Montross, Maine – A Small Town With Big Ideas


Eric Montross’ family remains undaunted in their fight against cancer. However, they ask fans who send tweets, emails, or prayers his way (or to any of the worthy charities he supports) to also reach out to those fighting a similar battle.

Stratford Hall

The National Historic Landmark known as Stratford Hall was home to four generations of Lee family members, including Founding Father Richard Henry and Francis Lightfoot Lee, Revolutionary War hero “Black Horse Harry,” and Civil War General Robert E. Lee himself. Built by Thomas Lee during the 1730s, after the Revolutionary War, it passed to Thomas’ six sons and two daughters, including Phillip Ludwell Lee Sr, who eventually married Matilda (George Washington’s first cousin once removed) daughter – becoming grandfather to Robert E. Lee himself.

Stratford Hall is a two-story brick house featuring a central parterre and four dependencies, its architecture showing both ambitiousness and simplicity at once. This impressive and complex house was constructed between 1761 and 1766 on an elevated bluff overlooking Virginia’s Potomac River, thus granting access to it while protecting itself against invasion from riverine forces or natural erosion that might threaten another closer house closer to it. Its architecture was ambitious yet straightforward at once, reflecting both wealth and aspirations while showing the challenges of the building at such a scale in mid-18th century Virginia. Symmetrical on both front and back, it featured large clusters of chimney stacks at either end; these features were set on this high bluff location, which provided access to the Potomac River but also provided protection from river invaders or natural erosion that could threaten any closer house that might threaten it more directly.

The house is said to be haunted by several ghosts. Elizabeth McCarty Storke may be haunting it; one ghost may be Elizabeth McCarty Storke, who was Black Horse Harry Lee’s mistress before marrying Thomas Lee’s half brother Thomas Lee’s half brother Thomas Lee’s brother’s brother in another family. A medium once heard her voice denying any relationship but was forced into selling off her estate.

Today, the foundation manages the house as a historic museum, maintaining its appearance as it would have appeared in 1800. All three areas – great room, parlor, and library – have been restored to their former states during that era. Visitors may also explore its grounds, which contain six nature trails.

George Washington Birthplace Monument

George Washington Birthplace Monument preserves the heart of George Washington’s plantation and family burial ground. It serves as an inspiring place that brings his character alive for future generations to experience.

John Washington, George’s great-grandfather, first settled the property in 1657. In 1732, Augustine Washington relocated the family to Popes Creek, where George was born on February 22, 1732. Their house burned down in 1779, so they moved back to Mount Vernon, where he completed his childhood years before leaping into adulthood.

In 1923, Lewis Washington’s granddaughter donated the land to the State of Virginia as a memorial site, with industrialist and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller providing funding to restore it. A Memorial House depicting typical 18th-century Virginia plantation houses includes an authentic period garden, while Colonial Living Farm showcases crops and heritage breeds once found there, as well as an obelisk standing near where Washington may have been born.

Today, The Trust for Public Land (TPL) is working hard to protect the natural landscape and waterways surrounding this important monument. TPL’s efforts ensure that this particular spot will continue being revered as a national park for generations to come.

The George Washington Birthplace National Monument can be found 38 miles (61 km) east of Fredericksburg along the Potomac River in Westmoreland County, Virginia, on Virginia Route 204 and easily accessed. Open year-round, visitors can explore its museum and grounds, hike trails, visit sandy Potomac River beaches, learn about early American farming practices at its historic area, attend community events hosted on site, and take advantage of VA Route 204’s convenient accessibility, the visitor center is open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM except December 25.

Stan’s Skateland

Montross is an inviting and charming town, home to numerous businesses and attractions. For example, you’ll find locally brewed beers at Montross Brewery; its small yet lovely atmosphere perfectly captures the Montross spirit. Here, brewers believe beer making is both science and art, striving to produce high-quality beers as part of their mission statement.

The Montross Fall Festival is an iconic community celebration held every October on the first Saturday. Featuring a parade, street vendors selling local crafts and food and beverages, music, Little Mr. and Miss Fall Festival Pageant competition, and a pet show, it provides a beautiful way to meet people who live nearby and build lasting friendships in this region.

Stan’s Skateland in Montross, VA, operates as a Roller skating rink business that generates annual revenues of $84,773, employing two staff at this single location and boasting a customer base that includes families as well as individuals. Special rates and discounts throughout the year – seasonal events as well as holiday sales are provided at Stan’s Skateland for customers to use their services.

First Fridays

Greater Montross Partnership for Revitalization hosts First Friday, a monthly event featuring live music and food vendors. Held in the town center, local artists and businesses open their doors for an evening of art and culture – free and family-friendly for guests to visit the Milton Art Center, hear musicians perform, or take advantage of appetizer specials from nearby restaurants.

Clifford Ross is a multi-media artist known for creating large-scale, high-resolution photographs of natural scenes. His art examines the relationship between nature and technology and has been shown at museums and galleries both domestically and abroad, gaining him numerous awards like a 2020 Creative Capital Fellowship as well as Robert Rauschenberg Artist-as-Activist Fellowships.

Claudia Schreier is another notable artist known for creating sculptures and installations from found objects using materials found around the world. She has shown her works at galleries and museums worldwide and published them in numerous books – most recently, her self-titled book published in 2016.

Montross offers several annual events. Alongside First Fridays, residents come together for the Fall Festival and Little Mr. and Miss Fall Festival Pageant; both draw over 100,000 people every year!

First Friday is an event held annually on the first Friday of every month across North America to promote arts and culture while simultaneously serving as a forum for social networking among urban professionals. First Fridays have been running since 1987, providing people with an opportunity to meet, network, and celebrate all forms of artistic expression at one event known as a “Night of the Arts.” They have proliferated in popularity over time and now become an annual staple event in many cities.

Montross Park

Montrose Point State Forest offers visitors an excellent way to experience nature. This park features several walking trails and a beach for exploring, as well as plenty of wildlife such as coots and frogs – the latter often seen hunting their prey along their journey! Additionally, there is also a small pond, making this location perfect for birdwatching enthusiasts.

This park is open year-round, but fall and spring are best times to visit as crowds tend to thin out during these times, and you can fully take in its natural scenery. There are also recreational facilities such as tennis and pickleball courts available here, as well as picnic tables and barbecue grills in this park.

At one time, this 16-acre park on a hilltop in Georgetown in Washington, DC, was home to a rope maker and his family, with a “Ropewalk” used for stretching twine on an armillary sphere; later purchased by the government and transformed into a public park; its landscape design by George Burnap and Horace Peaslee includes many elements from its original estate’s land design.

Westmoreland State Park is a spectacular family destination featuring camping, cabins, fishing, swimming, and hiking. Home to an array of wildlife, such as bald eagles and ospreys, songbird migration, and wetland plants – Westmoreland State Park can easily be reached via car from Montross.