MDM Apps For Android


The MDM app is a handy application that is available for Android. It is not pre-installed on your system, but you can download it and uninstall it whenever you want. It has a variety of functions and will be helpful in a variety of situations. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


If you’re looking for a mobile device management (MDM) application, Scalefusion is an excellent choice. With support for all major OSes, this tool offers streamlined device management, robust security policies, and task automation. In addition, using the Scalefusion MDM app is simple and hassle-free.

This software provides a secure management environment for corporate and employee-owned Android and Apple devices. It also allows companies to manage the distribution of apps and data. In addition, it will enable businesses to control employee-owned Apple devices and secure company data. This feature can be especially useful in a corporate environment, protecting company-owned Apple devices from unauthorized access.

Scalefusion has a feature called “device enrollment.” Enrollment is easy with the Zero-Touch feature, allowing you to enroll enterprise-owned devices with one tap. Likewise, you can register individual devices using a QR code. Once the device has been enrolled, it will automatically be added to a group for remote management.


SureMDM is a robust and scalable MDM app that allows IT administrators to manage employees’ personal and company-owned mobile devices. The software supports iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Linux operating systems and is designed to provide a unified endpoint management solution for the business. Users can easily enroll and manage employee-owned devices, secure company data, and more.

The SureMDM app uses 42Gears’ Things Management Technology to provide a scalable, enterprise-ready mobile device management solution. This cloud infrastructure offers high availability and security. It is perfect for companies looking to deploy an MDM solution quickly. This cloud-based option also makes it easy to scale up or down.


Whether you need to manage apps for your organization or want to keep your users up-to-date, Hexnode MDM can help. With this powerful tool, administrators can control app installation and blocklist apps. They can also enforce the installation of apps, and devices can display a “non-compliance” message when an app is installed.

Hexnode is an app management solution that allows administrators to manage various apps, including platform-exclusive store apps, enterprise apps, web apps, and Managed Google apps. It also allows administrators to remotely deploy OS updates to devices. Despite the number of apps on a user’s device, Hexnode can manage them all in one central location.

Hexnode MDM also features an expense management feature. It also helps organizations monitor data usage and communication histories. The application also allows administrators to set limits for data usage on each device or set specific limits for specific apps.


AirWatch is an enterprise mobility management (MDM) app that enables organizations to control, monitor, and manage their mobile fleet. Featuring support for Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile devices, AirWatch offers fast access to critical business information while making complex device management tasks easy and painless. Its architecture is highly scalable, leveraging best-of-class hosting. It supports thousands of devices and allows for multi-tenant management. It also supports role-based access control and secure console access to protect critical business information.

AirWatch is easy to install and use. It allows administrators to control device settings, restrict user access, and monitor the memory space of devices. The application also provides security features, such as encryption of data stored on storage cards. It also provides local data backup and lockdown functionality. Administrators can lock down devices using AirWatch, restrict access to specific apps and features, or disable access to Web browsers and other applications. This gives senior IT managers a better view of employee mobile devices.


The MobileIron MDM app is a corporate security tool that provides easy access to corporate resources on mobile devices. The app lets administrators see the applications installed on corporate-owned Android and iOS devices. However, it is essential to note that users cannot see their data or SMS text messages.

The MDM app is managed via a cloud-based service called MobileIron. To distribute an app through the service, you must first configure it for MobileIron. Once you do this, you can spread the app to any device. For example, if you want to distribute a ServiceNow app to your employees, you must configure the app for MobileIron distribution.

To push an app to managed Android devices, you must apply a label to the device. The administrator can then make the app to the device by forcing the device to check-in. The administrator can also view device information by searching for the device under Devices & Users.