Best Moveset For Meowscarada


Meowscarada is an exceptional damage dealer thanks to her high attack and speed ratings. Her best moves include Flower Trick – an accurate physical grass attack that bypasses accuracy checks to guarantee critical hits every time, Night Slash, and using held items like Grassy Terrain for added damage boost.

Taunt can also be used to disable entry-hazard setters like Glimmora and Iron Moth or defensive Pokemon like Clodsire that attempt to counter its presence, while Defend can shut down entry-hazard setters like Glimmora or Iron Moth by shutting off entry-hazard setters like Glimmora and Iron Moth or by disrupting Clodsire defensive moves that benefit from Protean. Finally, Taunt can annoy countering Pokemon like Corviknight by using activities utilizing Protean.

Flower Trick

Meowscarada, the final evolution of Sprigatito and the first dual-type Grass/Dark Pokemon to appear in Generation 9 is highly sought-after among many players eager to add him or her to their teams. For optimal use of Meowscarada in battles, this moveset focuses on damage and disruption for maximum potential gains.

Flower Trick is one of Meowscarada’s signature moves, providing her with plenty of damage against even resistant Pokemon like Gengar, Tatsugiri, and Dragapult. Bypassing accuracy checks and consistently hitting, it provides Meowscarada an effective means of hitting resistant ones like Gengar, Tatsugiri, and Dragapult without needing Wicked Blow or Surging Strikes as alternatives – plus its higher base PP allows it to hit harder than guaranteed crit moves!

Meowscarada’s other powerful attack, Knock Off, can help to remove items from enemies more quickly and with greater force when combined with Protean. Furthermore, Knock can add pressure by denying foes an entry point into battle – especially when combined with U-Turn.

An essential feature of Meowscarada’s best moveset is its excellent coverage options. Play Rough, Thunder Punch, and Sucker Punch offer strong coverage against Steels andground,s, while Protect provides superior stalling tactics while giving Meowscarada time to heal up.

Meowscarada can draw upon an assortment of support moves to assist her. Brick Break, Taunt, and Giga Drain all provide critical damage and status effects, with the latter especially useful because it removes ability and status boosts while simultaneously dealing massive damage.

Meowscarada’s 123-base Speed is sufficient to outspeed most opponents in the metagame, including formidable threats like Greninja and Roaring Moon. Furthermore, its access to Giga Drain and U-Turn makes it a powerful scouting Pokemon that can quickly punish predicted switch-ins.

Knock Off

Meowscarada, the final evolution of Sprigatito, boasts the same core and strong kit found in its predecessor. With Tera Grass, Meowscarada can switch its type depending on what move it’s performing while keeping pressure on foes—an ability which prthatinvaluable when Meowscarada is vulnerable against Fighting-Flying-Poisonous-Water-Fire-and-Ice attacks.

Meowscarada excels at high damage output with flexible utility moves like Knock Off and Play Rough, giving her access to multiple entry hazard setters and removers such as Dragapult, Skeledirge, and Gholdengo while still threatening weakened foes like Amoonguss and Dragonite. U-turn support helps Meowscarada force many switches, while Knock Off can easily OHKO slow stallers such as Toxapex Corviknight Clodsire.

Or the moveset can include more utility moves like Leafage and Night Slash to add versatility and depth to its arsenal. Both provide solid grass coverage when enhanced with Choice Band or Overgrow for increased effectiveness. Leafage boasts incredible base power, while Night Slash gives Meowscarada access to dark STAB without giving up energy gain.

This build can also include support moves like Protect, providing extra safety while teammates deal with enemies that would threaten it. Furthermore, Meowscarada can use its Overgrow ability and strike even harder when its HP drops below 25%.

Meowscarada can further complete their moveset with Hone Claws to increase attack and accuracy by one stage each, giving her a significant increase in damage output while providing a viable alternative to Flower Trick as her finishing move, which is beneficial against defensive Pokemon like Dragonite, who may be easily broken by it. Finally, Max Power Razz Berry increases Meowscarada’s damage output by 25% for even more excellent results!

Taunt of Spikes

Meowscarada is the final evolution of Sprigatito and is an invaluable addition to any team looking for an offensive powerhouse with plenty of utility moves. Boasting strong attack and speed stats that allow it to start quickly and two STAB attacks, making him one of the most potent physical attackers, Meowscarada can also support teammates by removing item attachments, creating stage hazards, or taunting opponents using strong support moves.

Meowscarada can play an invaluable role in water and ghost teams due to its dual grass and dark typing, though competition from Shiftry in this role may prove more significant due to Shiftry’s superior damage output from Leaf Blade and improved energy generation from Snarl. Even so, Meowscarada remains an effective core attacker due to its impressive STAB stats and decent speed, giving access to powerful setup moves like Flower Trick and Knock Off and Night Slack’s increased damage output under foggy conditions.

Meowscarada can offer invaluable support through her utility moves, including U-Turn, Defog, Brick Break, and Taunt. This allows her to avoid entry hazards while setting more stages for her teammates to pressure and finish off opponents more effectively. Taunting can also stop opponents from retreating stall tactics by disrupting retreat tactics with its taunting ability.

Meowscarada stands out with its robust, remarkable attack base, enabling it to do massive damage with every hit. Furthermore, its solid speed makes it a suitable support against fast foes such as Booster Energy Iron Valiant, Dragon Dance Dragonite, or Amoonguss; such Pokemon often feature low, unique attack bases, limiting how much damage they can do at once.

Meowscarada’s natural bulk allows it to outlast most rivals despite modest defense and stamina numbers, though be wary of Kilowattrel and Talonflame, who possess high HP values; therefore, it would be prudent for this cat to pair early-game checkers like Garchomp or Glimmora that can effectively take down these powerful blitzes, such as Talonflame, to increase its chances of victory.


With the introduction of a brand-new Pokemon in A Paldean Adventure, players have been eager to capture it. This Grass/Dark hybrid boasts an Attack stat of 233 but lacks defense or stamina, making it vulnerable against attacks with only 153 Defense/183 Stamina to protect it. As it can easily become susceptible when attacked quickly enough. Therefore, it’s vitally important that its moveset is tailored appropriately – fast moves should be used most frequently to maximize damage output and keep its attack stat at 233!

Use of its support abilities is also crucial, as this can increase its overall effectiveness. Leafage can do an impressive amount of damage while simultaneously producing energy; Grass Knot can easily knock out Pokemon that don’t resist grass attacks, while Life Orb can help boost stats.

U-Turns can also be a fantastic way to disrupt an opponent’s rhythm and set stage hazards, making life more challenging for those using attacks like Belly Drum and Swords Dance that rely on rhythmic attacks like Belly Drum or Swords Dance; U-Turns can cause damage against foes who use such moves, as well as remove items from their inventory – outstanding against Pokemon that rely heavily on these moves!

This final meowscarada best moveset may be more risky, but it can make the Pokemon very effective. A Choice Scarf may help your Pokemon outpace more powerful threats like Kilowattrel and Talonflame from being outwitted. Combine it with a Rock-type Tera Blast to counter their Electric + Flying combo. Furthermore, Fake Tears makes an excellent addition to this build; its ability to reduce an opponent’s Attack by an impressive amount makes it easier to knock out their Pokemon with regular attacks. Protect is an invaluable ability that gives Meowscarada an increased chance of surviving an opposing Pokemon’s critical hit, particularly beneficial in Double Battles. Also, consider including Giga Drain to remove their EVs for faster level-up time and to gain more XP!