Adding a 21 Inch Front Wheel to Your Street Glide


Installing a 21-inch front wheel onto your street glide is the largest size available without needing to purchase a Fender relocation kit, although this does raise the front of the bike slightly.

This injection molded wrap fender is tailored specifically for your raked bike and includes the necessary billet mounting spacers.


Stock front wheels on Harley Touring models typically measure 21 inches in diameter. Installing larger front wheels and tires requires using a fender relocation bracket that lifts the fender to make room for bigger tires. This method offers the cheapest solution and will also increase front-end height by around 1 1/2 inches if left as is.

The 21-inch wheel is the largest that will fit on a Harley without moving its fender, and you can test for clearance by taping a 5/16″ nut to its center and spinning it on a lift. If the nut scrapes against the fender while turning, loosen both rear fender bolts slightly with a Dremel tool until there is sufficient clearance.

Newer Harley touring models with 11.8″ rotors can sometimes accommodate 21-inch tires, but for optimal riding, it is best to install a 23″ or more giant front wheel and have its rotor reworked by SMT Machining; their kit will work with your stock rotor while creating a taller profile – it is the only way to fit 23-inch wheels on newer touring bikes without resorting to custom triple tree or fender modifications.


The addition of a giant front wheel can add depth and character to any motorcycle ride, yet it must be understood that doing so may require purchasing new fender or rake kit components as well as altering its steering and rake. Therefore, for safety’s sake and the best results, it is always advised to consult a professional when changing front wheels.

A 21-inch front tire is the largest that you can install without changing out the fender on a stock Harley touring model, providing greater ground clearance and taller profile height. Furthermore, using larger front tires also enables the use of larger rotors, which increase the stopping power on your motorcycle.

If you are considering adding a 21-inch front wheel to your Harley, it is advisable to test its fit first. Do this by taping a nut to the center of the tire and spinning while on a lift; if any parts of it scrape against your fender, loosen bolts and widen holes using a Dremel tool until there is enough clearance to install your wheel.

On many Harley models, the stock fender is secured with two bolts threaded directly into the fork legs, meaning larger wheels could cause damage when tightened down. To prevent this from happening, a relocation bracket can be purchased either through a Harley dealership or online and used to move away from fork legs and keep the fender away from damage.

To install a giant front wheel, the best solution is a custom fender and tire combo that has been tailored specifically for your bike. This includes a fender mount, custom caliper mounts made from solid billet, billet fork sliders, and raw, black, or chrome finishes – with these last two having their machining marks wholly removed for a sleek finish.


Larger front wheels and tires increase a bike’s stopping power, offering more excellent safety for those seeking an added layer of protection on their ride. Unfortunately, however, larger wheels may adversely impact handling due to shifting their center of gravity, which makes turning more challenging, while altering its rake can change bearing in unpredictable ways.

An extra large tire can be installed on a stock Harley Davidson without having to add new fenders or modify the bike in any way, although specific models require relocation brackets in order to accommodate wider tires – particularly newer touring models with different bolt patterns for their front fenders.

To determine whether or not a giant front wheel will fit, tape a 5/16″ nut to the center of each tire, spin it with the bike on a lift, and check whether or not any scraping occurs against the fender flanges. If this happens, enlarge the two mounting holes on your fender using either a Dremel tool or drill until they clear.

If you decide to add 21″ wheels to your Harley, make sure they will clear the rotor by installing a new caliper. In addition, installing a more prominent front brake rotor may increase its stopping power and help ensure smooth ride quality.


This 21″ front wheel fender is constructed of high-quality metal and designed to complement its curves for an eye-catching custom look. Installation of this piece is straightforward – mount its bracket with the provided hardware and bolt on its fender!

Some model/tire combinations may require minor fender adjustments; should this be necessary, we will include the appropriate bracket according to the year, make, and model of your car in your order.

HogWorkz front fenders come with our 1-year warranty against paint chipping, bubbling, or cracking. During that period, we will repair or replace any defective part; please provide proof of purchase (i.e., an original invoice). If you are not fully satisfied with your product, within 14 days after receipt, it can be returned at your own expense, and the buyer will pay the shipping cost. All our fenders are manufactured to the highest standards by high-quality manufacturers who adhere to stringent production practices. Crafted from cold-rolled steel for superior tolerances, concentricity, and straightness to provide precise fitment. Each fender is thoroughly inspected for quality assurance before being shipped out and receiving its black powder coat finish to protect it over time.