-cost veterinary treatments.

The company also discounts many in-house services, including dental cleaning, blood work, and X-rays. This makes preventive care affordable. With a 25% discount on all procedures, Pet Assure is a great option for pet owners who want to provide their pets with a high-quality standard of care at a lower price. In addition to routine care, Pet Assure can also cover diabetes management and dental cleanings.

Customers can select a plan based on the services their pets need. The company also provides wellness care services and wellness plans with no cap on the amount reimbursed. In emergencies, the customer only has to find a Pet Assure-approved emergency hospital in their area. Otherwise, they would be responsible for the full vet bill. The company also offers a plan that allows customers to choose any vet and reimburses up to 90% of the vet bill after the deductible is met.

Pet insurance is an important investment for your pet’s health. It can help cover the costs of emergency and preventive care and reduce your financial stress when the unexpected happens. Without pet insurance protection, it could be too late to save your pet’s life.

Pumpkin is another insurance plan that provides discounts on many preventive and routine care services. This plan covers medications for several conditions, including parasites and hereditary disorders. While its monthly premium is higher than most plans, it offers greater annual coverage than other plans. It is also possible to use Pumpkin insurance for diagnostic tests and behavioral issues, but only at participating veterinarian practices.

The company offers three plans for dogs and cats. The Value plan costs $20 and covers routine care services, while the Classic plan costs $36. It also includes flea and tick prevention. The Deluxe plan costs $59, reimburses up to $1,100 per year, and provides more coverage for pets with special needs. These plans are designed for pets between two and five years of age. The Value plan is ideal for pets that need basic preventative care services.

Pet Assure does not limit coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing conditions are often excluded from pet insurance policies, but Pet Assure is a unique company that doesn’t limit coverage because of them. While most pet insurance plans require a minimum waiting period of seven to thirty days before your pet can be insured, some policies have much longer waiting periods. A pre-existing condition is an illness or conditions your pet has already been diagnosed with. Pet insurance is an excellent way to protect your pet and make the best health care decision for your pet.

The company works with a partner network of veterinary clinics throughout the U.S. and Canada, and it doesn’t have any limitations on the types of care your pet can receive. Pet Assure does not have a yearly limit but charges higher monthly fees for higher limits. There are a few exclusions with Pet Assure, including rebates for the cost of home purchases, routine grooming, boarding, or outside lab tests.

Pet Assure also offers discounts on preventative care and medical services. For example, if your dog had a dental cleaning, he would have saved $155 by using Pet Assure. Similarly, if your pet has a wellness exam, he or she would have free dental cleaning and a blood test. All of these preventive and medical services are covered by Pet Assure.

In addition, unlike traditional pet insurance, Pet Assure doesn’t limit coverage for pre-existing conditions. It also doesn’t have breed restrictions and does not require waiting periods. It also offers a 25% discount for in-house services at participating veterinarian clinics.

Another benefit of Pet Assure is its transparency. Its network system allows you to choose a veterinary provider easily, and you can read reviews of the provider to find the best fit. It is best to research each company before signing up for pet insurance. Make sure you know the limitations and exclusions of their plan. If you have an animal that cannot be insured with comprehensive pet insurance coverage, Pet Assure may be the best option for you.

If your pet has a pre-existing condition, Pet Assure will offer discounts on veterinary services. The company’s medical history review guidelines will determine whether your pet is eligible for coverage. As long as the condition is curable, you’ll be covered.

Pre-existing conditions are a common part of human healthcare, but pet insurance is no different. Pre-existing conditions can be an obstacle to obtaining coverage, but it isn’t impossible. In some cases, payment assistance is available. It is important to discuss any existing health problems with your insurance provider before purchasing pet insurance.

Some insurers will not cover any pre-existing conditions, so you may have to be extra careful. However, you need to ensure that the condition you’re considering is curable. If you’re unsure about the condition, checking with your pet’s veterinarian before buying coverage is a good idea.