How Much is an Oil Change at Walmart?


Walmart auto centers provide quick, convenient, and cost-effective oil change services ranging from $20 to $50, depending on the type of oil chosen.

Super Tech oil and Fram or Delco filters are typically provided, though you can bring your own at a reduced price.


When it comes to oil changes, you have a range of choices available. Many automotive shops can provide competitive pricing and fast service; it is essential that you carefully consider each option before making a decision; key considerations include cost, time, and convenience.

Walmart typically charges $20 for fundamental oil changes; more complex services can reach $50 or higher. Such services could include synthetic oils that help extend engine lifespan as well as battery testing, oil filter replacement, and air filter cleaning; in addition, they’ll check fluids, wiper blades, and lights as well as vacuum your car or wash windshields!

At an oil change, your existing motor oil will be drained out and replaced with new, clean oil according to manufacturer recommendations. Once this process has occurred, a technician will ensure that the fill line on your dipstick has reached the proper level before closing up shop.

Before leaving the service center, a technician will perform an inspection and suggest additional services if needed. They’ll also let you know if a high-mileage oil change is overdue; at that time, they will also inspect filters, batteries, wiper blades, and lights and add air to tires as part of this inspection process.

Walmart auto service centers employ highly skilled mechanics who are well-trained in providing quality service and ensuring your vehicle runs optimally. Their mechanics will utilize only top-quality products and services, helping you select the appropriate oil type. Furthermore, they will safely dispose of old oil properly. Using incorrect oils could damage your engine.

Walmart service centers also provide tremendous prices. Thanks to Walmart’s bulk purchasing power, customers can take advantage of these savings and benefit from an oil change service at much-reduced rates compared with visiting more upscale shops.


Walmart oil change service can be economical and hassle-free to get your car engine running smoothly and save money. They provide several packages, from conventional and synthetic oil changes to tire rotation, tire alignment, and more. But before deciding whether to use their lube and tire service, do your homework – read customer reviews, ask friends for recommendations, and visit local auto centers to observe how their lube techs treat customers before committing yourself.

At Walmart, they promote quick service, but wait times may still vary due to crowding at the auto center on weekends or holidays – it is advised that whenever possible, you try and avoid peak times.

Walmart oil change services typically take 15 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic and queue situation in the store. This process is significantly faster than traditional services, which often take all day; plus, it allows you to continue shopping or running errands while your vehicle is serviced.

Walmart’s lube and tire service offers another significant benefit: safe disposal of used engine oil. Customers cannot pour it down or into drains; they recycle all drained from vehicles to help protect our environment and avoid toxic waste from polluting waterways. This service allows our planet – to preserve the environment while helping customers!

Walmart provides more than just oil changes; they also offer tire rotation, multi-point inspections, and wiper blade replacement services to keep your vehicle in prime condition. Plus, their wide selection of tires and automotive accessories makes finding the right match easy!

Walmart provides similar services at more cost-effective prices than many competitors and also offers special promotions such as free air filters to save on future oil changes. You may also find coupons for these services online or in your local paper.

Oil type

Walmart oil changes offer an easy, hassle-free solution for running your vehicle at peak performance. They provide a range of automotive services and offer discounts on oil replacement. Their mechanics are trained and certified to ensure the optimal operation of your vehicle, and recycling old engine oil properly ensures our environment stays cleaner.

Walmart oil changes typically begin by draining out your existing engine oil and pouring in new oil per manufacturer recommendations. Their service technicians will also check your dipstick to make sure that there is not too much or too little oil compared to what was expected at first glance.

Walmart’s basic oil change package, the Pit Crew, typically costs approximately $20 and includes five quarts of Quaker State standard oil and one oil filter. You may bring in your oil and filter – often cheaper – although please be aware that not all auto centers accept outside greases and filters.

One drawback of using Walmart auto centers for car services is that the process can take longer than at a specialized auto shop, as peak times can become very busy at these centers. You can minimize wait time by arriving earlier or avoiding peak hours altogether.

Walmart stands out as an advantageous nationwide chain in that the quality of its oil changes should remain consistent between locations. Furthermore, their mechanics are trained to complete oil changes quickly and efficiently.

Walmart does not provide wheel alignment services; therefore, if you want your tires appropriately aligned, specialized auto centers or mechanics should be visited instead. However, you can purchase tire rotation at Walmart to extend the lifespan of your tires – an excellent solution for people driving long distances. Furthermore, an auto tire package at Walmart includes free rotations.


Walmart is an industry leader in offering complete engine and transmission warranties of up to 90 days and 30-day money-back guarantees on car purchases made at its Auto Care Centers, open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily. It even provides money-back guarantees of up to 30 days! Walmart Auto Care Centers provide services, including oil changes, tire rotations, and multi-point inspections from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily!

Walmart oil change prices vary significantly based on the type of oil and service provided. Their most cost-effective package, the Pit Crew Oil Change, includes up to 5 quarts of oil, an oil filter replacement, chassis lubrication, and battery checking; more costly packages offer additional services such as vacuuming the interior or washing windshield; they will also check air filters, wiper blades and lights of your vehicle by trained technicians.

When visiting a Walmart oil change facility, customer service representatives will recommend options tailored to the mileage of your car and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Based on mileage and manufacturer recommendations, they may suggest conventional, semi-synthetic, or synthetic oil for you. Should you upgrade to premium oil upgrades, an appointment should be scheduled in advance to minimize wait times.

Walmart will typically perform an oil change service by changing your old oil and filter for a new one and replacing any air filters or wiper blades. If this is something you would like done before visiting them, they should be purchased beforehand at Walmart.

As a regular Walmart customer, you can schedule an appointment and save money by scheduling an oil change service appointment at their facility. They have special deals that could save up to $50. Plus, your membership card could even get rewards and discounts!

Certified technicians of this company provide quality service at reasonable pricing, and you can even book an oil change online! Their service centers can be found throughout many neighborhoods, offering flexible hours. It is best to call before visiting, as some locations may become crowded and won’t accommodate walk-ins.