Duluth Trading Company Review


Duluth Trading Company is an iconic retailer that sells workwear and outdoor gear. Their enormous following and positive customer reviews speak volumes about their success.

Their products are constructed of top-grade materials to withstand rough use and provide a comprehensive return policy and free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

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Duluth Trading Company is an American clothing retailer known for providing workwear designed and tested to be challenging, entertaining marketing strategies and outstanding customer service. Operating online and through 65 retail locations (one in Kennesaw, Georgia), this retailer provides men’s and women’s workwear, casual wear, accessories, and other goods explicitly designed to meet industrial work environment standards.

Recently, Duluth Trading Company unveiled an automated distribution and fulfillment center in Adairsville, Georgia – their inaugural such facility as part of their Big Dam Blueprint to speed product deliveries to customers faster while optimizing operations. This new center will serve its existing 65 storefronts while expanding its digital presence.

Every Duluth Trading Company store is unique, yet all feature the company’s innovative workwear and gear. Each store is themed around an exciting concept and includes displays, photos, and found objects honoring hardworking men and women past and present. Customers can expect to find various products such as flexible work apparel (shirts/pants), sweat protection gear (like undershirts), etc.

Duluth Trading Company provides customers with an easy way to browse and purchase items online, in-store, or both forms simultaneously. Free shipping on orders of $75 or more makes this business even more appealing; saving, even more, can be accomplished by joining their email list and receiving a coupon code offering 20% discounts on future orders!

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Duluth Trading is an established retailer offering workwear and outdoor clothing for both men and women, known for its humorous advertising campaigns and excellent customer service. Customers enjoy fast shipping options with hassle-free returns.

Since 1989, Wisconsin-based workwear innovator ProWorkwear has been known for creating innovative workwear solutions. Their product lineup features work shirts, pants, sweat survival gear, outdoor equipment, and accessories backed with lifetime warranties. In addition to traditional retail stores, they have online sales and several outlet locations.

Duluth Trading’s online store is an easy and convenient way for customers to purchase workwear and outdoor gear, from work attire to outdoor gear. Customers can easily browse products that suit their needs before placing their orders for delivery or pickup at one of its many Duluth Trading locations – plus free shipping if orders of $50 or more.

Duluth Trading Company offers an easy-to-navigate website with an easily searchable search bar for quick and convenient item finding. In addition, they feature blogs with content to assist buyers in making educated purchases and an email newsletter that keeps you updated on new offerings and special promotions.

Duluth Trading offers high-quality workwear and exceptional customer service at Duluth Trading, so no matter the task at hand, they have you covered! They carry various garments that can be customized specifically to meet your requirements – they even specialize in personalized suits! Their clothing is durable and comfortable – their customer service representatives are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful in answering your queries!


The Duluth Trading Company is a multichannel apparel retailer known for its innovative workwear solutions for hardworking men and women. All their products have been developed and tested to withstand even the most demanding work environments; humorous marketing campaigns, high-quality customer service, accessories, tools, shoes, and other merchandise for both sexes are available.

The company, with headquarters in Wisconsin and retail stores around the United States–including one in Kennesaw, Georgia–is best known for its iconic fire hose pants, no-yank tanks, and Buck Naked underwear products – not to mention amusing commercials showcasing these trademarks that feature funny commercials that showcase these trademarked items and its signature humor.

Each store is different, featuring its theme, displays, and photos. The staff is welcoming and knowledgeable, always willing to share experiences or suggest gear they believe is worthwhile. Furthermore, they’re helpful regarding sizing issues – for instance, dress shirts may require specific consideration when fitting correctly.

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Customers find the company website an invaluable resource, enabling them to learn about new products and offers, connect with customer service representatives if they have any inquiries, learn about its mission, values, and retail locations, and visit its blog, which features helpful outdoor-oriented tips.

The Duluth Trading Company is an American retailer of innovative workwear designed to address the unique challenges facing hardworking men and women. Their experienced tradesmen team creates and tests their rugged, functional clothing for maximum comfort in harsh working conditions. In addition, casual clothing, footwear, and camping gear for both men and women are also offered as other outdoor necessities.

Duluth Trading Company is a family-owned, independent business established in Wisconsin in 1961. Today they boast seven retail stores located throughout Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin – plus an outlet store in Belleville – as well as their online presence, which has become an attractive option for people searching for rugged workwear or casual apparel – and their innovative marketing and humor has won them an enthusiastic following from customers.

Duluth Trading Company has built up an excellent online reputation and positive customer reviews from several customers who have praised its excellent customer service, fast shipping times, and hassle-free returns – which has cemented its place as an industry leader for workwear and outdoor apparel.

Duluth Trading’s clothing tends to run small, which can be frustrating if you prefer looser-fitting shirts. You can circumvent this issue by consulting a sizing guide or purchasing one size larger than what would typically fit.

As well as offering its customers high-quality workwear and outdoor gear, the company also provides its employees with an outstanding work environment. Their employees are amiable and knowledgeable; management strives to foster cooperation. Furthermore, training programs offer ample opportunities to learn new things professionally. Finally, work-life balance and benefits like health insurance and vacation days for employees are prioritized.