Battle Field – The World of Espers


Seventeen years ago, Earth was saved from disaster by an elite group of heroes known as espers. Seomun Yeop was their most vital member and ultimately sacrificed himself during a dungeon run.

Espers can wear conventional armor and weapons with bonuses toward their Magic stats and learn four spells/abilities that take up inventory slots.


Espers are individuals with extraordinary powers and abilities. They have been described as having “psychic powers,” capable of lifting heavy objects with their minds, creating energy shields to block harmful electromagnetic fields from nature’s elements, and controlling wildlife. Telepathic connections allow Espers to share information between themselves as well as travel through time, differentiating them from psychics who cannot interact with the outside world.

The Espers Game manga takes readers into an intriguing world filled with quirky creatures and secretive treasures. As players progress through the story, they’ll unlock characters’ powers and solve mysteries that test strength and perseverance. But Esper’s Game isn’t just about attack or defense; it also requires teamwork! To win this competition, one must understand his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses to outwit them successfully.

The protagonists of this series are seven espers known as “The Seven Heroes.” Seventeen years ago, these espers saved Earth from destruction, but at great personal sacrifice—Seomun Yeop being their most vital member who paid with his life to preserve their cause. Since then, Battle Field, an action VR game where players can demonstrate their skills, has become immensely popular and one of the Seven Heroes’ primary sources of income. But with fame comes sacrifice, forcing the Seven Heroes to decide whether to keep fighting, continue fighting until victory, or sacrifice themselves and go their separate ways.


Seventeen years ago, seven heroes saved the world from destruction – though at a great personal sacrifice: Seomun Yeop was sacrificed so his fellow Espers could survive. Since then, none of the heroes are allowed to use their magical powers – instead, the field is their only form of expression as an action VR game specifically tailored towards espers.

However, this game presents several difficulties. The hero lacks proficiency with it and cannot read maps to navigate his surroundings. Furthermore, his income is too limited for food and weapon purchases, plus he feels alone and isolated within the game world.

Though these issues arise, the story keeps you engaged until the end. Additionally, it features unique gaming elements as well as romance and comedy elements, making the journey all the more entertaining. Unlike traditional kinetic novels, which contain different endings or choices for each chapter, you can set a custom delay on auto mode to fit your schedule perfectly. You will travel through over 20 locations while meeting 14 characters. Plus, it boasts a fantastic soundtrack.


The gameplay in Esper Game Manga is quite complex and involves puzzle solving, combat, leveling, and collecting power-ups to boost their stats and powers as they advance through levels. Some of these power-ups may even allow them to skip levels entirely, making this an engaging yet challenging and engaging gaming experience for all gamers.

One of the key features of the Esper Game’s espers is their natural talent for magic and spell arts, along with their ability to communicate telepathically with each other; this allows them to share information across timelines of existence, similar to Rupert Sheldrake’s pseudoscience of Morphogenetic Field, which states all living things are interconnected telepathically.

Espers in the Esper Game Manga can learn up to four spells that take up slots in their inventory, enabling them to shuffle around their order to create multiple variations of one episode, such as Cure being placed at the bottom while Flow might take precedence at the top.

Unlike humans, Espers have a tier system that measures their battle wins, losses, and stamina usage percentage. Additionally, this tier system determines how many battles an Esper can win or lose before being replaced by an Experiment.


Apart from its captivating story, this game boasts high-quality graphics that create an immersive experience. The world of the espers is home to fascinating creatures and mysterious secrets that defy logic; their world is one where magic and power reign supreme.

The game also presents many obstacles that players must surmount to succeed, such as challenging opponents, treacherous landscapes, and hidden traps. To tackle such hurdles effectively, players must carefully plan their moves and use their powers wisely. It may also help to form alliances with other players to defeat their enemies more easily.

One of the most unique elements of the game is its telepathic abilities, which allow players to communicate telepathically with one another and read each other’s minds – this gives an edge in battle and expedites reaching goals faster. Furthermore, players can manage relationships among characters for an even deeper gameplay experience.

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