How to Set Up a Voucher Game


Having a voucher game can be a great way to keep people interested in your business and a great way to get people to buy your products and services. But you need to have a voucher game that is simple and easy to use, and you need to have the right system in place to make the process of redeeming your vouchers easy and safe.

Discloses a preferred method of allowing players to redeem their vouchers

Using the voucher ID for player identification is an alternative method of player identification. The voucher ID can be a bar-coded voucher, a smart card, or a magnetic stripe card. Using a voucher ID for player identification allows players to use many of the features of a traditional player ID, such as the anonymity. The voucher ID can also be used to save a transferable gameplay state. If the player wishes to use this enhanced gameplay state at a later time, they can do so by inserting the voucher into the reader at a later time. This allows them to use the enhanced gameplay state while in a different player terminal, without having to re-enter their data.

This is a preferred method for player identification because it allows players to use many of the features of the traditional player’s ID without giving away any information about them. It is also a preferred method because it allows players to access their gameplay state from any computer.