How Much is a Rolex Worth?


Rolex watches have long been associated with success and achievement, yet these luxury timepieces don’t come cheap.

Swiss watch brand Cerachrom recently unveiled two innovations – Cerachrom is a highly durable bezel; Syloxi is an advanced silicon hairspring; and there is also a host of cutting-edge movement technologies.

Innovative concepts like these represent a company committed to excellence.

The Rolex Explorer

Rolex Explorer I (sometimes referred to as Rolex Explorer ) is their version of a field watch designed for durability, water resistance, and legibility in harsh conditions – featuring a 36mm steel case and black dial featuring their iconic 3-6-9 Arabic numeral layout.

This design has become so acclaimed that it has inspired numerous variations over time – each offering subtle adjustments to what has already become a classic design. These subtleties make the Explorer watch especially intriguing for anyone looking for pre-owned or vintage watches to purchase.

Romantically, the Explorer watch can be romanticized–from Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay wearing theirs on Everest in 1953 to its recent sightings on celebrity wrists (albeit less impressively). No matter how one looks at it, there’s no denying its iconic status.

Modern Rolex Explorers can be recognized by their Twinlock winding crowns, featuring two sealed zones designed to prevent moisture intrusion and guarantee waterproofness up to 100 meters. As with the brand’s professional watches, only stainless steel Explorers are available – making this rugged watch an excellent companion on every adventure.

While purchasing a brand-new Rolex Explorer can be costly, pre-owned and vintage models are widely available at much-reduced costs. Famous examples are Ref 14270 and 114270 models; both feature Oyster cases with Twinlock crowns for maximum water resistance, rich black dials featuring gold indexes, plus 24-hour hands! Depending on condition and usage, the latter often sell for between $4,000-6,000.

The Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner watches are among the brand’s most beloved models, and it’s easy to understand why. Boasting classic designs suitable for any outfit, from jeans and a T-shirt to a suit and tie ensemble. In addition, its 300 feet waterproof rating makes it an excellent choice for water enthusiasts.

Prices of new stainless steel Submariners start around $10,000; however, used ones can often be found for considerably less if you prefer vintage models. Though minor upgrades may be from their initial editions, these watches should still look similar when purchased second-hand.

Limited edition Submariners can cost considerably more than standard models. One such little edition model, commonly referred to as “Kermit” or “Hulk,” has become an iconic pop culture symbol over time. Another limited edition popularly produced with COMEX (Compagnie maritime expertise) may even fetch six figures!

When looking for a Submariner watch, opt for the most recent model (116610LN). It has an upgraded caliber and more significant case than before – however, be mindful that this version lacks a date window; ensure your purchase meets all your needs accordingly.

Prices of gold Submariners will tend to be more costly. Although acquiring new gold Submariners at ADs can be challenging, and some even have years-long waiting lists, pre-owned options often offer significant savings over buying brand new.

The Rolex Daytona

Rolex Daytona watches are some of the most highly sought-after pieces from Rolex. Revered for their motorsport heritage, looks, and value – many people consider owning one their ultimate goal and will spend years waiting to acquire one.

Rolex Daytona watches were first released for racing at Daytona International Speedway in 1963. Following actor/motor racer Paul Newman’s introduction of this model into his racing life and subsequent photoshoots wearing one, prices for these models skyrocketed dramatically at auctions and dealers; even subtle differences on dials increased prices substantially, making finding good deals difficult in those days.

Since its debut, Rolex Daytonas have been produced in various models and materials ranging from steel to gold to platinum, starting at 26500 USD for two-tone stainless steel/yellow gold models with lower material value; gold/platinum models tend to cost more due to higher material values.

In 1988, Rolex upgraded their Daytona with an automatic movement from Zenith, which is known for its superior chronograph function and low maintenance requirements. They also designed it with more prominent 40 mm cases featuring screw-down chronograph pushers to complete this redesign process.

Rolex Daytona watches remain popular with celebrities and athletes as an emblem of style and performance. Wearing one sends a signal that you lead an exceptional life.

The Rolex Milgauss

Rolex Milgauss watches are one of the more quirky offerings from an otherwise conservative brand like Rolex, famed for their traditional designs. Yet, despite its rich history and unique antimagnetic properties, sales were relatively modest throughout its 60s-70s lifespan and virtually forgotten until 2007. That year, Rolex revived its “scientist’s watch” with three models; among these was reference 116400, which offers similar high magnetic resistance as its original reference 6543/6541 models to earn it the moniker CERN watch.

Like its sister model, the Submariner features an oversized case, Twinlock crown, numbered bezel, and riveted Oyster bracelet. However, what sets the Yacht-Master apart is its distinctive sapphire crystal with lightning bolt secondhand that serves as its signature feature. Furthermore, its name derives from being resistant to magnetism and electromagnetic fields, which would render other watches useless; thus making it highly sought-after among scientific labs and research centers.

Milgauss watches have long been beloved among collectors, as many find them the ideal combination of function and style. Unlike some 1970s-inspired watches that attempt too hard to emulate vintage looks, the Milgauss captures this look without looking trendy or “Faustina.”

Pre-owned Rolex Milgauss watches can be purchased on 1stDibs for between $7500 and $8000, with some more desirable models, such as the ref. 116400 with black dial and green sapphire crystal, or ref. 116400GV, which adds a neoprene strap and exceptional green-tinted sapphire being the most desirable options available – both are offered in various configurations to meet men’s and women’s needs; save your favorites, and we’ll notify you as soon as they’re back in stock!

The Rolex Dress Watch

Rolex watches are known for being elegant dress watches, and you should plan to spend between $3,000 and $5,000 when purchasing one. With an extensive range of models such as Air-Kings, Dates, Oyster Perpetual, Sky Dwellers with 42mm cases, and Oyster bracelets available, you have many choices when searching for your perfect Rolex dress watch.

At times, more exotic and costly watches like the Breguet Classique Quantieme Perpetuel 7327 might do the trick – an incredible piece that features a perpetual calendar to track days, months, leap years, moon phases, and other functions can impress friends and family members alike! Its unique look will certainly turn heads at parties!

Rolex Cellini watches are another ideal option for dress watches. Relaunched in 2014 with elegant and slim 39mm cases, luxurious leather straps, and automatic movements, the collection offers multiple functions like Cellini Time, Cellini Date, and Cellini Dual Time watches to meet every need in an elegant ensemble.

Maintaining and servicing a Rolex watch annually ensures it runs efficiently without inaccuracies or issues with its power reserve. As a best practice, you should have it professionally serviced every five years.

If you want to ensure that your Rolex remains in peak condition, having it METAS-certified may also be helpful. This certification process involves having it inspected to ensure it conforms with all the strict standards set by Rolex – this shows that professional servicing was performed and that your watch will stay running perfectly for years.