Hot Celebrity Bodyguards, We’d Protect With Our Lives


Celebrities, royalty, and those with high net-worth individuals rely heavily on bodyguards to maintain their privacy. But don’t be alarmed: these men don’t always come off as intimidating! Read the Best info about lamborghini hire Sydney.

These bodies are also rather attractive. From Tim Chung for Kylie Jenner – so cute that some speculated he was Stormi’s biological father! – and Greg Lenz, who gives off secret service vibes as J-Lo’s guard – these figures can make quite the first impression.

1. Tim Chung

Tim Chung may not be well known to many people, yet he’s making waves online. After an old paparazzi photo showing him helping Kylie Jenner into her car went viral on social media, investigators quickly identified who he was and began admiring his features.

He’s been seen guarding Katy Perry and has given off secret service vibes in several pictures with Taylor Swift.

Greg Lenz, Jennifer Lawrence’s bodyguard, may be less well known, but that doesn’t make him any less desirable. He made headlines for cradling their Chihuahua in his extended arms; additionally, he has worked closely with Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and is truly heartthrob material!

2. Greg Lenz

When we think of celebrity bodyguards, we tend to conjure images of hardened and intimidating men keeping celebrities safe. Not all bodyguards fit this mold – some might even pass as celebrities themselves!

Greg Lenz is no different, becoming an internet star after being photographed cradling Jennifer Lawrence’s Chihuahua in one of his beefy arms and becoming an internet meme. A graduate of the University of Colorado, married for over ten years to Allana.

Lady Gaga travels with multiple bodyguards, and it is easy to see why. Her security team features men who could appear in any movie; among them is Peter Van der Veen, who has the presence to deter potential threats.

3. Justin Riblet

Bodyguards of celebrities often get overlooked, yet sometimes their guards steal the show. Not only can these handsome individuals serve as safety for some of the biggest stars worldwide, but many even have an admiring fan base!

Jennifer Lawrence arrived at LAX earlier this week, almost entirely eclipsed by her handsome bodyguard – wearing a gray sport coat and white shirt, many admirers took notice and lavished praise upon him online.

Peter Van der Veen is an experienced celebrity bodyguard who has worked with stars like Lady Gaga, Adele, Iggy Azalea, and the Beckhams. With an imposingly muscular physique and certification as an MMA fighter, Peter holds an undergraduate degree in criminal justice and serves in the Army Special Forces Weapon Sergeant unit.

4. Bobby Rich

As a celebrity, it’s common practice for them to travel with multiple bodyguards as part of their entourage. Stars often travel abroad, where there may be distinct threats, and they must navigate around, thus requiring them to have support teams on hand when traveling overseas.

Tim Chung has become well-known among fans due to his work with Kim Kardashian, and Greg Lenz is often seen escorting Jennifer Lawrence.

Lady Gaga’s bodyguard, Peter Van der Veen, also works for Adele. So attractive is he that Adele wrote her song, “Government Hooker,” about him! Being both an actor and model himself, Peter Van der Veen has plenty of opportunities to gain public notice; However, as his client, we might want to seduce him too quickly as we could easily envision being on the cover of one or both magazines!

5. Julius de Boer

Julius de Boer has been Beyonce’s bodyguard since 2008, always present wherever Queen Bey is found. Throughout both pregnancies – even being present when Solange hit Jay Z in an elevator! – and concerts, as well as everyday errands.

Personal Details: He hailed from Amsterdam and established an Executive Protection company at 24 years old in Europe; its branches can now be found in Abu Dhabi, New York City, and London.

Simon Newton recently left his private security firm to pursue acting. He has already appeared in several TV projects and has two films released soon – we know his celebrity clients must appreciate him doing this! Follow Simon on Instagram here.

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