Which Type of Content Works Best on a Business Instagram Account?


Businesses with Instagram business accounts to gain access to Instagram Insights, which provides information about the activities of their followers on Instagram and helps optimize content marketing strategy to generate results. The best way to buy real Instagram followers.

Selecting a post type that aligns with your brand’s visual identity is critical. Instagram provides many formats, from standard image posts and video reels on IGTV.

1. Visual Content

Social media may not allow one-on-one dialogue, but sharing content highlighting your team members can help build audience trust and humanize your brand. This could include posting behind-the-scenes Instagram Stories, videos on Reels, or eye-catching infographics to your feeds.

Visual content that conveys knowledge works well for two distinct customer audiences: prospective and existing. It helps potential customers understand your product and might entice them to buy it; in contrast, existing customers gain more value from their purchase – potentially leading to further acquisitions.

Communicating multiple concepts within one post requires creative genius; this is why we recommend Pepper Content as a tool to develop a content strategy that incorporates images, video, text, and other components to form an engaging format.

2. Stories

Stories are an engaging way for businesses to connect with their B2B or consumer-facing audiences. Stories provide an exciting medium through which companies can share behind-the-scenes footage, product updates, and more with their target audiences.

Behind-the-scenes content lets your customers glimpse who you are, building trust. For example, this type of media could feature how products are manufactured, an exclusive peek inside your warehouse, or perhaps feature team members.

Instagram Stories provide an ideal venue for offering discounts periodically to entice audience engagement, foster brand loyalty, and increase revenue – not to mention building recommendations from your followers themselves!

3. Live Video

Marketing videos have always been effective at reaching audiences; a recent Livestream survey discovered that 8 out of 10 respondents preferred watching a brand’s live video over reading an update via blog or social media.

Instagram Live provides businesses with an easy way to humanize their brands and connect with customers in real time. Host Q&A;  sessions, product demonstrations, or virtual events – endless possibilities.

Before going live, use Stories and feed content to raise awareness for the video and entice viewers to watch it. Be sure to monitor comments frequently and respond quickly if viewers ask questions or have concerns about anything that arises during viewing sessions. It might also be worth purchasing a smartphone tripod to reduce camera shake when recording live.

4. Contests

Hosting contests is one of the best ways to engage your followers with your content. From photo challenges and caption competitions to competitions with unique rules, hosting competitions drawdrawr interest and increases engagement.

Host a contest by asking your audience to post content related to your business and tag it in its caption. Encourage participants to use specific hashtags when submitting. This will increase direct organic traffic and visibility outside your community.

Social media contests are an effective way to increase Instagram reach and build brand recognition while expanding sales. When conducted properly, they can build loyal customer bases while increasing revenue streams. Here are the best practices for running a social media contest.

5. Hashtags

Hashtags can help bring your posts to the attention of more viewers who otherwise may have overlooked them. Consider including niche hashtags specific to your products, services, and industry (e.g., #ERP). This is an effective way of building brand recognition while reaching new customers and driving engagement.

On the other hand, trending hashtags provide an effective way to raise awareness for current events or issues that might resonate with your target audience. Because these popular hashtags have more of an opportunity to be seen, these posts stand a better chance of being caught by more readers.

When using trending hashtags for business use, ensure they are relevant to your industry and don’t overlap with any branded ones you may also use. Remember that users may follow specific hashtags; this could impact how many views your content receives.

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