Playtime Scheduler App Review


Playtime Scheduler is an app designed to simplify pickleball players’ lives by simplifying scheduling processes and improving playing experiences. Its intuitive user interface and wide array of features make it an excellent option for all kinds of players.

The Playtime Scheduler App features a weekly calendar and displays scheduled sessions. To join a session, add your name to its “bubble.”

Easy to use

Playtime Scheduler is an intuitive app designed to make finding pickleball players in your area simpler and quicker. Create and join sessions quickly with just one click, and view who has signed up on a weekly calendar—this can help ensure you don’t show up to an empty court! Furthermore, this tool lets you track playing time and communicate with fellow players through its chat function.

Once you’ve set up an account, you can view your local play schedule by choosing your region and date range. A calendar with colored circles representing public play sessions created by other users will appear, each process indicating player skill levels, start times, and general area (a key is provided alongside the calendar).

Use our advanced filtering options to search for open games in your local community, filter by day of the week to find a match that best fits your schedule, save time and money, and find a more enjoyable playing experience.

When you are ready to create a new session, click the “Add Session” button or (on desktop computers only) hover your cursor over any future date and click the +. You can enter details such as its purpose, desired exclusivity level, or preferred inclusion of non-members before selecting a date and time that would work for you.

Once you create a session, up to four players may join. The app will track your playing time automatically and set a timer when your session begins, allowing you to focus on enjoying your game without worrying about misplacing the timer.

Utilizing this app will save time and energy in the long run by eliminating back-and-forth texting or scheduling needs; plus, it can be easily accessed anywhere with an Internet connection, making it suitable for busy players.

Saves you time

A playtime scheduler is invaluable for quickly finding and scheduling pickleball games in your area. It saves both time and energy by making it easier than ever to locate suitable sessions near you with just a few clicks, then sign up instantly on their weekly calendar—this eliminates needing to coordinate through group texts or emails and showing up empty courts! Furthermore, this tool allows players of any skill level to connect with their community! Using Playtime Scheduler is free; use it today and find great games!

Playtime Scheduler relies on sponsors for financial support to remain free for users. If you are interested in sponsoring, please reach out to Reine here.

Easy to find opponents

Playtime Scheduler is an efficient app for finding opponents and scheduling games. It connects you with local pickleball players to find a game that best fits your schedule; additionally, the app enables users to search based on availability and skill level – plus it lets them create and join playing sessions locally, book courts and set reminders!

Playtime Scheduler makes finding public play sessions easier by providing quick access to weekly calendars of open playtime sessions that you can sign up for instantly with one click, saving both time and effort when coordinating via group texts or emails—saving both energy and stress! Plus, it makes signing up for sessions tailored to your skill level much more straightforward to avoid empty courts – making Playtime Scheduler accessible for download and use, perfect for finding players near you or those new to the sport who need opponents or partners quickly.

Easy to schedule

Playtime Scheduler is a free tool designed to help players quickly locate and join games in their area. Once registered, users can register their availability and skill level on the website before viewing a list of available opportunities to play; selecting a specific game from that list allows users to contact those interested in joining them without texting back and forth to arrange their game! This saves time and effort for busy schedules while eliminating text back-and-forths for organizing a matchup!

The Scheduler features a calendar with colored circles representing play sessions created by other users. Each circle displays desired skill level(s), start time, and player count. Sessions with bold borders indicate your participation, while grayed-out circles labeled CANCLD indicate canceled sessions; additionally, yellow glow circles represent special events.

Playtime Scheduler stands out amongst the many pickleball scheduling apps on the market with its emphasis on community and user-friendliness, making it a top pickleball enthusiast choice. In addition, it boasts unique features not found elsewhere, such as dual-match scheduling.

Though not an iPhone or iPad app, this website works similarly. Users can bookmark it as an icon on their home screen and access it just like a traditional app.