London Fat Duck Menu


The London Fat Duck menu includes many categories of dishes. You can choose from the London Roast Selection, Seasonal Vegetables, Meat, Beancurd & Egg, Rice, Noodles & Congee, Dim Sum, and beverages. There are also many different price ranges for the menu items.

London fat duck menu with prices

Although London Fat Duck isn’t located in the capital, it is a homage to the world-famous Chinese Hong Kong roast duck restaurants. Founded in May 2015, this restaurant serves a variety of Cantonese-style roast ducks. The ducks are free-range and grain-fed, producing more moist and flavorful meat. The restaurant’s signature roast duck is best enjoyed with its signature plum sauce. The restaurant is also famous for its buns, which feature a soft duck filling and brittle crust.

Although it was once accessible to most people, the prices have doubled since 2008. This has made the restaurant a haven for the rich and famous. In addition to the increased costs, customers must pay for their meals in advance. As a result, the restaurant is only open to those who can afford to pay in advance. This is unfortunate news, especially for the many people who can’t afford to visit the famous restaurant.

The atmosphere at London Fat Duck is reminiscent of a Chinese tea house. The staff is courteous and prompt, but there can be long waits during peak periods. However, they clean up tables promptly and serve their food promptly. Moreover, they are happy to help you find a suitable dish for your needs.

The guinea hen at London Fat Duck was juicy, tender, and had a slightly gamey taste. The plum sauce complemented the dish nicely. Although this dish may not be the most exciting dish on the menu, it was nonetheless a delicious experience. The plum sauce and dark sauce that accompanied the dish were delicious and enhanced the experience.