Duluth Trading Company Opens First Colorado Store


Duluth Trading Company is opening its first Colorado store this month – Larkridge being its farthest location yet.

Shoppers can purchase products online and pick them up in-store free of shipping costs to avoid unnecessary shipping expenses. This retailer is known for offering innovative workwear to hardworking men and women alike.

Fire Hose Work Pants

These work pants are constructed from Fire Hose(r) cotton canvas for an exceptionally tough yet soft fabric feel that withstands even wild boar swarms – and will outlive anything you throw their way. Interestingly soft for such robust material with prewashed, broken-in comfort right out of the box and a FendOff Finish repellent finish repelling stains and water. Plus, they feature hidden crouch gussets and mid-leg utility pockets with lockable flaps that keep everything secure!

Duluth Trading Company is a multichannel apparel retailer offering ingenious workwear that solves problems for hardworking men and women. Their tough yet functional products are developed and rigorously tested by tradesmen and a dedicated team of Duluth Women testers – you can trust their workwear will stand up to any challenge it faces, with lifetime guarantees offered on all their gear!

Men’s Sho reman’s Fleece-lined Jacket.

Duluth Trading Company is well known for innovating workwear that meets the needs of hardworking men and women. One such product they offer is the Shoreman casual rain jacket, designed to last many seasons without needing replacement each year and save time and money by eliminating this need. Furthermore, its design resists odor making cleaning more accessible, while its raglan cut sleeves facilitate free movement, while its metal snaps are less likely to break under strain.

This jacket is constructed of durable waterproof fabric to repel water and snow and keep you dry, keeping you warm and dry in all temperatures. Available in various sizes and incorporating a windbreaker hood for wind protection as well as a front zip pocket with an adjustable hem, this piece can also be layered up with heavyweight fleece for additional warmth if necessary; perfect as either an inner layer or outer shell depending on the conditions!

The Shoreman Fleece jacket is ideal for anyone searching for a warm and durable coat that can withstand repeated use. Crafted from heavyweight fleece for optimal insulation in colder climates, its seams have been sealed for added strength. At the same time, its hood and pockets provide ample coverage – not forgetting its wide array of colors and styles sure to meet any taste!

Duluth Trading Company is a multichannel apparel retailer offering ingenious workwear to help people do what they love with both hands. Their products include Duluthflex Firehose work pants, Duluthflex Fire Hose Relaxed Fit Cargo Work Pants, and Duluthflex Polartec Fleece Vest. Their mission is to empower their customers to take on life with both hands, so they design and test their products for durability, quality, and performance to last as promised, with lifetime warranties on each product built-in by Duluthflex Polartec Fleece Vest!

Duluth Trading Company has operated since 1989 and has grown into offering Buck Naked Underwear, the Outside-Embracing AKHG, and meticulously constructed Best Made. Customers of their high-quality, handcrafted experience appreciate their dedication and constant search for ways to enhance products, which prompted them to invest in a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Duluth, Minnesota. This facility allows them to produce innovative and long-lasting workwear for their customers. Furthermore, they use only top-quality materials in their production – including Duluth Flex fabric with its outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and exceptional abrasion resistance properties. Duluth Zippers have earned them a place as one of the most reliable brands in their industry. They continue to build upon this success with loyal customer bases throughout the US, known for exceptional service and product reliability.