OnePlus Nord N100 Review


The Oneplus Nord N100 is an Android-based smartphone that runs on Android 10 out of the box. It has a fingerprint sensor, a high refresh rate of 90 Hz and a 13-megapixel main camera. Let’s take a closer look at the phone’s features. Besides its impressive hardware, the smartphone also has several cool features. This review will look at the phone’s software and overall experience.

OnePlus Nord N100 runs on Android 10

The OnePlus Nord N100 runs on Android 10 out of the box, a major plus for a budget phone. The smartphone comes with a skin based on OxygenOS, which is a similar skin to Androids. The setup process is standard and involves setting up a Google account, a SIM card, and a Wi-Fi network. The process is straightforward, but there are a few options you should keep in mind before you upgrade.

The OnePlus Nord N100 features a 13MP rear camera with an f/2.2 aperture and a 2MP depth sensor. It also sports an 8MP front camera with an f/2.0 aperture. A 5000mAh battery powers the smartphone, and it supports 18W fast charging. The phone weighs just 188 grams, which is reasonable for a budget phone. Despite the lack of high-end features, the OnePlus Nord N100 is a solid choice.

OnePlus has dropped some of its previous sacred certainty by launching a budget phone. Despite being a new company, OnePlus hasn’t rushed to make the phone fast. While the Nord N100 offers decent performance and a reasonable price, it has fewer software updates. While it isn’t as fast as the OnePlus Nexus 5G, the Nord N100 has a great price-to-quality ratio.

OnePlus has also rolled out a major update for the Nord N100 and Nord N10. The update brought the latest Android security patch and improved system stability. Additionally, it included several other improvements to power consumption, system stability, and camera performance. You can expect the latest version of Oxygen OS to roll out in the coming months. It’s important to ensure that your OnePlus phone’s software is up to date, especially if you’re planning to upgrade.

The OnePlus Nord N100 also lacks a physical switch for notifications. But aside from that, it lacks the alert slider that the OnePlus flagship devices feature. Despite this, it does have a 3.5mm headphone port and MicroSD card. It also doesn’t have an IP rating, a common complaint with budget phones. It does, however, have a fingerprint reader, so you can use it if you need more storage space.

It has a fingerprint sensor.

The OnePlus Nord N100 comes with a fingerprint scanner. To unlock your device, place your finger on the sensor on the back. Follow the instructions on the screen, and your phone will unlock in seconds. The fingerprint sensor is sensitive, so if your finger is too dirty, it may not register your fingerprint. Using three or two fingers instead of your right will prevent this problem. This is a great way to keep your device secure, and you’ll love unlocking speed.

Another benefit of the fingerprint sensor is its proximity sensor. It detects when the phone is too close to your face and turns the display off so your face doesn’t accidentally press the screen. Fingerprint biometric authentication is the most secure way to protect sensitive data. You can use your fingerprint as your identification when signing up for an account on a website or using a bank’s mobile app. But if you’re worried about the privacy of your information, you can turn it off.

The OnePlus Nord N100 comes with a fingerprint sensor on the back cover. It is not as convenient as a touch screen, but if you’re used to a touchscreen, you won’t mind using the fingerprint sensor. The OnePlus Nord N100 also has a face recognition system, which is a good idea if you’re worried about privacy. In addition to fingerprint security, the OnePlus Nord N100 has other features that aren’t available on most other smartphones.

The OnePlus Nord N100 is a good budget phone with impressive specs and features. It offers a fingerprint sensor, good battery life, and a macro lens for taking pictures. Moreover, the OnePlus Nord N100 has a headphone jack, which is rare among mobile phones nowadays. Its fingerprint sensor is one of the best things about this phone. If you want to listen to music or your favourite songs, the OnePlus Nord N100 is a perfect choice.

The OnePlus Nord N100 is a solid choice for the price. However, it is not suitable for power users. The device may have a few bugs during the launch period, and you might have to use a low graphics setting. Nonetheless, the OnePlus Nord N100 is a great choice for users who only need the basics. The device runs on Android 10 with OnePlus OxygenOS 11 custom skin, known for its streamlined and intuitive design.

It has a high refresh rate of 90 Hz

OnePlus is returning to the budget market with its new smartphone, the Nord N100. While the OnePlus website confirms the phone has a high refresh rate of 90 Hz, the device’s refresh rate depends on applications, settings, and processing limitations. We purchased the phone at retail and confirmed that the display has a 90 Hz refresh rate. However, we couldn’t find any additional information on the device’s performance, including battery life, so that we couldn’t make a proper conclusion.

OnePlus has entered several new price segments in recent months with the launch of the Nord N10 and Nord N100. While the initial reaction to these launches was positive, some users were concerned that OnePlus would make a U-turn and abandon the 90-Hz display they had promised. While this wasn’t the case, OnePlus continues to be a leading smartphone manufacturer, and we’re confident in its performance.

While the OnePlus Nord N100 has a high refresh rate, it’s not as smooth as a OnePlus A53 Renowned mobile. OnePlus also deliberately avoided marketing the screen of the N100 as fluid because it couldn’t perform at the level of the 90-Hz panel used on the higher-end OnePlus devices. While the display’s performance isn’t as smooth as the OnePlus 8, it is smoother than its counterpart. Furthermore, its HD+ resolution makes the screen appear brighter than it is.

OnePlus didn’t announce that the display of the Oneplus Nord N100 has a high refresh rate, but it could have been a consumer-friendly move. However, it’s possible that the company felt it was unfair to advertise the device as having a 90-Hz display due to the limitations of its Snapdragon 460 chipset. In any case, we’re not surprised that the company chose not to provide more information.

The OnePlus Nord N100 sports a plastic body, measuring 8.49mm thick and weighing 188 grams. It has a 6.5-inch HD+ IPS LCD. It offers a high refresh rate of 90 Hz, making it ideal for viewing videos. In addition, the phone has a 13+2+2 MP triple camera setup and an 8MP front-facing camera. It runs Android 10-based OxygenOS 10.5 out of the box.

It has a 13-megapixel main camera.

The OnePlus Nord N100 is a budget Android smartphone that ships with a custom OxygenOS skin. It runs Android 10 out of the box and has some software upgrades. The setup process is fairly standard, requiring a Google account, SIM card, and a Wi-Fi network. After completing these steps, you’ll be greeted by a few quick options.

The OnePlus Nord N100 features a triple camera, a 6.5-inch display, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor. It has a 5000mAh battery and can be extended to 256GB with a microSD card. In terms of camera, the Nord N100 has a 13-megapixel main camera and an f/2.0 aperture lens. The phone also has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and A-GPS/ Glonass for navigation.

The 13-megapixel main camera is sufficient for taking snaps for social media and occasional shooting, but not for documenting life events or capturing memorable moments. Images can be noisy and are often not focused. The camera is also not very good in low light, with pictures often over-saturated. Portrait mode edge detection is solid, but only if the subject is sufficiently contrasted with the background.

The OnePlus Nord N100’s camera produces mediocre pictures. Despite the 13-megapixel resolution, the N100’s main camera’s dynamic range is low, resulting in oversaturated images that lack sharpness. OnePlus’ flagship devices have much better camera quality. The N100’s low-end hardware makes it difficult to keep up with image processing algorithms.

Despite its low price, the OnePlus Nord N100 is an impressive device. It has a 6.5-inch IPS screen and a 13-megapixel main camera. While the latter’s screen has a lower refresh rate than the N10 5G, it’s still a good screen for a low-cost phone. It also features a depth-sensing lens and a 2-megapixel macro.

The OnePlus Nord N100 comes with a USB Type-C charging pad. The device can be topped up with an 18-watt fast charger in 134 minutes. However, the 18W charger isn’t the fastest wired charger on the market – the Realme 8 and OnePlus Nord N10 offer faster-charging speeds. Wireless charging is also not available for the OnePlus Nord N100.