Fortnite Trading Cards Are Worth More Than You Think


Fortnite trading cards are relatively new collectibles, yet many have already proven quite valuable. Though intended solely for collecting, they do contain codes that can be redeemed for items in-game.

Black Knight Holofoil PSA 9 was one of the rarest skins available, selling for over $12,000 via eBay Best Offer.

Series 1

Fortnite has quickly become one of the world’s most beloved eSport games, so it should come as no surprise that its popularity has inspired an abundance of merchandise – clothing, toys, and trading cards are just some of the products devoted to it. But like any new trend in collecting circles, some rectangular bits of cardboard may become worth more than others; Fortnite cards, in particular, have already proven quite valuable over time.

Panini released Fortnite trading card sets to commemorate the popular online video game in 2021, including a 300-card set with images and themes from Fortnite, such as gameplay screenshots, weapons, harvesting tools, and outfits from within the game as well as fan-favorite characters like Dusk Leviathan Skull Trooper – plus Holofoil parallels that replicate in-game rarity levels of Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary cards for an authentic experience!

Although many of the most valuable cards are rare, others remain affordable. One such cheap card is The Black Knight; only available through Season Two Battle Pass subscription, this legendary skin has become one of the most coveted cards ever released in this series and remains highly desired today. While not making February 2021’s top-10 seller list, this is still an excellent investment option for collectors seeking long-term investments.

Although Black Knight cards may be popular, other cards in the series are just as appealing. Galaxia’s card is an excellent long-term investment option, and her design ensures her card will always remain sought-after by collectors.

Fortnite fans who collect trading cards will love Frozen Fishstick cards – popular characters from Fortnite’s game that also make great additions to rare or expensive decks. However, remember that these trading cards cannot be played within Fortnite, so don’t expect any V-Buck codes on them!

Series 2

Fortnite has quickly become one of the most beloved video games, inspiring merch and other collectibles like trading cards to be produced for it. Trading cards make an excellent addition to a collection and have steadily appreciated over time – while they may not be as valuable as Pokemon cards or sports cards, buying at their lowest price could still pay dividends in future purchases.

Series 2 of Fortnite Trading Cards was released in 2020, featuring 250 brand-new cards. These include famous outfits from the Chapter 2 storyline and 13 maps showing new locations players can explore in-game. There are also dual-sided Harvesting Tool cards that offer your favorite pickaxes on both sides; look out for one Opti-Chrome Holo Parallel per box!

Fortnite cards that command top dollar typically feature the “cracked ice” holo pattern, making it one of the most desired designs in their set and competing against others to fetch top dollar. Frozen Fishstick stands out among these as being particularly desirable; selling ungraded, it sells for $100+ ungraded; other high-end cards include Cracked Ice Skull Trooper Inverted and Galaxia, among others that share this honor.

Panini recently unveiled 2021 Fortnite Series 3 trading cards, offering fans an expansive 332 cards to collect. These include new designs like double-sided Wrap cards and revamped Outfit and Harvesting Tool cards, as well as 23 Legendary cards from its Frozen series and nine from its regular set – with one per Hobby box on average featuring an Optichrome Holo Parallel edition.

Fortnite cards featuring iconic video game characters like Agent Peely and Midas Crystal Shard can make fantastic investments, as collectors instantly recognize these cards. Furthermore, their value will likely hold over time and even increase.

These cards can be found in booster packs, mega boxes, fat packs, and blasters; there is also a special edition Panini store bundle featuring their two highest-value cards: Midas Crystal Shard and 10th Anniversary Patch.

Series 3

Fortnite Trading Cards Series 3 contains 332 cards, 232 outfit cards featuring brand-new designs, and Wrap cards featuring unique patterns. Some cards may even come with redeemable codes that can unlock V-Bucks within the game! You can find these cards in booster boxes or prebuilt decks, or they may be sold individually.

As with other trading card games, Fortnite trading cards vary in value based on desirability and aftermarket demand. Most cards do not hold much resell value unless they’re rare chase cards relegated to the back of a pack – these may fetch higher sums resold separately.

Fortnite has quickly become one of the biggest video game properties since it launched only three years ago, becoming an instant classic online game. Due to this success, Fortnite has inspired an unprecedented merchandising effort – from clothing and toys to collectible items and trading cards with great financial potential for collectors.

Panini’s Fortnite trading card set has debuted and offers players multiple ways to experience the game. There is a base set and four parallel cards featuring holofoil or optichrome patterns, the most sought-after being the Cracked Ice variant.

Midas Crystal Shard card stands out as one of the most highly prized from this set, thanks to significant streamers’ support and an appealing in-game design. Graded copies have sold for as much as $1000 on eBay! Frozen Red Knight skin also stands out among this group as highly sought-after players tend to flock towards it, and its value remains indefinitely.

A 2019 Crystal Shard Black Knight trading card recently set an auction record by selling for an astounding $34,800. However, this is far from an outlier among the Fortnite trading card series; several more cards in this series have set records.

Series 4

Series 4 of Fortnite Trading Cards was the fourth set released by Panini this year and features 332 exciting cards to collect – revamped Outfit and Harvesting Tool card designs, double-sided Wrap cards offering increased customization options, as well as the return of Frozen Fishstick with its new look! There will also be 23 Legendary Outfits and nine from Frozen Series; Optichrome Holo parallels will typically appear once per pack or box!

Fortnite trading cards differ from traditional card sets in that they do not contain codes that can be redeemed for V-Bucks in-game; instead, they can only be exchanged for physical merchandise available from stores carrying Fortnite merchandise and are incompatible with other trading card games like Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh.

While some rare cards can appreciate over time, many will remain stable in price. Nonetheless, some cards have seen significant increases since being first released in 2022; these include Midas Crystal Shard cards which feature storyline characters backed by prominent streamers; these have proven popular among collectors who frequently resell them at auctions.

One rare card that is seeing its value increase rapidly is Agent Peely from Series 3. A fan favorite, ungraded copies can sell for $150 to $200, while graded cards often exceed $300. Other high-value cards in Series 3, such as Aura Inverted Cracked Ice Skull Trooper and Frozen Fishstick cards, also hold great worth.

Fortnite trading cards are essential additions for any serious collector. It boasts intricate artwork of some of its most beloved characters and weapons and a unique die-cut design that makes collecting easy. Both standard and holofoil variants exist; collectors will especially seek after the latter variant as its rarity scale mimics that found within Fortnite itself.