Bingle Insurance Review


In our Bingle Insurance Review, we’ll look at how the company’s comprehensive policy compares to other providers. This includes the price, coverage level, cancellation policy, and customer service. The bottom line? We wouldn’t recommend Bingle as a primary insurance plan, but it does have some advantages.


Bingle insurance is an affordable, online-only policy. Although it doesn’t cover the cost of a new car, this insurance is comprehensive and covers damages to your car, other cars, and your property. If your car is destroyed or stolen, Bingle will replace it with a similar make and model. Other features of Bingle insurance include roadside assistance and legal liability coverage of $20 million.

The price of Bingle insurance depends on several factors. First, you must decide what you need. There are several optional extras that you can purchase and upgrade for a lower premium. You can also get cheaper premiums if you have a clean driving record. Another factor is the distance you drive each year. Bingle also allows you to cancel your policy without penalty, which is excellent if you need to change.

Level of coverage

Bingle Insurance offers comprehensive car insurance that will protect your vehicle against accidental damage, loss, or theft. The insurance also covers damage to other people’s cars and property. If your vehicle is totaled in an accident, Bingle will replace it with another of the same make and model. However, certain conditions apply. You can also purchase a hire car in case of an accident.

Bingle also covers reasonable towing and storage costs if you have an accident. In addition, Bingle covers most legal modifications and accessories, such as tinted windows and sound systems. Some policies also cover child seats and capsules. If you plan to modify your vehicle, add these optional extras to your policy.

Cancellation policy

Bingle Insurance has a flexible cancellation policy that lets customers cancel their policy anytime. All they have to do is log in to their accounts to make the cancellation. The company will refund the unexpired portion of the premium with fewer government charges. It is essential to have car insurance when driving in the United States. If you do not have insurance, you can download the Jerry app, find the cheapest quotes, and sign up for a new policy.

Bingle Insurance has been able to differentiate itself from its competitors through several different features. Its new Bingle goes insurance policy has added additional features and functionality for those who travel without a car. For example, customers can get up to 20% off their insurance premiums if they use public transport instead of their cars. The company also aims to offer an engaging and straightforward experience for consumers. This is why the company has made the cancellation process easy and convenient.

The cancellation policy of Bingle Insurance allows customers to cancel their policies without having to pay any cancellation fees. If you do not wish to renew your policy, you must decline the annual renewal offer.