Free Games This Month For PlayStation Plus Subscribers


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has long been desired by gamers eager to experience its single-player campaign without the additional cost associated with multiplayer mode, but now PlayStation Plus subscribers can do just that with a free game offer this month.

Fan games may be created as standalone titles or modified versions of existing games that utilize existing game engines; both approaches may offer advantages and disadvantages.


Tekken has become an icon in the genre. This fighting game series offers hand-to-hand combat between characters with different attacks and styles and features an innovative jigsaw puzzle-solving element. Furthermore, unlike traditional fighting games where buttons correspond to aggression (such as a strong punch or weak kick), TEKKEN uses buttons for each character’s limb, making learning special moves much simpler.

Tekken 8 follows the Mishima bloodline into an epic father-son grudge match with completely redesigned legacy characters, new game mechanics, and an enhanced dynamic environment to delight franchise fans. Furthermore, this game was awarded several accolades at E3 2016, including “Best Fighting Game.”

Tekken 8 offers an expansive story mode longer than ever, featuring 32-character “what-if” episodes to unlock while progressing through the game. Furthermore, its new generation of AI will advise players on tactics as they play and is expected to continue improving with every match, helping players quickly master their characters.

Bandai Namco has gone further than previous Tekken titles by allowing players to save and replay battles they like, including Combo Challenge with audio queues that help players practice combos. Furthermore, this game will include a Jukebox mode featuring 100s of tracks from the franchise.


SpeedFan is invaluable for keeping your computer cool, offering real-time temperature monitoring and fan control to achieve peak performance. Available for free across Windows systems, SpeedFan requires some setup work to function optimally; preconfigured settings may need to be downloaded if SpeedFan fails to perform as planned.

This application gives you access to CPU cores, clock speeds, and other essential information via a digital icon in the system tray. Furthermore, you can adjust the temperature for fans, CPU, and GPU using this tool—even setting fan speed changes at certain thresholds!

Another advantage of this tool is that it enables users to monitor the temperatures of various hardware components, including hard drives. Furthermore, you can save energy by setting a minimum speed limit on your hard drive when reading or writing data; additionally, its software detects when programs access your campaign and sends a notification message directly to its manufacturer.

SpeedFan may not be the most accessible program for novice PC users and isn’t as comprehensive as other hardware monitoring tools in detecting issues within your system.

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan (known in Japan as Shingeki no Kyojin) first debuted in 2013 and quickly won over viewers with its unique take on dystopian fiction. It tells the tale of a world imprisoned within three walls to protect it against man-eating titans—giant zombie-like creatures—that feed off humans.

The series centers around a military organization called the Survey Corps, which protects humanity from creatures known as Titans. Eren Yeager and his childhood friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert join after Eren’s hometown is attacked and devoured by Titans, prompting them to join the 104th Training Corps as revenge on those responsible.

As the show unfolds, it becomes a masterful piece of historical war fiction. Additionally, this anime provides fans of action-adventure, mecha, and sci-fi with an engaging entertainment experience, featuring characters who rely heavily on powerful weapons to protect their homes.

Season two saw the unveiling of the Beast Titan, an enormous new creature capable of speaking. This moment showed how far this show had come and marked a significant turning point that showed its progression—something set to continue into season 4 and beyond!


Mari0 from independent developer Stabyourself combines elements from Mario and Portal in an affordable indie mashup game for free, recreating classic Super Mario Bros. 2D platformer gameplay while offering an educational Portal Gun twist with love cubes, light bridges, and laser beams thrown into the mix.

Mari0 was created by Maurice Guegan and Saso Smolej as a creative exercise after finding existing recreations of Mario did not match up to the controls of Nintendo’s original Super Mario Bros. However, after seeing a Dorkly video called “Mario with a Portal Gun,” Guegan and Smolej realized they had an idea for a game.

Mari0 offers the classic gameplay of Super Mario Bros., where players control Mario by clicking their mouse device on two separate surfaces to form portals that fling him across the screen with forceful momentum, colliding into enemies, or propelling him toward them with an unpredictable course.

The game’s full release includes many extras, such as 33 unlockable hats, filters to make the game look like an old CRT TV, cheats that allow bullet-time or gigantic Marios, and cheats that let you use bullet-time or make him more significant than ever. If you enjoy playing it, consider donating to help support its developers, who would love to keep creating more games like this in the future!