Best Episodes of Sword and Scale


Sword and Scale is one of the premier true crime podcasts, boasting an engaging storytelling approach that weaves captivating narratives.

By employing various audio clips, such as 911 calls, police and court tapes, witness and expert interviews, and expert opinions, the podcast brings these terrifying crimes vividly to life. Here are some of the top episodes from Sword and Scale.

1. Junko Furuta

Sword and Scale, one of the premier true crime podcasts, is known for its compelling narratives and in-depth analyses of horrific crimes. Episode “Junko Furuta” is no exception: this case involves a 17-year-old Japanese girl being abducted, tortured for 44 days, and then murdered. This shocking case will leave you questioning humanity itself.

Junko Furuta was riding her bicycle home from part-time work when, while watching a favorite program at home, a random boy knocked her off and ran off into a house where Shinii Minato and Hiroshi Miyano, two yakuza-connected individuals, blackmailed her into participating in their cruel torture sessions.

Furuta endured inhumane abuse and torture while held captive, suffering severe burns on her legs, an unhealed hole in her vulva, and pain in her groin area. Miyano forced Furuta to remain naked most of the time while repeatedly raping her vagina and anus areas. Additionally, she was told multiple times to call home numerous times per day to falsely tell them she was staying with friends because he feared police would look for her; he forced her into calling her parents multiple times, each time with lies so that Miyano could ensure Miyano would know where Furuta would hide.

Furuta was ultimately tortured until she bled to death, prompting international outrage and inspiring a manga and film based on her case. This truly heartbreaking tale highlights the need for increased mental health awareness.

2. Children of the Night

For the highest-intensity episodes of sword and scale, look no further. This one depicts horrific crimes perpetrated by children that will give you nightmares while also detailing how authorities dealt with this case from all perspectives.

One of the more disturbing episodes on this list, Filicide, explores filicide, or parental murder of a child by another parent, as an eye-opener and reminder that anyone can do such inhuman acts no matter who they are or their life circumstances.

The episode debuted in January 2014 and rapidly gained popularity, becoming one of the most sought-after podcasts. Partly due to utilizing actual 911 calls, witness testimony, trial audio files, interrogation tapes, and more as its basis, this podcast proved exceptionally well received.

Families of victims sometimes must take matters into their own hands when tragedies strike. in this episode, we follow the story of a Colorado woman who vanished as her family seeks justice on her behalf.

There’s much to love in this season five episode, from Bronn’s return as a street-smart sword to Sir Jaime Lannister’s fiery death in battle, but what sets it off is when Arya Stark befriends assassin Jaqen H’ghar. Additionally, this marks the first time Dothraki dies in battle and foreshadows an onslaught of reunions and first encounters that would occur over subsequent seasons.

3. The Ghost of Randy Stair

While the subject matter of Sword and Scale’s episode may be disturbing, its delivery makes it riveting. The podcast employs audio clips and interviews to create a gripping narrative that keeps listeners hooked every minute. Actual crime storytelling requires delicate artifice, something Sword and Scale do expertly.

The podcast has quickly become a favorite among true crime enthusiasts for its immersive storytelling style and has quickly become one of their go-to choices. Engaging narration and meticulous attention to detail bring each case vividly to life, making them all the more unnerving. Each episode explores crimes ranging from murders and kidnappings to robberies and sexual offenses; its extensive research and psychological analyses make it essential listening for true crime fans.

Randy had created numerous live-action YouTube videos under the name Pioneers Production before switching to animation. In his prologue series, Randy introduced Ember, who encouraged him to kill people for Ghost Squad even though they weren’t part of it in real life—who inspired him to kill people for them and encouraged him to kill people on her behalf. Although Randy wasn’t part of Ghost Squad in real life, he believed Ember to be his spiritual muse, as she would visit his dreams regularly.

He referred to her in his video as Mackenzie. Her personality differs slightly from the others, as she tends to be shy and sweet instead of menacing despite possessing strong murderous tendencies. She served on Randy’s squad as a recruiter until an unfortunate Swiss army knife incident caused him to lose mobility in one finger and permanently squint with one eye. During video production, an accidental cutting off caused his tendon in pinky finger to rupture, rendering him immobilised and constantly blinking left eyed permanently due to injury sustained from cutting off tendon from finger causing permanent loss of mobility as well as squint in left eye permanent squint with one eye due to Swiss Army knife’s use accidentally cutting off tendon which cut off tendon which caused him mobility in that finger as well as permanent eye squint in left eye due to squint in left eye caused him loss of mobility resulting in permanently squint from one side driving permanent squinting from left side consistently and constantly squinting with one side due to knife accidentally cutting off tendon which caused Randy lost mobility and permanently squinting that side and permanent eye squinting with permanent eye due to production side knife cutting off tendon which resulted into his pinky finger always and caused him squint resulting in due to its production; ultimately leading him resulting in permanent left side due to permanent eye squint due to permanent left side being forced squint with his left side during video production! During production, a Swiss army knife accidentally cut off a tendon causing him to leave mobility permanently on his left side, constantly squinting more with his left eye! Causing permanent loss of mobility as well.

4. The Killing of Harvey’s Wagon Wheel

No matter your interest or story-listening preference, this podcast is an excellent choice. A fascinating look into humanity’s darker sides that will leave you mesmerized and stunned—one of iTunes most popular shows, often compared to Serial and Criminal!

Each episode of Sword and Scale explores an unusual or shocking crime story brought to life through uncensored audio sources like 911 calls, police recordings, court transcripts, witness and victim interviews, and more. Its production quality sets this podcast apart from others in its genre and has garnered it an impressive following.

Sword and Scale has quickly gained a following since its debut in January 2014. With its deep dive into crime’s dark underbelly, Sword and Scale’s dark tale will test your beliefs about morality and justice. It promises an engaging audio-drama experience!

This episode about Harvey’s Wagon Wheel murder is one of the most disturbing parts of the show and should be watched by anyone interested in true crime. It is an extremely poignant example of mental illness affecting individuals and how close-knit families may miss warning signs for danger within themselves or loved ones who could potentially be affected.

Sword and Scale, an audio podcast with over 1.7 million plays per episode on average, will keep listeners riveted for every episode! Unfortunately, its actual play count cannot be verified directly. For more insight into its stats, use Rephonic, which provides estimated audience numbers across two million+ podcasts, including Sword and Scale.

5. The Infatuation Murders

The Infatuation Murders is an unforgettable episode from Sword and Scale that explores humanity’s darker side. It tells the tale of Jenelle Evans, an individual who used the internet to create an online persona and lure victims into murder through seduction and manipulation. One of Sword and Scale’s most disturbing episodes, this will keep you awake at night worrying about the evil within society.

The podcast’s focus on horrific cases, rigorous research, and superior production value has earned it a loyal audience. Mike Boudet’s captivating storytelling allows listeners to gain access to serial killers’ and cults’ minds and test their understanding of morality and justice in society today. Listen in now.

Sword and Scale is an indispensable podcast for true crime fans. With engaging narratives and detailed research, this series has quickly become one of the most listened-to in its field. Each episode presents an unforgettable case – from Luka Magnotta’s murder trial to that of Killer Doctor; these episodes provide a window into human cruelty and vice.

While the law may not always help those in need, this episode of Sword and Scale shows how people come together to seek justice for victims of horrifying crimes. Its relevance in today’s society, where laws don’t always adequately protect those who need them, is particularly poignant.

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