Waggel Pet Insurance Reviews


If you are looking for the best pet insurance, you may want to consider Waggel. The company has a solid reputation and a high customer rating. However, a few things to watch out for when choosing a policy. Read on to learn more about their Co-payment, Level of cover, Excess, and Defaqto ratings.


Waggel is a modern pet insurance company designed to help make the claims process as straightforward as possible. The company offers a multi-pet discount and a streamlined “10-second claim process.” To claim, simply tell Waggel what your pet needs and which vet they recommend. You can then submit your payment information to complete the claim. The company also assigns a customer champion to help you with any claims or questions.

The most straightforward plan offers your pet PS2,000 worth of veterinary fee protection. You can also choose to cover the cost of emergency treatment abroad or in the Pet Travel Scheme member country. Waggel also has a 24-hour helpline and rewards program for customers who purchase pet insurance.

Level of cover

When buying pet insurance, there are many factors to consider. The level of cover you choose can determine the costs and amount of cover you get. A standard policy will only cover a limited number of vet fees. Having a policy with a lower limit may not be enough if your pet has a medical condition that requires multiple treatments. You may also want to consider the level of cover provided by your vet.

The level of cover offered by Waggel can be customized depending on the customer’s needs. The insurer allows you to choose between a PS0 or PS250 excess per claim. The excess you choose will be deducted from the annual benefit limit, which is the maximum amount of money that Waggel will pay for claims throughout the year. Excess fees vary depending on the age and type of claim, but you can find out how much you have to pay at the start of the policy.


There are a few things to consider when buying pet insurance. The first is the excess amount, or how much you want to contribute. Many pet insurance companies have a fixed amount of excess, but Waggel lets you choose the amount you want to contribute. Higher contributions can help you pay less every month.

If you’re concerned about the cost of vet bills, excess coverage can help you avoid them. In addition, you can check whether your insurer has co-payments, which is a percentage of your pet’s expenses. Some pet insurers will make you pay a percentage of the cost of a claim, while others will charge a flat fee. In addition, many policies will raise your excess amount as your pet gets older and has more medical conditions.

Defaqto rating

If you’re looking for a new pet insurance policy, you might wonder how it rates. The Defaqto rating gives consumers an idea of how well a policy is based on its features and benefits. The rating is based on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with five stars being the best overall. The Premier plan has the most comprehensive coverage and offers many benefits. The Classic plan offers a more fundamental level of coverage and covers dental and complementary treatment costs. It also includes death through illness but excludes personal costs.

Customers can track their claims with the customer dashboard. The company doesn’t currently offer a mobile app, but it is working on developing one. Defaqto gives Waggel a three-star rating, but reviews of the company indicate that the company has an excellent reputation.

Social media presence

Unlike other pet insurance companies, Waggel’s social media presence is focused on educating customers. The company shares information on pet health, breeds, and how pet insurance works. While there’s competition in the pet insurance industry, there’s room for growth if you use social media to connect with the right people.

The Waggel social media presence is charming and easy to navigate. The brand features an app that helps customers get quotes and track claims. They’ve also partnered with luxury pet accessories and food companies. These partnerships allow Waggel to meet the growing needs of millennial consumers. Since these people are often tech-savvy and likely to spend money on their pets, they’re looking for a product to help them make the right decisions for their animals.

Membership perks

Waggel has many perks for its members, including a free year of TrustedHousesitters membership and a discount on flea treatments. The company also offers a dedicated customer dashboard to track claims. Waggel has a good rating with Defaqto, with a three-star overall rating, and many satisfied customers have given it high ratings.

Waggel was founded in 2017 and aimed to provide transparent pet insurance. It also gives its members rewards for providing better care for their pets. Members can also receive discounts on premium pet brands.