Best Soup Near Me in NYC


Are You Searching for the Perfect Soup Near Me in NYC? From Ramen to Pho, there are an array of delectable soups to try!

Hanoi House serves a unique version of Vietnamese pho that sets itself apart from most New York-area Vietnamese restaurants – it’s murkier and less sweet compared to what’s done elsewhere, reflecting how Hanoi House itself stands in northern Vietnam as its inspiration source.

1. Noodle Village

Sarge’s Murray Hill mainstay offers hearty yet comforting noodle soup to ease any cold or hangover. While they do serve the standard deli items such as blintzes, chopped liver, and pastrami sandwiches, Sarge’s specialty lies in their matzo ball soup, which features clear chicken stock enriched with collagen-enriched matzo the size of grapefruit from your grandmother-made – plus noodles and meat-filled dumplings – making for a powerful combination. It makes an excellent cure if you suffer from colds or hangovers!

Great Noodle in Chinatown lives up to its name by serving expertly prepared Cantonese cuisine that draws locals and scenesters alike. The front of its decorated dining room features displays and hackings of roasted meats (such as duck with shiny brown skin and juicy flesh perfumed by five-spice powder) as well as stir-fries, soups, stir-fries and roast pork and wonton noodle soup – an especially delightful offering featuring succulent sweet whole shrimp dumplings on heaps of firm yellow egg noodles in an aromatic broth!

Khampa Kitchen in Jackson Heights brings Tibet alive through homestyle Tibetan fare. Their signature dish, Gya Thug (), features complex herbal broth and pasta that’s similar to what can be found at supermarkets (though unique to Queens), all topped with greens, tender bits of beef or lamb cooked in your choice of cooking sauce and finished off with greens for garnish.

2. Shalom Japan

Shalom Japan stands out among an abundance of culinary fusion options in New York by equally serving up Jewish and Japanese food – an eye-catching concept devised by Aaron Israel and Sawako Okochi, who have worked in some of the city’s acclaimed kitchens.

As soon as you step inside this cozy restaurant, its striking aesthetic will have an immediate impression – Japanese noren curtains frame a doorway decorated with an Imperial Sun that overlaps a Star of David – but more remarkable still is its food, prepared by two chefs from seemingly disparate cultures: Israeli and Okochi collaborate to craft dishes that honor both heritages while pushing beyond boundaries in cuisines they’re merging.

One of the tastiest dishes on our menu is our matzo ball ramen, with its fragrant chicken broth and perfect matzo ball, in addition to liver-rich dumplings of ground foie gras and chicken that will surely warm you from head to toe.

A smoked salmon donburi adds an irresistibly fishy touch to Japanese rice bowls. Thin slices of brined and light-smoked salmon lie atop a bed of fragrant rice, garnished with an additional dose of umami-rich ikura (salmon roe) on the side.

Zabb PuTawn in Greenpoint serves spicy pork rib soup that packs more heat than its Japanese counterpart, Ikura. Their viscous broth features Thai chilies for extra warmth, while an array of enoki mushrooms adds slipperiness to this delectable meal.

3. Super Taste

Now that the autumn chill has settled in and winter looms closer, soup season has officially arrived – and NYC offers many soul-warming bowls for you to choose from.

Finding delicious noodle soup in New York City shouldn’t be hard, with traditional offerings from around the globe and unique international varieties available here. Below are our recommendations for some of the top soups in NYC to help get you through these winter months!

When you need an affordable yet comforting meal in a pinch, Super Taste in Chinatown offers delicious beef in hot, spicy soup that won’t break the bank. Their spicy broth may numb your tastebuds but is nevertheless delectable and restorative; plus, it is one of only a few dishes they offer for less than $10!

Long a favorite of ours, this Vietnamese restaurant near the four trains on Jerome Ave serves delicious and filling pho that won’t weigh down your belly. Available for takeout and local delivery, you can enjoy this satisfying meal on your couch or at work!

You don’t want to miss this classic and affordable tomato-based chowder with thick noodles for maximum warmth while you drink its indulgent creamy broth! Don’t let all the various noodle soup options in NYC overwhelm you – don’t overlook this timeless and affordable classic!

As soon as the weather turns blustery, head over to Balthazar for a bowl of onion soup gratine – an indulgence combining deep flavors from chicken stock and caramelized onions with generous portions of Gruyere cheese and thick slices of country bread for slurping! Perfect when you want to snuggle under your blankets and forget all about life for a while.

4. Ippudo

Soup is an ideal way to warm up after an arduous winter day, and NYC offers many hearty options. Bolivian Llama Party in Sunnyside stands out as being particularly delicious; for example, their saltines resemble the lovechild of Shanghai soup dumplings and Latin American empanada, filled with meat and vegetables served in a flavorful broth.

Ramen is the ultimate winter comfort food: its hearty pork bone broth combined with perfectly cooked noodles will surely bring cheer and relief from any blues you might feel. Popular Ippudo spots in Chicago serve this classic comfort dish in delicious bowls that won’t break the bank!

Ippudo ramen is well-known throughout Japan and also finds success stateside; their New York branch often sees long lines while they recently opened one in Santa Monica.

A lengthy menu can be expected at a ramen restaurant, including appetizers and rice dishes as well as their signature Akamaru Shinaji Ramen with its rich tonkotsu broth that’s been simmered for 18 hours topped with pork loin, bean sprouts and black fungus.

Service here is outstanding, and the atmosphere is relaxing; prices are moderate, making this an ideal place to unwind after work. Staff members are attentive and ready to assist with whatever is needed – they know everything about ramen and can give tips on how to enjoy your meal correctly! Additionally, you can ask them about the ingredients used to craft different ramen varieties!

5. Earl’s Beer and Cheese

As fall transitions into winter and days shorten, a hot bowl of soup may be needed to get through this cold spell. NYC boasts some of the finest soup spots around; these cozy joints provide hearty bowls of comfort food to warm you from within.

Earl’s Beer and Cheese has an inviting, homey atmosphere thanks to a deer mural and its shabby-chic interior design. Sibling co-owners provide an assortment of spreadable cheeses, but their star dish is macar and cheese, served alongside one of Earl’s many craft beers.

Hav & Mar is Marcus Samuelsson’s seafood restaurant and offers an upscale she-crab soup dish layered with she-crab meat, sunchoke nuggets, and black truffle rounds – big spenders can upgrade with white truffle for just a bit more money!

East Village spot The Village Cafe’s menu may be small, but it packs plenty of flavor. Offering dishes like split peas, homemade western-style chili, and French onion soup, they even sell their soups to-go! Perfect if you need something on the go!

New York City may boast many positive qualities, but it lacks plenty of places serving mohinga (Malaysian fish noodle soup). One such spot in East Village has filled this void by offering authentic mohinga served like a fish and lemongrass salad complete with thick noodles, lotus root, and crispy lentils – something many New York City restaurants lack.