A Guide to Different Yoga Styles – Which One is Right for You?


When it comes to Yoga, every person is different. This is true from how you move through your body to the spiritual practice you do or don’t engage in. And, even if you’ve been practicing Yoga for years, your style can change and grow over time. That’s why finding the yoga class that feels just right for you is so important. The Amazing fact about Different Yoga Styles.

But which yoga styles are there to choose from? There are more than you might think. These types of Yoga are often grouped under the term “power” yoga. Power yoga, also known as vinyasa yoga, is a fitness-based style that incorporates poses in a flowing sequence. It is a great workout that can help you burn calories and tone your muscles, especially your core.

The eight limbs of classic yoga inspire this style but focus on physical poses. It’s a good choice for newbies who want to learn the basics and gain a foundational understanding of Yoga’s roots. It’s often fast-paced and challenging, with poses that require lots of strength.

Iyengar is a style of Yoga developed by B.K.S Iyengar, an avid yogi who tended to be nitpicky about alignment and pose precision. Iyengar classes are great for detail-oriented people and those with injuries, as they use props like blocks and straps to support the body.

Another style that is similar to vinyasa is Ashtanga. This is a vigorous and athletic style of Yoga that includes six series of poses and a fixed order. It’s an excellent fit for athletic people who love a challenge and don’t mind the repetition of poses.

For a softer approach to Yoga, try yin. This practice uses long holds and stillness to target deeper connective tissues. This is a great practice to pair with breathing exercises and is an excellent complement to more active styles of Yoga.

Aerial Yoga is a popular trend that uses hammocks and ropes to enable more challenging postures. Acrobatic gymnastics influences it and can be used to improve balance and flexibility.

Lastly, Buti Yoga is a style developed in the 1990s and draws inspiration from tribal dance moves. It is a robust and powerful yoga and works to build muscle while activating your inner energy or chakras.

Of course, the list of yoga styles isn’t endless, but this will give you a good idea of what to expect in a modern yoga class. As the yoga community continues to evolve, new styles will combine elements of other movement modalities and disciplines. However, the Yoga you practice will always come down to the experience and values you want from your Yoga. Find a style that aligns with those, and you will never regret your decision. Have fun exploring the many options out there!

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