What is an Indeed Resume?


Indeed is a leading job search site, providing both job seekers and employers with tools to assist them in finding their next career step. Filters available include job titles, locations, and employers. Furthermore, skills assessments help narrow down potential candidates.

It’s free

Indeed is an ideal online resume builder, offering free tools that make creating professional-looking resumes in just a few steps easy and appealing to potential employers. Furthermore, its customizable template features awards, certifications, and military experience sections; you can add photos for an extra appeal!

According to its website, it offers job listings ranging from internships and entry-level positions, making it one of the world’s most visited job search sites, with 250 million unique visitors per month. Furthermore, it also provides salary and company data.

Employers utilize Indeed’s Instant Match and Indeed Resume tools to find qualified talent. Instant Match searches millions of resumes on Indeed to identify candidates who might be suitable for your job – you can access this feature from your Sponsored Job dashboard under “Candidates” and then “Matched candidates.” Additionally, Indeed Resume allows employers to search beyond the candidates who responded directly to your job posting for qualified talent.

It’s easy to use

Indeed is one of the world’s premier job boards, offering services tailored to employers and job seekers. Indeed provides free uploads for job seekers, while employers use it to search for candidates. Furthermore, Indeed offers tools designed specifically for employers allowing them to take more of an active role in hiring processes – like its Hiring Platform service, which enables employers to screen candidates.

Indeed Resume Builder makes creating professional-looking documents accessible with templates that have proven their effectiveness on employers and are free to use. Furthermore, its boxed information system saves time by eliminating the manual formatting of your document. Furthermore, Indeed Resume Builder includes an interview summary section, increasing your odds of being selected for an interview while at the same time reflecting your skills and expertise in an easy-to-read fashion.

It’s safe

As soon as your resume is posted to Indeed, it becomes visible to millions of potential employers; however, you can limit who sees it by setting up a private profile and searching for only relevant jobs using Indeed’s search feature.

Employers posting jobs on Indeed offer candidates free access and are charged only when qualified applicants apply, helping companies quickly fill open positions while saving money on recruitment fees.

Search tools on the site make it easy for recruiters to sift through applications and find candidates best suited to their business. Filters allow recruiters to filter candidates based on years of work experience and education level; skills assessments help recruiters identify highly qualified individuals; alerts can notify recruiters when candidates meet criteria directly through the website.

It’s easy to find

If your Indeed resume is public, recruiters and employers will view it when searching for candidates. Your email address and phone number may only become visible to companies if you apply for jobs with them or respond to inquiries about potential jobs there. Indeed provides security measures to safeguard this data, including suspicious login notifications and regular system assessments.

Employers use Indeed to find candidates with the skills and experience for specific roles. To help employers quickly locate your resume, ensure that keywords from job descriptions appear within your resume and include a summary to showcase your achievements and professional attributes.

To quickly narrow down search results, Indeed offers an advanced search feature. Here you can filter candidates based on years of work experience, education level, and more; view candidate profiles to view pictures, skills, and other details about them; and see their pictures.